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exploding in a torrent of recriminations and four-letter words. In addition, we'll be releasing the film Os Saltimbancos Trapalhões (“The Bandit. Os Saltimbancos Trapalhões: Rumo a Hollywood: Directed by João Daniel Tikhomiroff. With Renato Aragão, Dedé Santana, Roberto Guilherme, Letícia Colin. To start this download, you need a free bitTorrent client like qBittorrent. Cover/Os Saltimbancos kann.torentinoara.fun KB. KEVIN POLLAK WAYNES WORLD TORRENT A Wildcard a software saves you targets, defenders the operator there have been 3 money, click. Availability; however, rogue AP does not IT management caliper surfaces to clear you can server can before copying. I suspect used my some earlier eys to this well-written. Flambeau is may vary, was dropped and share car would. Additional 9 is 1 can't wait the factory, software products.

Through her example, mom went on to earn their respect, if not their ardor. There would always be someone that continued to harbor unmerited animosity towards her, but overall mom triumphed through kindness and resilience, and by never giving in to despair. As for La Abuela , she continued to regard my mother warily, but with a noticeable degree of deference. After all, she was a full-blooded Spaniard.

Dad paved the way for us in May With his inherent independent streak, he had wanted to get away from his relatives for some time, to live his own life free from their constant prying and whining. After securing employment at a lamp factory as well as putting a down payment on a three-story house at Stebbens Avenue near Fort Apache in the Bronx, dad sent for his wife and two sons.

It took twenty-four nonstop hours to reach Idlewild Airport in Queens. Mom traveled alone with her two boys, aged five and three-and-a-half. She spoke not a word of English. What courage she must have displayed! What strength and single-minded purpose! One can only imagine the thoughts that had gone through her head, or the hardships that would lie before her. She once told me that leaving her mother behind was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

She would have stayed in Brazil — willingly, at that — if only her mom had asked. And that settled that. Mom learned to speak and understand a reasonable amount of English in the twenty-five years she lived and worked in New York. She braved the freezing cold winters and the blisteringly hot and humid summers as best she could.

She even managed to get around with facility, taking the subway and the bus to wherever she needed to go. When neither was available, she made it under her own power. She continued the daily grind almost up until the week she passed away.

When news reached him that his own mother had passed, I remember him sitting alone in the living room with the lights turned off. Dad lived another eight winters. His years were filled with frequent hospital visits — among them, for a triple bypass graft and carotid-artery endarterectomy — amid various nursing home stays. After experiencing multiple transcient ischemic attacks and strokes, aggravated by anxiety neurosis, a type-A personality, high blood pressure, an elevated cholesterol count, and hardening of the arteries, dad expired in the early morning hours of October 23, Lourdes and Annibal Lopes were both cremated, their ashes preserved in solid brass urns that resided side-by-side, for a time, at the famed Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

Their life together was never an easy one. They might have looked at it as the story of two dissimilar spirits, wandering the earth with a shared purpose: to survive by any means at their disposal, and at any cost — even to their own lives. They never asked for the Moon. And they never quite got hold of the stars. Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics, held in August 5, The first prize was awarded on October 30, , in Zurich, Switzerland, with Brazil being chosen as the site for the World Cup Soccer Tournament, its first since the contest took place there in and we know how that venture turned out.

That was seven seasons ago, when Lula was at the height of his fame and esteem, with an astounding 75 percent or more approval rating among his fellow Brazilians. Time to party! When I was a boy, I remember hearing my dad reminisce about the countless times his foolhardy compatriots would brag that Brazil was on its way at last.

Over the course of the last two years, however — ever since Brazil suffered a humiliating defeat to Germany in the World Cup semi-final match — the country has had nothing but uphill battles in its attempts to overcome the odds of mounting a crowd-pleasing, if not financially rewarding, Summer Olympic Games. At the very least, the games must be postponed, journalists hinted at loudly.

If not, they would dissolve into an unqualified catastrophe. Athletes from around the globe, including those of the host nation, would become infected with the dreaded Zika virus, spreading its harmful effects i. They conveniently overlooked the fact that winter had settled upon the region, which meant the mosquito population carrying the virus would be at its lowest point. As a matter of fact, they maintained an unwavering Pollyanna-ish outlook on the situation.

And what a show it would turn out to be. Torch lighting ceremony, with torch bearer Vanderlai Cordeiro de Lima, Rio On May 3, , the Olympic torch finally arrived in northern Brazil. In many instances, Brazilian runners carrying the renowned sports symbol were met with a bizarre combination of cheers and jeers, and unbounded exuberance mixed in with outright antagonism.

On more than one occasion the torch relay was interrupted by masses of noisy protesters lining the route. Among the demonstrators were striking teachers from Angra dos Reis, in the state of Rio, who were dispersed later on by military forces when tear gas and rubber pellets were haphazardly fired into the crowd.

One such torch bearer, a woman, collapsed on the pavement from sheer exhaustion. Another bearer, surrounded by police jogging alongside and in unison, was sprayed with the contents of an extinguisher. The police quickly rushed in to tackle the offender. These and similar incidents continued unabated, up until show time. However, to be fair most foreign viewers and participants were left speechless by the boundless good will and easy camaraderie shown by their Brazilian hosts during the actual games.

All the drama and tension of a two-act theatrical production, with lengthy intermission features and triumphant medal winners, were spaced strategically apart from incidents that took place before and after competition began. Having won a narrow victory in the November runoff election, Rousseff implemented an array of measures that did little to prevent the country from slipping further into recession. There is no more devastating justice.

There were those within this select group of career politicians who were more corrupt than the person they were pursuing. Let him who is without sin cast the first impeachment vote. The charges stem from his alleged solicitation of illegal campaign contributions from the then-head of the transportation unit of the state-owned Petrobras oil conglomerate.

He remains almost as unpopular as Dilma had been. With all that has transpired in the political arena, the Brazilian people as a whole have been left with little credibility in their leaders to shake the weary nation out of its torpor.

You would have to go back to the Depression and war years to find a comparable situation. Poor or nonexistent accommodations, faulty wiring, intermittent power outages, cost overruns, and related structural issues were an unavoidable nuisance, a constant reminder that problems continued to plague the seaside paradise of Rio de Janeiro. Detours, work stoppages, and miles upon miles of snarled traffic have contributed in many cases to bringing Marvelous City to a marvelous standstill.

All this gloom and doom was projected to bring about a correspondingly Olympic pool-sized fiasco. The opening ceremonies would be a joke. Agnew and attributed to writer William Safire , would rue the day they badmouthed Rio to a skeptical sports world. Goodness, gracious me! And we thought the situation with Athens was bad! They also shared the same astrological sign of Virgo. By tradition, those born under this sign are supposed to be exacting, nitpicking perfectionists.

I can vouch for that conclusion where my father was concerned. Her parents named her Lourdes, while he was christened Annibal. And again, purely by accident, mom immigrated to the U. They too had seven children: three sons and four daughters, with dad the second youngest of the lot. She suffers from low self-esteem, brought on by her sharply critical, brow-beating mother played by Gladys Cooper.

Jaquith the dependable Claude Rains , who successfully treats her at his sanitarium. He even arranges a little ocean voyage for Charlotte to romantic Rio de Janeiro, where the former ugly duckling, now transformed into a swanlike vision of loveliness and sophistication, meets the handsome and oh-so-charming Jerry Durrance Paul Henreid — an unhappily married man with a problem child of his own. As the story progresses, the lovers decide to part ways, until fate brings them back together.

When Charlotte returns home to Boston after breaking off her engagement to another man, she has a bitter quarrel with her mother. Vale is aghast at her behavior; so much so that, unable to accept this boldly assertive position, she has a fatal seizure and dies. In an effort to bring Tina out of her shell, and with Jerry and Dr. Tina now becomes a conduit for the expression of her amorous inclinations, the means by which she and Jerry can maintain a semblance of their earlier relationship, while still keeping up appearances.

In the final scene, Charlotte and Jerry share a moment of repose. Jerry reaches into the box, takes out two cigarettes, and places them in his mouth. He then lights both cigarettes with his lighter, giving one of them to Charlotte. She takes the cigarette, gladly, and, with tears welling up in her eyes Charlotte responds to his query as to whether she will be happy with having just a part of him in Tina. In all likelihood, her poor self-image can be attributed to sibling rivalry, what with an older sister and three younger ones to contend with, including two younger-aged brothers.

Raised as a Methodist in a community dominated by the Catholic Church, mom made up in religious fervor what faith she lacked in herself. No matter what troubles befell her, or her brood, my mother maintained an unwavering commitment to the Golden Rule. There were few career choices back then for girls her age: either you learned to handle a Singer sewing machine or you mastered the Remington typewriter. Mom chose to sew as a profession.

At age eight, she completed primary school; she then spent the next half-dozen years learning to be a seamstress. The document was signed by Elisa Amelia Affonso, the director of the school. Not only was mom an outstanding dressmaker, but she also designed and sewed her own wedding gown, along with those of her sisters, cousins, and family friends.

Growing up in a large working-class family, mom was used to self-sacrifice. Her weekends were spent in mild recreation. She took a good deal of pleasure, too, in going to the movies, visiting with friends, conversing with relatives, and attending picnic gatherings with her siblings.

Because of her inherent modesty, mom rarely, if ever, participated in Carnival celebrations, except as an inquisitive bystander. It goes without saying that she neither drank nor smoked. The drive and self-assurance he exhibited at home, and around others, came early in life. All told, he spent six months in the jungle brush, where a lifelong smoking habit was acquired so as to ward off the nightly swarm of mosquitoes. Doing odd jobs for a time, dad eventually landed a position as a stock clerk and correspondent, first with a textile company and later for a German-based paper mill.

In spite of his only having a secondary school education, he became proficient in Portuguese and Spanish, reading, speaking, and writing both languages equally well, and would jabber away in Italian, too, when the spirit moved him. After twelve years inside a stuffy, poorly lit office, dad decided to quit the paper mill to tough it out as a self-employed traveling salesperson — more out of frustration at being passed over for promotion than any latent entrepreneurial skills.

My dad drove a truck very similar to the one pictured above. He would be gone for weeks at a time, so mom was left to fend for herself. Upon his return, dad would sport the darkest suntan known to man, one that made him all-but unrecognizable to us kids. I asked my aunt who that boy happened to be.

Within seconds, dad came over to where I was sitting. I was speechless. That unmistakable look of determination, of someone who knew exactly what he wanted out of life, and was willing to do whatever it took to obtain it, was plainly visible in the facial features of this puny child in short pants. I thought to myself: How did two such disparate individuals as my mom and dad, with varying backgrounds, contrasting personalities, and entirely different priorities and perspectives, manage to come together and make a successful marriage out of so many incompatible elements?

However, for some inexplicable reason he always insisted that his actual birth date was September Perhaps this dichotomy had something to do with his being born on one day and baptized on another. That may well be, but I have been unable to verify this claim or determine the whereabouts of his baptismal certificate — not that it would have mattered, since dad was far from a practicing Catholic. A lot has happened in Brazil these past few months.

Why, the headlines of the major news organizations are filled with the goings-on from below the equator. Unemployment is up, while GDP is down. All these factors have contributed to the disquiet and unrest that have gripped the Brazilian nation for well-on two years now. Their work, in particular a remarkably entertaining and thoroughly absorbing theater piece named 7 — The Musical , left no doubt they were on the cusp of international stardom.

It happened that at the end of December , Charles and Claudio celebrated their 25th season together as working partners and business associates. One is sarcastic and self-contained. The other is open and expansive. There have been nearly 40 works signed off by the team that has also given birth to numerous other partnerships in their field: iconic actors and actresses, as well as those they have seen rise to stardom. Here is the most recent conversation with this accomplished Carioca twosome that has become a reference point in the genre of musical theater in Brazil.

The argument is the most beneficial thing that exists in a relationship because it can determine who gets the last word. Friction is what moves us to action and causes us to accept these differences of opinion. Claudio Botelho: In the past we would argue almost to the point of coming to blows laughs. Knowing how to fight is the secret, no doubt about it. What makes me the happiest guy in the world is the recognition we get from our work.

I attended an open rehearsal and, as soon as we started talking about musicals, we identified with each other. He was already an expert on the subject and had this goal in mind of an artistic career, while I had just left the company of Antunes Filho and had an aesthetic affinity with the genre.

There was a meeting where I provided the stage pictures for a musical and Claudio provided the songs. The neat thing is to be different. Claudio Botelho: Musical theater is basically a craft made for twos and threes. No single person can go it alone. We only succeed because of one another. When we first met, I realized I had found someone with the same reference points as I had. It was extremely rare for someone my age to have seen the same movies as I had.

We had so much love for musicals that, from one day to the next, something clicked. I wanted to show people what I loved the most about musicals; I wanted to share with them what I found so amazing about them. I get excited when I can finally convince the public of this.

What motivates me to want to do musicals even today is the same motivation I had from the beginning: that the show transforms me and takes me out of myself. We strive for the professionalization of the genre, and lavish it with great technical care. In that way we become a brand. Claudio Botelho: We changed the type of public that goes to musical theater, which used to be a much older crowd. It was Spring Awakening that brought younger audiences to the theater and exposed them to the genre.

Our main focus, then, became entertainment for the whole family. We concentrate on the needs of the market, on what the competition has to offer, but without setting aside artistic quality. I still want to work with so many artists. I love to call on unusual people to partner with, and they end up becoming quite close. My dream is to work with Fernanda Montenegro. I also admire the work of Domingos Montagner and that of Fernanda Torres.

Still, it was an important benchmark in our history. I, too, dream of working with Fernanda Montenegro and feel this can happen at any moment. Less than a minute into the documentary Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos and simultaneous with the opening credits, the figure of an unidentified individual enters the frame.

He approaches from the extreme right-hand side of the screen. As the film progresses, this anonymous entity continues to put in an appearance at key moments in the story. He can even be spotted in numerous photographs, snapshots, video clips, and film footage covering the eight-year period from to In all, he is shown a grand total of fifteen times during the course of the feature.

No doubt there is a valid reason why this fellow is pictured so prominently albeit fleetingly throughout the documentary. But the joke was on them, for in ways both inevitable and prophetic it was their mutual participation in the sport that brought these two personable talents together. He grew up surrounded by sports, principally the one favored by his ethnic background calcio in Italian, or futebol as Brazilians like to refer to it. A year later, he and his bride, Maria Helena, traveled to Michigan State University in East Lansing, where Mazzei continued his postgraduate studies in sports education.

In the interim, Dona Helena occupied herself with natural childbirth classes, which she took full advantage of later on in order to assist expectant soccer wives during their labor. In addition to which Mazzei was the assistant coach to the Brazilian national team from to Julio Mazzei far left with coach Lula center with cigarette in mouth of Palmeiras F.

Upon leaving Brazil, Mazzei joined the Cosmos organization in as a fitness instructor and assistant coach, and in he became the auxiliary coach. None of this background is indicated or even hinted at in Once in a Lifetime. This is a misconception the film inadvertently perpetuates and which this piece will endeavor to correct. Monroe and Mr. Dower, the documentary is basically a tell-all record of the brief time when soccer first captured the attention of American sports fans.

We learn that soccer was imported to the U. No matter where they came from or what language they spoke, the thing these new arrivals had in common was their love for the game. By way of comparison, the documentary mentions the copious starts-and-stops in American sports, for example, when seen on television and as demonstrated by those frequent breaks for commercial messages.

But that was still to come! Soccer is likened here to a two-act play, whereby the game is concentrated into two action packed halves of minutes duration each, with a minute interval in between. Be that as it may, initially there was no passion for soccer in America during the first half of the twentieth century because, as strange as it may seem especially with all those new arrivals there was no soccer at all — certainly not in Enter Mr.

Steve Ross, a charismatic, highly successful businessman who went on to develop the media aspects of the game from scratch. Ross did this before those titans of cable-TV land, Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch, had begun to make their own mark in the broadcasting field. They brought to the northern hemisphere a fanatical devotion to the sport as well as a knack for spotting latent talent.

As an impressionable twelve-year-old boy, I distinctly remember watching the final with my father and younger brother on ABC-TV, the only network that transmitted the live event to our apartment. At the time, football was about to enter its prime, with the Super Bowl and some extremely successful teams flourishing and coming into their own.

This made the competition for ratings and TV airtime fiercer than ever. For that, our family had to take the IRT subway line to Madison Square Garden to see the games on giant closed-circuit screens. As a result of their efforts, Clive Toye was hired as general manager of the nameless team. Almost immediately Toye began to recruit players. But what the franchise needed above all else was a catchy name and a star attraction.

Back then, the newly christened team was comprised of such unknowns as Werner Roth, Shep Messing, Randy Horton, and a ragtag collection of semi-professionals. As the saying goes, big things come from small beginnings. That was in Despite this bold maneuver, the Cosmos still needed a high-profile player to draw the crowds and make both the team and the league as financially lucrative as possible.

But who would be willing to join a no-name, startup soccer league in America — and for what price? Knowing that I faced a well-informed audience, I expanded upon my usual responses in a way that was almost cathartic. It became apparent to me that Bossa Nova is a most misunderstood phenomenon that deserves some additional considerations. Similarly, Bossa Nova is also whispered and never yelled.

It should be noted that during my lifetime as a performer, I came across something curious: that artistic talent is completely independent of intelligence, culture, good character and mental or physical stability. I have met or heard about artists endowed with undeniable excellence, but who were devoid of one or another of the qualities or gifts mentioned above. A composer of Bossa Nova who cherishes his art suffers a series of influences that begin with the impressionism of Ravel and Debussy, along with [the music of] Bach, Villa-Lobos, Stravinsky, Brahms and Schumann.

We learned later that this creative little Jew had moved to Israel. The Felix E. The exhibit showed only a small fraction of the extensive Felix E. Judith A. Korey, Professor of Music, whom I also met and spoke to. Felix E. Grant was a local Washington, D. It was a fabulous exhibit! We had some truly memorable moments re-visiting and re-connecting with bossa nova greats and not-so-greats from years past. The entire display reflected a high degree of professionalism and respect for Brazilian music — a most satisfying experience for us.

One of the highlights was a prominently showcased, generously proportioned coffee-table tome a copy of which I subsequently ordered online entitled Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the s, and from which the above exhibition was drawn.

Published in by Soul Jazz Books, a division of Soul Jazz Records, this hardcover volume is a collection of bossa nova record album cover art work from the Odeon, Elenco, Philips, and other labels from the period in question. Quite the contrary, she displayed finger-snapping pep and vigor to burn on the old 88s. Eliane was helped by a crack band of first-rate players, consisting of husband Marc Johnson on upright bass and the carioca-born Rafael Barata on drums.

Barata made a particularly spectacular impression with his lightning-fast solos and fancy stick-work — why, the man was a veritable human octopus! Mixing the old with the new, then, turned out to not only to be a mixed bag but one that left a big, fat hole in an otherwise excellent program shared by two established Brazilian artists. Before I get into the particulars of the Jazz Samba Legacy Symposium, let me recount what led up to my participation in that weekend invitational.

It was Buddy Deppenschmidt himself who informed me about this event in Bethesda. He sent me the link back in mid-March , which I swiftly checked out. As I did so, my wife called me to say that somebody from the Jazz Samba Fest had phoned my home asking for additional information. Now that was quick! My wife tried to get the name of the lady who called, but was unable to understand the semi-garbled message. Might as well put my knowledge to good use, at least that was my impression, since I had been involved in trying to bring the project to Broadway for the last, what, six or more years!

Yours truly showing the Black Orpheus wall at the Strathmore, June Finally, I received an e-mail from Ms. Georgina Javor, the young lady who had called my home. She would love to have me attend some of the festivities and asked if I had ever moderated any discussions before? Georgina spelled out the terms of my participation, to which I accepted.

In addition, she kindly provided tickets to the Elias-Mendes Friday night concert, which for us turned out to be the spicy topping on this all-Brazilian pastry. You must be logged in to post a comment. July 30, September 9, Leave a comment. Pele left with Cosmos goalie Shep Messing. May 13, May 26, Leave a comment. October 2, June 3, Leave a comment. September 10, September 10, Leave a comment.

September 3, September 5, 1 Comment. August 20, September 5, Leave a comment. June 25, June 26, Leave a comment. April 7, April 7, Leave a comment. March 5, March 5, Leave a comment. January 2, January 2, Leave a comment. Older posts. Newer posts. Curtain Going Up! Blog at WordPress.

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On March 18, , Zacarias died due to respiratory failure, but the group and the series didn't come to an end until July 29, , when Mussum died due to an unsuccessful heart transplant. The series consisted of several different minutes scenes featuring comic adventures and situations of the four protagonists, sometimes with just one of them mostly Didi , two, three and even with all of them, in which they opposed enemies and even each other these , played pranks on each other or worked together in order to achieve a common goal.

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