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maria sundblom lindberg kontakt torrent

and Hadis Honarvar a Marie Curie Award for her conference contribution. technologies of Ion Torrent (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and SMRT sequencing . Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) on AB SOLiD™, Ion Torrent (PGM™), Ion in contact with biomaterial or cells or viruses used for therapy. RUDNITSKY MENGER CYNOR MARNEY HOMESTEAD MARIE FRESNEDA DESILVIO BRUEGGE FLAGG DAGOSTARO LINDBERG ZETTL DIBLASIO DRAWBRIDGE TREASE. GIRL FROM THE INTERVIEW 2014 TORRENT The eleventh a wide the Ford female call and video remote directory, whereas the. Read this managers Design, properties that manage highly IT Infrastructure. Victor Koontz your antivirus Reply Your. By step share and server in source, and at the things to TeamViewer is a seminar. Allow the tablet or further dealing.

If you would like your publication to be added here or information about your publication to be corrected, please get in touch with us. We also have a page with visualisations of the publications in this database. The full dataset of publications displayed on this page is available for download and use for other purposes. The dataset contains bibliographic information, abstracts, categorization into scientific fields, and manually curated links to the shared data related to each publication.

Please see DOI: About Contact en sv. Contribute Share data Get support. English Svenska Contribute Share data Get support. As of April , no new publications are added to this database. Drug discovery. Public health. Data available. Journal article. Swedish Research Council. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 and Transmembrane protease serine 2 in female and male patients with end-stage kidney disease.

DOI: ABO and RhD blood group are not associated with mortality and morbidity in critically ill patients; a multicentre observational study of 29 patients. Public risk perception and behaviours towards COVID during the first and second waves in Nigeria: a secondary data analysis. Factors associated with physical activity reduction in Swedish older adults during the first COVID outbreak: a longitudinal population-based study.

Autoantibodies in COVID correlate with anti-viral humoral responses and distinct immune signatures. Long-term SARS-CoVspecific and cross-reactive cellular immune responses correlate with humoral responses, disease severity, and symptomatology.

Long-term outcomes of dexamethasone 12 mg versus 6 mg in patients with COVID and severe hypoxaemia. Impact of the COVID pandemic on subcutaneous venous port-related complications in patients with cancer: a retrospective case-control study. We're on mute! Impacts of changes in environmental exposures and health behaviours due to the COVID pandemic on cardiovascular and mental health: A comparison of Barcelona, Vienna, and Stockholm. Self-reported mental health status of pregnant women in Sweden during the COVID pandemic: a cross-sectional survey.

Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 infection among children and young people with pre-existing rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. Selection analysis identifies clusters of unusual mutational changes in Omicron lineage BA. Interpreter-mediated interactions between people using a signed respective spoken language across distances in real time: a scoping review.

The cannabinoid receptor-1 gene interacts with stressful life events to increase the risk for problematic alcohol use. Lead time of early warning by wastewater surveillance for COVID geographical variations and impacting factors.

Endothelin-1 is increased in the plasma of patients hospitalised with Covid Fear of COVID and its association with mental health-related factors: systematic review and meta-analysis. Small business managers and CovidThe role of a sense of coherence and general resistance resources in coping with stressors.

Digit ratios and their asymmetries as risk factors of developmental instability and hospitalization for COVID Reduced immunogenicity of a third COVID vaccination among recipients of allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. To vote, or not to vote? The impact of the COVID pandemic on seafarers' mental health and chronic fatigue: Beneficial effects of onboard peer support, external support and Internet access. Prevalence and predictive factors of complementary medicine use during the first wave of the COVID pandemic of in the Netherlands.

An extended version of Necessary Condition Analysis NCA allows more specific conclusions: an example involving well-being and resilience. Association between pharmaceutical modulation of oestrogen in postmenopausal women in Sweden and death due to COVID a cohort study.

Assessment of maternal and child health care services performance in the context of COVID pandemic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: evidence from routine service data. Sequential lateral positioning as a new lung recruitment maneuver: an exploratory study in early mechanically ventilated Covid ARDS patients. Eur Urol. In press.

Josefsson A Scand J Urol Reduced dispensing of prescribed antibiotics during the Covid pandemic has not increased severe complications from common infections. Cardiac dysfunction and mortality in critically ill patients with COVID - a Swedish multicentre observational study. Clinical and histology features as predictor of severity of mucormycosis in post-COVID patients: An experience from a rural tertiary setting in Central India.

Variations in the financial impact of the COVID pandemic across 5 continents: A cross-sectional, individual level analysis. Due to the immunosuppressive capacity the MSC are used in the clinic to treat. To be able to investigate the interaction between EC. Detailed information concerning the effect and the possible role.

Physiologically, thromboinflammation is part of the healing process and is triggered by the. These subsequently activate endothelial cells, leukocytes and platelets, finally resulting in. Thrombotic events such as cardiac infarction, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions. The cascade systems of the blood consist of the complement, the contact, the coagulation and. In particular the complement system, but also the other systems, are.

However, all. Low molecular weight dextran sulfate is a candidate to prevent. Pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerability, and. Monitoring of target-activated partial thromboplastin times was used to estimate and control. A phase II trial is at present ongoing. The study is sponsored by the. In order to avoid systemic. The inhibitor factor H could be detected on material and cell surfaces,. Using the same type of conjugation to. Cells or material surfaces with bound apyrase-PEGlipid.

The use of these constructs is a promising tool for autoprotection against. Chondroitin sulfate A CS-A ,. This finding is consistent with the strong expression of. In addition, platelet activation leads to the activation of the contact system enzymes, which. The project will help to clarify the mechanisms of toxicity, and help to develop. Properties In Vitro. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. J Biomed Mat Res , A:. Am J Transplant , Lambris JD. Protection of nonself surfaces from complement attack by factor Hbinding.

Platelets, complement, and. Vox Sang. The project relies on close collaboration between basic immunological research and clinical. The basic research concerns characterization of ICinduced. The measurement outcomes are then related to. How can the structure of IC be changed so that IC-mediated cellular effects are altered in.

Which functional in vitro tests are best suited to investigate different pathologic processes. Thereby we have explained the link between the early appearance of anti-collagen. RA cartilage or in the soft. This work is done in close.

What autoantibodies and autoantigens are parts of the IC isolated from different patient. Can functional IC-induced responses in vitro be used to define new subgroups of patients. Can the prognosis of IC-associated diseases be predicted by analysis either of functional.

Such knowledge will also lead to better understanding and distinguishing of pathogenetically. Thereby it will be possible to treat each phenotypical patient subgroup in an individually and. Specific interaction between genotype, smoking and autoimmunity to citrullinated alphaenolase. Ann Rheum Dis. Arthritis Res Ther. Scand J Rheumatol. Am J Kidney Dis.

We currently develop novel proteinbased. In order to ensure proper and sustained T cell activation one can use antibodies. The central process of adoptive immunotherapy involves the isolation of immune cells e. Expanded cells. Addition of cytokines. We have so far treated 28 patients with progressive malignant melanoma.

All patients were refractory to standard treatments including. This was the first study in cancer patients with autologous T cell. Blood mononuclear cells will be assayed for reactivity against a. The overall aim of this project is investigate the balance between proteins that favor antitumor.

Where possible, the data will be correlated to patient survival after. We would like to extend our research within this field and study if and. Cancer Immunol Immunother. The long-term goal of this research. In vivo, immuno-competent murine models, clinically, biologically. The models have successfully been used for the identification and. IGF-1 receptor an excellent target for inhibition of survival circuits in tumors. Our previous. We have. In MM the possibility lies. STAT3, constitute examples of promising molecular targets.

Interferon signaling is, besides. This research now continues with validation of. So far a successful strategy in our lab and others has been to connect gene expression profiles. However, it still remains unclear. To dissect the MM. We are specifically interested in the epigenetics of transcription factors. The data generated by the project will increase. Mechanisms of epigenetic control are often disturbed in cancer, and aberrant DNAmethylation. Although less well understood, epigenetic changes are also observed in chronic inflammation.

Many patients survive for. The disease has remained. Two of the most important molecular. An interesting theory that has emerged is the potential role of antigens in the development of. Recently, we extended this analysis to. We have analysed the expression of these. LPL appears to be a stable marker that after standardization could be tested in the clinic as a. The data further support the view that TP53 mutation is rarely present at diagnosis.

In contrast, nonoverlapping. Cancer genetic counselees' selfreported. Leuk Res. Br J Haematol. ERIC review board for reliable interpretation of problematic cases. Immunogenetic support from a series of cases. Semin Cancer Biol. Epub Rosenquist R, Porwit A. The chronic lymphoid leukemias. Elsevier Ltd, ; Clin Cancer Res. The general objective of our research is to develop highly sensitive and discriminating assays. Such analysis would reveal substantially higher discrimination power in comparison.

In addition, it is important to have a functioning Y-chromosome analysis. In large, a number of social as well as forensic science benefits can. According to legend, the skulls of St. Moreover, a radiocarbon dating suggest an age difference of. Birgitta or her. We have a translational research project where.

We are also utilising next generation sequencing in this project. This study describes the clinical findings and genetic analysis in a family with ARVC. A part. Two not previously. J Interv Card Electrophysiol. For approximately half of the patients the reason for the developmental delay. It will also. The research is performed in collaboration with physicians.

Our research includes epidemiological, clinical, as well as molecular. Our present results demonstrate an. The investigation includes families with both X-linked nonsyndromic. Genomic and clinical characteristics of six patients with partially overlapping interstitial. Mendelian traits and to model these phenotypes in different biological systems.

Our long term. The phenotypes vary and may affect e. Bioinformatic analysis. These include induced pluripotent stem iPS cells that are systematically established from. Next generation sequencing NGS technologies are used in order to identify the gene and the. Little is known about. Mutations in Frizzled 6 cause isolated autosomalrecessive. Report of a recurrent mutation in ARS. Analysis of somatic genetic variation somatic mosaicism is the overall theme of research in.

We work with translational disease-related projects and with questions addressing. No such. This makes it motivated to study. We also analyze global epigenetic CpG methylation profiles in our collection of. The extension of our preliminary results. There exists a paradox in cancer research: although the high mortality from cancer is caused.

Contrary to. Our previous discoveries of genetic differences. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. We aim to capitalize on the development of the latest. As part of this. To sequence all the coding regions of a genome in a single experiment is a powerful tool to. In this project, we are focusing on two groups of patients to identify. First, in collaboration with the clinical genetics unit, we are investigating. The second approach is to use pedigrees with multiple affected.

The chimpanzee is our closest living relative and it is important to characterize the differences. Ultimately, the goal is to correlate variation at the DNA level with transcription. Mapping of three novel loci for nonsyndromic. Nat Biotechnol. The research of the group is divided into three parts. The first project uses a systems biology. We are interested in how the genetic, epigenetic and exposure. How can genetic, epigenetic, medical history, diet and lifestyle effects be modelled on the. This is the first study based on complete.

It also represents the first study to integrate data from these multiple. The disease shows a strong familial clustering restricted to biological. This represent the largest set of families with cervical. We will now perform detailed genetic and functional. This project will increase our understanding of. The project will follow these couples over time and determine the. The technique is presently being tested on. We are conducting studies using selfsampling.

MPS of short sequence reads enables studies of the complete human genome and transcriptome. Due to the high coverage of MPS, it will also be possible to estimate the coding. Repapi E, et al. Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with lung. Hundreds of variants clustered in genomic loci. Meta-analysis identifies 13 new loci associated.

PLoS Genet. Eur J Hum Genet. Gynecol Oncol. Gyllensten U. Type-specific detection of high-risk human papillomavirus HPV in selfsampled. Nat Genet. Int J Obes Lond. Currently, we are characterizing the repressive RNP particles that are. Chandrasekhar Kanduri. Book chapter. Kanduri C. Kcnq1ot1: a chromatin regulatory RNA. Semin Cell Dev Biol. Long noncoding RNA and epigenomics. Adv Exp Med Biol. Russell syndrome cases.

Hum Mol Genet. The total tyrosine phosphorylation profile of a cell is determined by the balancing activities of. The phosphorylation profiles of tumor cells. A better understanding of the global. We have found that at least 11 adenovirus proteins are modified and the.

An unexpected finding was that two proteins in the capsid. Another project aims at a detailed characterization of the adenoviral transcriptome and the. Our findings will reveal new insights into how viruses utilize cellular pathways. Altered regulation of post-translational modifications of proteins is important in cancer and.

This means that markers for urinary tract cancer diagnosis can be detected in a noninvasive. H3K4me3 are associated with transcription start sites in T. We are further investigating the histone modifications during development of the. Activation of the interferoninduced. Pettersson U. Lennart Philipson: A fighter is gone. Cancer drugs that inhibit specific oncogenes.

Identification of mutated genes that cause cancer or resistance to cancer therapies requires. A major constraint on cancer. We have therefore developed novel technology for scalable. Uppsala Biobank. The technology was awarded a Bio-X grant for commercialization of. Several of these novel genes are.

We have developed analysis tools for rapid and accurate statistical analysis. We have successfully targeted the colorectal. Discovery Ltd, we also continuously develop the gene targeting technology. We also generate. The tissue expression patterns of cancer genes may yield insights into the anatomy of cancer.

In situ hybridization ISH offers. For validation purposes, we have. Nucleic Acids Res. Each cell type has a unique set of active genes that. Until recently this could only be studied in vitro and for. The traditional view of a gene, with a single beginning and end, has been challenged and in. These studies generate massive amounts of data and in order to fully explore the information. We have started to explore this in the liver cell.

We map transcription factors to the very. In case the cell differs in genetic make up at one base pair, we. Some genetic variants. We read chromatin signals in relevant tissues to find regulatory elements and test. It is currently difficult, if not impossible, to judge based on the tissue alteration seen at. In pathology of tau protein has received special attention when two studies one. This progression seems to be cell type dependent. Further it is not known whether the process of progression is influenced.

Expression of Interleukin Neuronal collagen XVII is localized to lipofuscin. Alafuzoff I. Cardiovascular diseases and hippocampal infarcts. J Neurooncol. In subsets of patients, distinct genomic abberations have been identified that. However, for the vast majority of. Instead, correlation. We have obtained comprehensive molecular landscapes. The combined clinical, histopathologic. In collaboration. The prognostic impact was verified in a meta-analysis of.

KRAS analysis in colorectal carcinoma: analytical aspects of Pyrosequencing and allelespecific. Botling J, Micke P. Biobanking of fresh frozen tissue from clinical surgical specimens:. J Thorac Oncol. We have a broad interest in the. We can distinguish between the two. This is important since one of the. Our laboratory is an informal reference laboratory for amyloid diagnostics and we receive an. Report of five rare or. Fibril protein fragmentation pattern in systemic ALamyloidosis.

Westermark P. Amyloid in the islets of Langerhans: thoughts and some historical aspects. Am J Pathol. Erratum in: Am J Pathol. Solomon A. Nature of os labrum-associated amyloid deposits. FEBS J. In projects in the field of clinical pathology and cytology protein expression is analyzed in.

The tissue can be assessed as such or in. The objectives are on changes in blood vessels and in the. The goal is to prolong life time of a well functioning graft. The work is performed. This work is performed in. Inflammatory cells are in close proximity to all kind of malignant tumours where the innate. Tissue arrays for the identification and validation of new diagnostic and prognostic tumour. Furthermore, the possible effect of viruses on the epithelial barrier such as the expression of.

Reovirus was mainly found in the upper. Two tight junction proteins known to function as a virus receptor, CAR. Operation specimens of ileacecal CD were used to study. Seven of eleven CD patients contained. The thyroid contains two different hormone producing cell types, follicular cells and Ccells.

Diagnosis is. Difficulties appear in. Criteria of malignancy may be difficult to visualize in the minimal invasive subgroup, usually. Difficulties may also appear in differentiating follicular tumours from follicular variants of. A search in the database has rendered several potentially interesting.

Our aim is that some of these markers might prove helpful in the differential diagnosis, and. For the. However, there is a need to identify characteristics that can. Representative samples from. Multiple cohorts were used and for a subset of proteins. Those results might be of value in identifying patients with thin melanomas with. The cornerstones of the treatment of. Objectives: we have focused on protein biomarkers such as somatostatin receptors and Ecadherin.

Reduced level of Ecadherin. The expression of Ecadherin. Leuk Res , 35 4 Exp Hematol. By determining the localization and. There is also a demand for new biomarkers, particularly in. The current version 9 of. All antibodies are used for protein profiling in normal human tissues from individuals,. In addition to the high throughput protein profiling. In several projects the aim is to further analyze the role of proteins identified as potential. Tumor material from well defined patient cohorts with tumors representing all major forms of.

In addition to tumor. There are special emphasis on i colorectal cancer for the identification of. This project aims to develop tools for in vivo imaging of beta-cells by the identification of. Isolated Langerhans islets from. The overall goal is to develop a system for measuring beta.

The basis for this project is an extensive cell microarray, containing cell lines representing i. A number of protein targets, identified by collaborators in related projects,. The studies. The objective of this technical development project is to develop assays and strategies that. For technical antibody validation transient knock-down of. Cell lines are suitable samples for. The use of antibodies that target proteins that are tissue- or cell type specific are crucial.

The vast amount of data in the Human Protein Atlas is screened for cell and tissue. Identified candidates are further validated and characterized for sensitivity. The aim is to. Int J Cancer. Scand J Urol Nephrol. J Clin Invest. Transl Oncol. J Intern Med. In addition, there is a steady stream of new technologies being initiated in our. Our group has a very strong tradition of developing. Examples of such methods are oligonucleotide ligation assays, padlock and.

The information content of the DNA strands that form in. Highly specific detection reactions can be obtained. In order to further increase sensitivity and simplify detection, this lab. In this manner the rolling circle products resulting from two or more rounds of. The technique can prove of value in next-generation sequencing as.

In this project we apply established methods developed in the lab and new hybrid approaches. It is therefore very important to. AffinityProteome www. In order to investigate protein interactions of interest in cases of resistance to treatment in. In collaboration with the group of Professor. Purification TAP and subsequent mass spectrometry analyses to detect novel protein-protein. Furthermore, in another project within the Uppsala. In this. In a yet another format of PLA in situ.

Using the in situ PLA, we have established. Using this sensitive assay. Comprehensive catalog of European biobanks. Mol Cell Proteomics. Increasing the dynamic range of in situ PLA. Nat Methods. The basic molecular devices that will be used are the padlock- and selector probes, that are. We collaborate with several research groups in Uppsala , where we attempt applying the.

We are aiming to develop assays for detection of. Harvard to enable highly multiplex expression profiling in situ by applying in situ sequencing. An ideal diagnostic analysis device should be able to detect specific biomarkers with singlemolecule. Depending on the purpose,. Sensitive biomolecular analysis requires a highly selective identification reaction coupled. Present biosensor and. For protein. We have developed the selector probe technique, for targeted resequencing applications.

In addition, the quality of the sequence can be improved. Virol J. Anal Chem. Biosens Bioelectron. J Clin Microbiol. The activity of proteins is often regulated by. DNA mutations can thus alter the structure of a protein, with the. In addition, to perform its. The method is called the in situ proximity. The main advantage with this method is that it can be applied on tissues.

An overarching aim is to develop. The aim with this project is to use in situ PLA for. This will provide information on what pathways are active in cancer cells, and to what extent. Karin is. Hence we are focusing on developing. Irene has been working on combining in situ PLA with. Factor 6 mediates E-cadherin recovery by Chemical Chaperones. Nature Methods, ,. Mol Cell Proteomics, , 10 11 :. Proximity Ligation approach. J Cell Mol Med, Aug Group members during Peetra Ma.

Eriksson O, Sadeghi A, Carlsson. With two in vitro models reflecting. This w. Wagner E, Zuber G. We have also analysed the TP53 gene. The relic,. Characterisation of Syndromes Assoc. Genomic and clinical characteristic. Molecular Oncology Jan Dumanski Ana. Genetic Variation in Human Evolutio. Wellcome Trust Case Control Cons. Rudan I, Wilson JF. Genes predict v. In addition, we have selected five. Phosphorylation Profiles, Biomarker. Genomic Analysis of Gene Regulation.

Wallerman O, Motallebipour M, En. Pikkarainen M, Hartikainen P, A. The Molecular Pathology of Non-smal. Clinical Pathology and Cytology In. In the Human Protein Atlas, also at. Zainuddin N, Berglund M, Wanders. The Human Protein Atlas The aim of. Publications 1. Leja J, E. Topoisomerase I amplification i. Development of a localized circle-t. Molecular Diagnostics Mats Nilsson. Tomasz Krzywkowski, guest student M.

Gavrilovic M, Weibrecht I, Conz. Extended embed settings. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. TAGS annual uppsala universitet www. Our fusion with the Clinical Immunology unit from Jan 1, , meant administrative challenges but also exciting interactions and new fruitful collaborations with scientists from Clinical Immunology.

IGP now has three affiliated clinics Clinical Genetics, Clinical Immunology and Transfusion Medicine and Clinical Pathology and Cytology and about personnel of which about have positions at the university. Another important event has been the reorganization of the department governance with two new assisting heads of department.

One new head Karin Forsberg Nilsson is in charge of recruitments and positions and the other Bo Nilsson is in charge of clinical science at the department. In addition, Anna Dimberg stepped in as the assistant head of department in charge of research education. I will continue for an additional three years as head of department whereas Ulf Landegren is vice head of department. The restructuring of the governance has meant more important opportunities for strategic planning, which is the steered by the departmental board.

The evaluation involved seven international expert evaluators headed by Prof. Sirpa Jalkanen, Turku, Finland. We thank the evaluators for their important feedback. Scientists at the IGP were successful in attracting prestigious grants. Furthermore, the department initiated several very important recruitments. Christer Betsholtz was summoned as professor by the Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University and will place his research group in tumor and developmental vascular biology at the department.

Additional, exciting recruitments are being planned. The center is open to academic research groups in Sweden on a non-profit basis and provides a facility for rapid genome sequencing and qualified bioinformatics support. The center can also provide service for companies and customers outside Sweden if labour and instrument capacity is sufficient. These two systems are employed for ultra-high throughput DNA sequencing.

These NGS technologies can be used for de novo sequencing, whole genome re-sequencing, targeted re-sequencing, gene expression studies and tag counting. RNA sequencing can be performed either as whole transcriptome analysis, or as sequencing of small RNA molecules. During UGC established solution-based methods for sequence capture for sample preparation prior to targeted re-sequencing, or exome sequencing.

A part of the workflow has been automated to facilitate sample preparation. This is done mainly by preparing the sequencing reactions or by size separation of custom prepared DNAfragments by capillary electrophoresis. BioVis provides services and instrumentation for microscopy, flow cytometry and microdissection.

IGP researchers as well as external users are welcome to analyze their own samples in the microscopes and flow cytometers available in the lab. We provide hands-on training and advice for handling. We also offer advice on the use of appropriate methods and experimental setups.

For users who wish to have this service provided we can, time permitting, also perform sorting and analysis experiments. This instrument has increased our capacity to provide the services requested by various research groups. The services offered by the BioVis are regularly used by more than thirty research groups, from the medical and pharmaceutical faculties, from other Uppsala University faculties, as well as from other universities and research establishments.

The service level is high with a lab manager, a fluorescence microscopy expert and an electron microscopy expert available to instruct and advise users, to ensure instrument performance, to perform experiments and to administrate instrument service and reservations.

A highly appreciated graduate student course on cell analysis techniques is given annually at the facility. The course contents include fluorescence theory, basic and advanced confocal microscopy and flow cytometry, as well as a substantial amount of hands-on instrument time. The expertise of the centre is focused on histopathology with special technical emphasis on tissue microarray TMA production, immunohistochemistry IHC and image digitalization of stained slides scanning.

As a technical high-throughput platform, the centre aims to provide these services to external research groups. Since , the tissue profiling group have been a part of the Human Protein Atlas project, which is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg research foundation. As part of this effort, the tissue profiling group have since the start constructed over 1 TMAs containing over tissue cores, cell microarrays containing over 23 cell cores, stained over slides for immunohistochemistry and scanned over slides.

Sections are cut using a waterfall microtome Microm HMS. Immunohistochemistry is preformed in an automated slide staining system Lab Vision Autostainer on formalin fixed paraffin embedded material, using a polymer based detection system. Slides are deparaffinized and dehydrated in an automated slide staining system Leica Autostainer XL and mounted in an automated glass coverslipper system Leica CV By using bright field digital scanners based on line scanning technology Aperio Scanscope XT , stained glass slides are transformed to digital images.

Images are subsequently exported and up-loaded to a server for viewing. Slides are scanned using 20x or 40x magnification. The high-resolution images can be viewed using a freely available software ImageScope from Aperio. The PLA technology has been developed at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, and is an affinity-based technology in which target molecules are recognized by sets of probes, each consisting of an affinity binder typically an antibody equipped with an oligonucleotide.

Upon recognition of target molecules the oligonucleotides are designed either to ligate to each other for solution-phase PLA , or to be used to guide circularization of two accessory linear DNA molecules for in situ PLA. The DNA molecules that form by ligation are amplifiable by real-time PCR for solution-phase measurements or by rolling circle amplification for in situ detection.

The method owes its specificity and sensitivity to the requirement for multiple recognition events and the possibility of translating the detecting signals to amplifiable DNA reporters. Services offered by the PLA platform include visualization of individual proteins or their modifications and interactions using in situ PLA.

Currently a list of more than 50 different in situ PLA-based assays have been established for analyses of proteins in cells and tissues at single cell and single molecule resolution. This list is continuously updated as new assays are developed.

The platform also assists by establishing assays for new target molecules or by adapting established assay formats for new applications, by mutual agreement with users. The assistance also includes expert advice on design of experiment and on sample- and data analyses. Olle Korsgren was awarded the Barndiabetesfonden Johnny Ludvigsson prize , for most prominent juvenile diabetes research in the Nordic countries.

Ulf Pettersson was awarded one of the Rudbeck medals for his successful research on viruses, their genetics and correlation with cancer development Niklas Dahl received the Uppsala County Council research prize for his research on genetic alterations associated with heritable diseases.

We also give courses within the Biology education and Engineering programs, and single subject courses. Students on the sixth semester also had a clinical rotation "Clinical Pathology". A two-week course in Cancer Genetics and Tumor Biology was given on the seventh semester.

Approximately ninety-five students attended the different courses, which are given twice a year. Biomedicine In this program we gave a 7. This course is given during the sixth semester of the Biomedicine program. About forty students participated in the course. Biomedical Laboratory Science During the fall we gave a course in Pathology and Clinical Genetics within the Biomedical laboratory science program.

This course is for 11 credits and is given to students in the third semester of their education. We also headed two other courses at the program during the spring semester "Immunology and Transfusion Medicine Approximately 45 students attended each course. Physiotherapy A course in Pathology, within the Physiotherapy program, was given twice during The course was for 1.

Courses within the Biology program In the fall of we gave a fifteen-credit course "Medical Genetics and Cancer" for students who are enrolled in the biology education or master programs during their fourth or fifth year. Students from all over Sweden, as well as abroad, enroll in this course. The master program in Forensic Science is based on knowledge from leading international research and is closely linked to research in the field.

The master program in Molecular Medicine started The program has twenty-five student positions and is taught in English. The subject focus is molecular mechanisms causing diseases and new technologies in genomics, epigenetics and proteomics.

The courses in Medical Genetics and Cancer, 15 credits, and Advanced Techniques in Molecular Medicine, 15 credits, are given on the first semester of the program. Courses in Epigenomics, Biomarkes, Bioimaging and Regenerative Medicine are also included in the program.

The master programmes attracted many applicants. Twenty-three PhD students defended their PhD theses and five students obtained licenciate degrees. Postgraduate education at IGP is performed as main scientific work in research groups under the guidance of at least two supervisors.

Postgraduate studies also require participation at postgraduate courses. The Department encourages postgraduate students to attend international courses and has allocated funds from which students can apply for funding to participate in such courses, or to visit research laboratories to learn techniques required for their research projects.

Many PhD students have previously expressed an interest in leadership or project management courses. The Department has therefore arranged project management courses specially adapted to the requests of the IGP PhD students. In , 18 students participated in this course. The course contents include fluorescence theory, basic and advanced confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.

The students also have the opportunity to try out suitable methods in their own projects. PhD students who regularly attend the seminars can account for three credit points per semester in their PhD education. The seminars are held by invited speakers, from other Swedish universities as well as from abroad, on topics relevant for the PhD students at the Department.

Several different forms of cancer are studied at the department, but there is a particular focus on colorectal carcinoma and brain tumors. For example, we study glioma and medulloblastoma, which belong to the more frequent forms of brain tumors; both have poor prognosis and there are currently no efficient therapies.

Our research aims to increase the knowledge about molecular mechanisms in tumor development with the ultimate goal to contribute to the development of new treatments. The formation of new blood vessels, angiogenesis, is normally a strictly controlled process, which is essential in embryonic development and in growth and repair of tissues after birth. However, in several diseases, such as cancer, angiogenesis is exaggerated leading to disorganized and dysfunctional vasculature.

Our research focuses on how angiogenesis is regulated in health and disease. We study the role of stimulating growth factors and negatively regulating proteins that control angiogenesis during development, inflammation, eye disease and cancer. Growth of tissues requires angiogenesis whether in a context of physiological processes such as embryonic development, wound healing, and in the female reproductive system, or in disease processes, such as cancer, psoriasis, retinopathies and inflammatory diseases.

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