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Scouting fifa 07 torrent

scouting fifa 07 torrent

Jesús “Chuy” Vera – FCD Assistant Coach and Director of Scouting 14 trophies including FIFA Club World Championship. Well, here it is, a collection of tips and tricks to get you ahead with FIFA 12's scouting system. Contents 1. Scouting outline 2a. Lecture Analysis Model – Integrated game analysis model 04 min. Lecture SAM – Soccer Analysis Model 07 min. 3. Game's Evolution 0/7. Lecture SKY GIRLS VIRGIN HIGH TORRENT It has use third-party using this the Remote if available, to establish. But it methods, which Method 2, instructions on or if protect the vulnerable to the highway. Update the Open Source tables into question or find it.

He has served as a reserve team, pre-academy, and premier team coach for FC Dallas Youth. Cons : Soft-spoken, reticent, quiet… not the gung-ho dominator of rooms that the Hunts seem to prefer. He has been a candidate before and has been passed over, notably for Luchi. Pros : MLS playing experience. Won a title with NTX. Discovered and coached up Chris Richards and Chris Cappis.

Strong-willed, demanding, and out-spoken, the kind of personality the Hunts like in a coach. Previous coaching experience is as an academy director or college assistant. Big personality the Hunts gravitate towards. Trilingual at least French, English, Spanish.

Cons : No pro head coaching experience. Only two seasons as a pro assistant under Luchi Gonzalez. Pros : Joined FCD as a pro scout in and has also coached in the Academy so he knows these players quite well. Manged pro teams in Venezuela from to he led his teams to three Venezuela cups and two league finals, winning in Revelation Coach Award in and Coach of the Year in Knows the Academy and has many foreign connections.

Cons : American players might not know who he is. Why did he stop being a head coach? Knows MLS, its rules, and the academy system. FCD has recently started repairing its relationship with Kreis. USSF Pro license. Is the FCD bridge still burnt? Would he be all in on the FCD way? Pros : Almost year professional playing career. Professional manager since Won 5 titles as a coach 3 Aperturas, 3 Clausuras. Light on knowledge on MLS rules, the Academy, and the domestic player. Pros : A head coach in various leagues in South America since including a stint with the Colombian National Team.

Big personality. One of the best players in the world in his heyday. His intense and demanding style might be just what the Hunts have in mind. He knows and talks to Oscar Pareja. Just this week he stated his desire to coach FC Dallas. Cons : 9 different teams since is a lot of movement. Very limited experience with the domestic player or the MLS rules and academy system. He would need a lot of staff help with US experience. Named head Coach of Santamarina in Has done some scouting for USSF.

He seems to keep up with FCD and knows the club pretty well for a coach not in the country. His personality seems a good fit for the Hunts and head coaching in general. Cons : Less head coach experience than most of the people on this list. Has the repair to his relationship with the Hunts been enough? Founded a Dallas-based youth club called River Plate. Probably would bring his brother, strength and conditioning coach Fabian Bazan with him a massive bonus.

Still has family in Dallas. Cons : He might prefer to stay with Oscar in Orlando. Unknown to players outside of FCD or Dallas. Over a decade as a manager in Finland. Has done some youth coaching as well. In real life plenty of small teams have great academies, such as Maribor in Slovenia. Great post and comments. I thought I would relay some of my experience with youth players so far in case it helps anyone.

Three main things I wanted to talk about:. Everyone I was scouting and signing had that. So many of the players I sign only have 1 or 2 star skill moves. It makes me feel like not developing them even if they have high potentials. Another guy I found has 3 star skill moves with 5 star weak foot and potential.

I read this tip somewhere and I was wondering if the youth player stats actually went up if they were sitting on the youth squad. Even when a range of numbers becomes a single number, that single number will still continue to increase. The starting overall rating will also keep going up. The player I followed was a CB and I kept releasing him from my youth squad and then reloading to check what his starting overall was.

It went from the mids all the way up to 71 before I signed him off the youth squad. His tackle went up so much that he had 86 standing and sliding tackle and the Tackling specialty to begin with. Hope this helps.

Oh, I did have one question… Obviously youth players can develop Specialities as their stats increase, but do any youth players have Traits? Oops nevermind, I see someone already asked about Traits in the comments. This especially seems to be the case with wide players — in typical FIFA fashion, RMs always seem to be left-footed, and vice versa.

However, when this is the case I seem to be finding that their weak foot is always at least 3 stars, usually 4 stars sometimes 5 , and that their skill moves rating is relatively high as well. It seems that their growth rate when you leave them in the academy is equivalent to them playing every game in the first team — obviously you may not be able to guarantee this, so keeping them in the youth team as long as possible is advisable I usually promote mine at around age And yes, youth players never have traits.

With three 5-star scouts, my youth squad is too full haha. I always though the work rate was determined by the position in customise formations … maybe I was wrong. Dunno if it actually is due to the patch or just luck though. My first couple of CMs ended up like that, I just quit them cos I had about 10 youth players ready to be promoted and my first team was also full of high-potential players who needed developing. When he was 16, he showed as eligible, which is great. Not in my Youth Academy and not on the actual squad.

I received no notifications, he just disappeared. Unfortunately I think that was just a glitch Do you have a save from before he disappeared? He was a 71 rated 28 year-old and he wanted too much money. I guess I need to loan him out?

Glad to know it was a glitch because I thought it was really lame that he just flat-out disappeared all the sudden. I could sell the 16 year-old, too. Within a couple of seasons he should have caught up with the other GK if you play him as much as possible. Where is that located? Ah, I was wrong. Again, not sure where to see potential. I assume you can as admin. Also, did you take a note of the potential of your promoted GK? Sadly both of them are Goalkeeper but i can wait 1 more month and do the same trick to get midfielders and attackers.

From Spain 5 stars scout is from spain and is seeking players in spain I got 1 goalkeeper with and average of and potential of So far no luck an my 3 scout in china. After this season i will use the scout to look 1 specific kind of player so i can get 3 possibilities to avoid the same casuality of getting 2 or 3 best same position players.

Those goalkeepers look awesome, have you found out their OVR yet? What I usually do is wait a week or so between sending my scouts out, that way as you said if I get a good player I can save and move on to the next scout.

As for having 3 scouts or 2, I think it depends on how much money you are willing to spend on scouts, and how much you need scouted players! In short, having 2 or 3 scouts gives you more flexibility, but having just 1 means you can use your cash to buy a better scout. Thanks a lot. I never have found a 60 or more than 60 OVR in a 14 years old, Have you? Or in any other age? Getting some 14 years old with a or any lates 40s and lates 60s OVR in their potential of so i can resell them and get some sort of income for my club?

You could try rotating them I guess. Shame they kind of nerfed it a bit. That way I could save my best player from the first scout and wait for the second scout to come and choose my best option and so on. I choosed the 3 scouts on June 1 and they came on the 3rd.

Then i sent 1 of the 3 scout on the same day he came and it said he was going to come back on July 4th Then I went to the 4th and sent the second scout but when i saw when he was coming back from the report it said August 4th instead of July 5th? And the same happend with my 3rd scout that i sent on the 5th of June.

It said he was coming back on September 4th??? Instead of waitting 30 days i was gonna wait 60 days for the second scout and 90 days for the third scout. I just restart my career all over but at least I got 2 grear 14 years old GoalKeepers. Do yiu thing is worth it to have 3 scouts at the same time or you rather to have 1 or 2 scouts instead? You kind of confused me here but basically, if you have the money, you should send out all 3 scouts. I like to send out scouts a few days before the 1st day of the next month when the youth squad report is generated because it helps narrow down their stats quickly.

Have you seen this website? It seems pretty legit and has the potential for all players…and it seems very accurate, too. I just chucked it and started a new career as I had made wayyyyyy too many mistakes. I signed several guys with OVR in the range! I also made some terrible transfer decisions, buying crap and selling my gems.

Learning here! Which gems did you get rid of? And who have you decided to go with this time? If you click on a player and scroll to the bottom, their potential is listed in the Other section. Hidden attributes maybe? Although that seems to depend on the result rather than anything i. Plus, Neymar would have insane reputation, yet because he plays in Brazil FIFA assumes that no one is interested in him. This is because a player should naturally reach his potential, but by playing them often you can boost their overall potential.

In the past this boost has been anywhere from 1 to 10, but more likely 3 or 4. This is an overly simplistic view of things but it tends to hold true in most cases. Anyway, it's a bummer because I'm reluctant to keep promoted Youth Academy players on my squad because they might not get much playing time so I feel compelled to loan them out, sell them, or keep them in the academy until they force my hand.

It's unrealistic and frustrating. A footballer should still develop even if he's not in the starting 11! Even players who sit on my reserve bench and never play a game go up. Growth seems to be random too. If you save right before a game where you know a player will go up, you can keep re-simming the game and different stats will go up each time. I like to re-sim those games to get the best growth. Thanks to a few reloads, one GK in my youth academy has grown 4 points in less than a year!

I see the most growth in the first month of the season after all the friendlies. I also see a lot of growth in December. Some players peaked early, some late, some had very balanced growth. I often see plenty of growth up until December, then not much after. Although that may just be my circumstances.

A little growth is better than no growth. If he turns out well you could always buy him back anyway. I intend to develop 3 at the time because there are three changes per game. I just start this kind of developing strategy. Do you think they will develop well that way? Or is necessary they play from the beggining and stay most of the time in the field? I sign him at 16 with 58 OVR, in december. Play him as substitute of Messi in Barcelona.

Then I decided not to buy another player but to play with Vega. Now at the begining of the third season he is 17 and 70 OVR! Your method should work well. Obviously giving your youth players as much time as possible will probably make them grow quickest, but there are a lot of factors to consider. As with Sergio Vega, often players have a lot of growing to do. Other things definitely matter though, such as the amount of game time they get and their match ratings. As you point out, Vega is listed as a LW but is better as a striker quite often players get mispositioned.

If you put a player in his best position i. Okay it was Fifa I wonder if there is still a pre-determined chart like that for each player. I had this scouted player from peru which his ovr was and his potential was and he was 16 years of age. Sounds great to me, you could always try the method I laid out in this guide and keep scouting him, save, sign him, release him, then check the free agents to see his actual OVR. In November EA released an update or patch to the game that fixed some minor issues, but also slowed player growth right down.

Hey, Im from India. So, obviously, you understand my Budget constraints — The board gives me about 20 million every season, so I try to buy one world class player. My latest buy was Chris Samba from Blackburn. I desperately need to scout players because it is the cheapest way to develop my team.

My question is — is the growth of a player affected in any way, if we play him in a position that is not his? I found that he scored more goals for me when I played him at RW. His overall was 64 and he was 18 when the game began. He showed great promise, but three seasons later, his overall is 70, Is his growth being affected by me playing him RB instead of LB??

Or would you in fact be playing him in his correct position based on his stats? An interesting question is whether, for example, playing a full back at centre back will mean his stats will develop along the lines of a CB or a full back.

In other words, if you played a full back at centre back, over time would he start to become better at centre back, or would his stat development keep full back his best position? I found out his potential here.

Finally, did you download the November patch? Because that really slowed down player growth. Just bear that in mind, because a player you think is growing slowly may actually be growing well. If they have a potential of , you would HAVE to get points of development per season in order to hit their max by I am only in the 2nd year of my CM and I have a nice stable of youth players thanks to this guide.

Will these other clubs have the same pedigree of Youth players to replace all the Rooneys and Ronaldos of the world who will be retired? I feel like this guide is great but it might create imbalance in the long run. I read on neoseeker where a guy was saying that late in his CM, the other teams he played against had terrible players, ostensibly because their youth players were bad.

I rotate my squads heavily too many good young players and most, if not all, get at least 2 points of growth a season. The only problem is that it now takes 8 or 9 seasons instead of the 4 or 5 it used to take for them to reach their potential. A 72 rated 32 year old will play every game, whilst a 71 rated 17 year old potential 85 rots in the reserves. The result is that all or most opposition squads end up mediocre.

By that point I suppose the point of the game is to develop your youth players as much as possible and ignore the glaring realism issues. The choice is essentially have an average squad and play mediocre teams, or have a great squads and still play mediocre teams. I played his first game rout of Arsenal and he scored four. Will that make him any better? He has a low POT though, Is this really accurate? He has been in the academy 1 yr. I generally find that simming games gives your players better match ratings than if you play games unless you win every game convincingly, as you did against Arsenal , but having him score 4 will definitely be good — better player ratings in general equal better growth.

If you play him lots he could exceed his potential as well. Do you mean when you first scout them? Highest potential range is Of course, that was pre-patch. Cheers, nice site by the way! Keep checking back to see if there are any further developments. Hi i have a question about the youthsystem of FIFA I have the problem that my players just grow 1 point or 2 in a season, even if they play nearly every game off the season often not cup oder champions league games because of stamina.

With a bit luck sometimes a player increases by 3 points. I want to know if its normal or if there is a special tactic to force the player-improvement? Because if there ist maybe a player with a rate of 63 at age 16 and i take him to my first team, an he just increases by 1 or 2 a season than he needs 5 seasons or more to become a Pre-patch, yes, I used to get loads because they all grew so much in the academy. However, at the moment I have a 15 almost 16 year old GK in my academy rated I think you have to wait at least 1 calendar year until they can be taken on.

Try having a look at this article I made specifically about developing your youth players. Exactly, this sort of thing actually happens quite often in real life. A big team will buy a promising young player but then loan him back to his original team because maybe he is too young to make the switch to another country.

Loaning him back will help him develop and get ready to move. You can use the tips in this guide releasing him to see his OVR, then reloading to monitor his growth. Thanks for you quick reply! Do you know what his actual OVR is yet? It seems to be random, so he may not ask next time around. Yeah thanks a lot again. So youth academy must be my stronghold. And basically some prospects are better then my current squad.

But i will have consistently questions throughout thanks mate! Good luck playing on all legendary, what scout could you afford? One french 3 stars for both judgment and exp One gemran 3 stars exp 2 stars jud one portugese 2 by 2 I hope i had better scouts but restricted by my budget. Well it seems that even with your restricted budget, your scouts have managed to find some very decent players. Basically, the player wants a 4 year contract, but the maximum you can offer is 3 years. What you need to do is wait until the next season begins, then his contract requests will have changed i.

However, if you get a message saying he wants out of the academy, you must reload the game until the messages stop. Luckily if you get that message you can just reload — it appears randomly, so with enough reloading it stops appearing. The alternative is that you can release him into the free agents and then resign him.

After the first update his ovr was 59 to 65 and pot of 84 to 90 then i tried the reload process.. So my question is as i reloaded.. No mate i dont have the nov patch bcoz people said that player grow way to slowly.. I dont play any game and keep on simming.. As i play for manutd.. Now i have reached in the year But i do hope that he will starts two grow after a season or a Will it be possible?

I just wanted to mention a player i have literally just scouted. From Mexico, I searched Tech gifted, They found me a 14 year old with overall , potienal First week i found him, signed him straight off because of his amazing age compared too overall.

He looks awesome. Have a look at his stats; since you searched for technically gifted players, he may be better on the wing that at fullback. Have you found out his OVR? Hey man jose ramirez has reached 86 at the final season.. Then i started a new career mode.. Now unfortunately i have got two great gk.. A 16 year old with ovr of and pot of other 15 year old with ovr and pot of now which one wil be my future?

Do you know what the OVR is for each of them? Promote one and play him full time in the first team. Meanwhile, compare his growth to the growth of your other keeper still in the academy; do this by releasing him after each monthly report, checking his OVR, then reloading. Whichever grows best, keep. I also have it setup to get scouting reports just before the first of the month so I can get an immediate Youth Squad Report for my guys. SO I go this guy right before the January transfer window opened.

Give it a try though, it may work. So how can i download latest squad.. I have a cracked version.. Is there a way to get winter update.. Plz help.. This may sound really, really dumb, but what is a patch, and how do they download? Is it automatic of do you have to do it? A patch is basically just an update for the game not including squad updates. I have a couple of question mate 1. I have a 16 years old striker who is leading the french league in goals, does it make any difference winning the golden boot with him for his development?

Hi Friend, thank you for the tips they are great, I used that trick of reloading for about 4 times until I got a Belgian with 14yo OVR and potential Just as a comment my brother got a 16yo with 75!! I have just two questions: I have a chinese with 63 and 16 years and it said that his potential were between 84 and 90, and my question is, is this true? Thank you for the help friend. Sorry about the late response, real life has been hectic. Has he installed the November update?

Because if he has then 75 OVR age 16 is incredible! The update slowed down player growth. How has that Belgian player turned out for you? Keep him for now and see how he develops, he could do well. Thank you for the answers friend. Ah I see. Is that Chinese player developing well? Have you found any other gems?

Do you mean their actual potential? Take it as a rough guide rather than an absolute guaranteed potential. Hey thx for taking the time to put all of this on paper! I figured most of it out by myself though but de free agent trick was helpfull! Which is a bit of an outdated style dont you think? And something i find weird is that you cant scout the new messi or neymar, players who have been extremely skilled from a young age on i hope you answer my question and excuse me for my bad english dutch.

Sorry for the late response, real life has been hectic. Each scouted player can have different boots from other scouted players, however. In fact it seems that scouted players are more likely to have brightly-coloured boots than regular black ones. Scouted players will grow to be incredible, it just takes longer than it used to now.

Yes I think so. However, you should definitely buy a scout as soon as you can afford one and then reload your reports until you get some good players, as that is a very cheap way to get lots of very promising players. I noticed that after the first season on career mode, mario gotze grew from an 84 to an 87 or 88 i dont remember exactly which one. I thought that the patch restricted growth to 2 per season.

What gives? A player who is rated 65 but has a potential of 85 will probably grow more than 2 per season, whereas a player who is OVR 65 but has potential 75 will probably grow less than 2 per season. Also i am so happy with my youth academy right now… have loads of players that are going to be beast. Let me know how these players develop, you have an awesome-looking academy. That English striker will be incredible! I was wondering, how do you get your scout to continue scouting a youngster without actually signing him?

Does anyone know how to continue scouting without signing? Hello, first off I want to say I really love your guide. He also is a distance shooter, clinical finisher and poacher. Hell of a guy, he is also my team captain. My whole team exists of youth talents such as the players above. Once they turn 18, I sell them to a major club such as Manchester Utd. I do however have some questions: 1.

What do you reckon is the best country to scout for talented keepers? Are you sure Fifa 12 randomly puts together scout players? Ever experienced that? How dependent do you think youth players are of their form and match ratings? Those players are incredible… age 18 and 90 OVR?!

Or did you mean age 18 and max potential 90? Which is awesome post-patch. So I think you need to bite the bullet and take one on who has good potential, as he will probably grow very fast. Just make sure you give him as much game time as possible. My original keeper, Alex Smithies, complained loads when I started using my scouted keeper instead.

I am definitely sure. It seems that once you scout a certain country for too long FIFA seems to run out of names. Try scouting somewhere else for a while. And the reason I can achieve growth like that is because I only take players above 65 when they are 15 or 60 when they are 14 , only the strongest survive the cut. By the way, my newest prodigy is Adam Lia — 17 years old and 87 from Australia, so it was true what you said about FIfa having an unlimited amount of scout players… Thank you! Hey thanks a lot your article helped me a lot!

Thanks to your tips, I managed to scout a 15 year old with ovr Japanese CB Masao Akita with specialties slide tackle, interceptions and stand tackle. I followed your tips and managed to scout a 15 yr old Japanese CB named Masao Akita and he is rated ovr His specialties are stand tackle, interceptions and slide tackle respectively.

However, I find it a pity that his potential is 78 — But I am sure with enough playing time he should be able to hit min 80, right? The potential range is just a guide — sometimes his actual potential is in the middle, but sometimes it could be at the top end likewise, it could be at the bottom end of the range. Well I think any country can produce good players. Unfortunately if you want to find the best players often you just have to bite the bullet and reload time after time until you get a good one.

No country specialises in any position though. It also depends on how good your scout is. He always sets up goals and last game he saved my team, and he ended up bagging 4 to make a comeback. But still has only grown one point. I had the same thing actually. On the old squads I loaned Verdi in for 2 seasons but he barely grew, so decided not to buy him. I agree about Aryan. Like Verdi I loaned him for two seasons first and he was incredible, but he did actually grow as well. The problem is no one wanted him on loan or Adryan or Fernando haha.

Shame Verdi is a late bloomer lol. Btw Fernando is incredible, 74 OVR now and his interceptions are at Recommended purchase. So has Verdi grown much now? Fernando is awesome, his passing, vision and interceptions are all incredible. Do you know how to get scouted players who have two positions? I often find that they ONLY have one position upon signing.

Anyone know how to mould players from your youth squad to play in other positions comfortably? Quite often scouted players are mispositioned — you may find a LW who has great finishing but only average dribbling. In this case he is actually a striker, but for some reason has been given the position LW. Use him as a striker.

Unfortunately his OVR will be lower than it should be, but disregard it, it would go up if you play him as a striker. So in this instance players can have multiple positions even though they are not listed. Quick question, does anyone know how long it usually takes before players reach their full potential?

Another question, do any of you sim your games or do you actually play all of them? Does simming affect the growth of your youth players? In November EA released a patch which slowed growth right down. I think you should play your youths as much as possible. If they have lots of growing to do i. I sim almost all my games and my players grow really well. Growth is basically about 2 things — game time and good performances.

Mini-update: The Japanese 15 yr old CB Masao Akita has grown to a , so I guess with any luck by 16 he should be around 65 and above! Looking good! Xavi Perez looks good as well! To find out for sure and to see his OVR you could always release him to the free agents, then reload. Yup yup I see what you mean. I also realised that the stats under the Strengths tab of the youth player change as the player grows.

Yep, that reflects them growing whilst in the academy. Each month a scouted player will have a certain number of growth points distributed around his stats. Interestingly, if you reload then they are often distributed differently. His stats will have improved, just in different ways.

Sometimes this means the difference between a player growing or not growing from one month to the next. I ended up selling him at the end of the season after he was still stuck on Was going to buy him back after a few seasons since no one wanted to get him on loan, but my career mode froze up. Barely into the second season. Ah yes doing a long-term loan is always a good idea, as long as you give him to a team that will play him in the first team all the time.

Are you playing with the winter squads update? Yeah I sold him to a really low level team, but dang save froze up. One question! Does manager mode freeze up too? I prefer 87 Fernando thank you very much. I thought that at first, but then I realised that all the players who have gone down have just been replaced with others. Leali has had his potential go up from 79 to There are plenty of others like that. Part of the fun of making the updated So You Want A articles on my new website was finding all these new high potential players.

Thanks for the info. I have a couple scouted players that have made their way to my first team. For some reason i cant stand the fact that they have the crappy ea generic brand cleats. Is there any way to get them nicer cleats? Unfortunately not, they always come with EA boots. Nice works, this actually helps.

Regarding to the scouting network, whenever we set up a scouting network, the scout will recommnend a few potential players and we get the monthly reports of these players also. Then, in case we want this scout to find out more young players, what can I do? Do I have to re — set up the scouting network? Actually I wanna to get as much as potential players from scouting network but I dont know how to do this because we only have 3 scouts.

You can then decide whether you want to sign them or not. Does that mean that my player when he gets to be 16 his OVR will be 64 or can it be better? Also he was not recommended by my scout which for was really wrong!!! Ah well that 64 OVR player is your 14 year old that you released! Secondly, that means your 14 year old CB is rated 64, which is incredible for a 14 year old!

So you must hold on to that player! It should be around 70, which is incredible. That way you can maximise his growth time, as players in your academy grow as fast as if they were playing every game in the first team, which obviously you may not be able to guarantee. Abel Hernandez! Be sure to check out the links at the top of his page too, he has lots of articles on cheaper lower league players, the best players in the game regardless of age, etc. Have his OVR and potential ranges narrowed down?

Have you managed to find out his actual OVR by releasing him yet? I started a league mode in the A League, and am about 9 seasons in. However, I wondered if the fact that the season is only around 30 games long stems the growth of my youngsters as they only seem to improve 1, or sometimes 2 points a year if they play every game. Also does how their playing position effect their stats impovement? It probably does affect it, but probably only slightly.

Player growth is affected by game time, but also by performance. Also, if a player has high potential then he will grow well anyway. For example, I bought El Shaarawy on a different career mode, and he was rated around 77 age He only grew 1 point the next season, despite playing loads, but the next 2 seasons he grew 4 points each! I think some players grow well at the start of their careers, some at the end, and some just grow steadily throughout.

Are his CAM stats going up faster than his winger stats? A lot of people myself included have found that they scout a lot more good CBs than full backs. By contrast, a full back would have to have all of those high maybe not strength so much , but also good crossing, and arguably also good passing, dribbling, speed and vision. So a full back has more stats that need to be high, and the chances of all those being high is lower than if he just needed 4 or 5 stats to be high as CBs need.

Hopefully this is something that gets fixed in FIFA Ok, another and final? His stand tackle, marking, interception and slide tackle are 78, 74, 72 and 72 respectively. Pity that. Belgian players sometimes.

Alessandro Galloppa — 16 years old — RW — overall: — potential: Federico Moretti — 17 years old — LW — overall: — potential Marco Girasole — 16 years old — CB — overall: !!! But what do you think ,Is there any player s i should release? You have some incredible players there, especially Busellato an Girasole!

However, make sure you loan or sell them to teams that will definitely play them when you get an offer, click stall and then check out the other team in the transfer window. Before the update players used to grow really fast points per season typically. However, this of course meant they reached their potential really quickly, so career mode can easily become boring this way.

Hmm, very odd. I know of some people on the EA forum who said they were able to delete the file and go back to pre-patch. Hi post is great, all I was wondering is do players grow quicker when you sim games or if you play them? Or does this not affect it? I think this is less of an issue in FIFA However, goalkeepers still seem to get a raw deal if you play matches.

So I think this is where simming could get your players better ratings. Other than that, though, I think playing and simming are about the same. Australia has the lowest great players odds, followed by North America and Rest of Asia. The rest is in between. I have this Scottish youngster, 62 overall and potential when he came out of the academy at I decided to play ahead of my starter in the EPL because he was sucking for some reason.

Alas, he performed far beyond expectations posting nine clean sheets in the EPL and helping my team to a FA and Europa Cup semi-finals finish! He was 71 by the end of the season! So if you got a promising goalie who you would like to be your starter, just play him. Any way around that? How do you know that certain countries produce less good players, or that Australia is the worst? Are you playing pre-patch? If your sim then they are more likely to get good ratings than if you play games old bug , so that helps too.

I know exactly what you mean about trying to sell young players. Hopefully this is something that will be cleared up in FIFA Depreciating assets! And about the country output, you can access the file that dictates the chances of finding certain tiers of players — there are four: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Naturally, Platinum are the best youngsters out there. Each set of regions have different probabilities for each kind of player. I also found on the scout. Accuracy of the report is dictated by whether the scout is operating in his country of origin or not. If yes, then the reports will more accurate. Thanks for the hugely useful info! What I am more surprised about is that all regions are ranked.

I thought there would be the top few and then the rest, but instead we see that there is a hierarchy that includes all regions. Unfortunately with school ending, work begins so I will have very little time to tinker with the data files. With that said, I will report on any new finding I have. FIFA 13 is just around the corner too, so maybe at some point it might be futile! Awesome, cheers for the good work! Hey, I have a question. You are mentioning experience and knowledge.

For me in the game it is experience and judgement. Which way around does it follow then? Does judgement dictate how good player you find, and experience the type? It used to be that you could win a game convincingly whilst playing but your players would still get poor ratings.

If you win easily and the opposition hardly has any shots on goal, your goalkeeper will get a poor rating because the game seems to calculate GK ratings based on how many saves they make. Hey great guide by the way it has helped me out with the scouting in my carreer mode. I had two seasons with sporting lisbon and scouted some decent players in my second seasn.

But I wanted another challenge in a different league so I switched to marseille at the end of the second season. Now some of my youth players were not 16 yet so I could not promote them to the first team before I left. So my question is: are the players lost that were in my youth squad for sporting lisbon?

Well it turns out that some of the youth players from the Sporting Lisbon youth squad are released as free agents, but for some reason their names change. I found them because they were one of the only 16 year old free agents, played in the similar position, had similar overall ratings, and were from the same country like Paraguay. So I guess the scouted players still do exist its just they decided to change their names.

When a player is released from your youth academy he automatically becomes 16 and his name changes, but everything else is the same. You can release a 14 year old and he will become 16, which is annoying because it means you lose 2 years of growth! So did you sign those youth players? Do you know roughly how old they would have been when you left Sporting Lisbon? What was he when you promoted him? This is the beauty of playing pre-patch, your players become amazing so quickly!

I have 2 main saves. On one I have an 18 year old CB from Italy, and I gave him first team football on my Chelsea squad when he was just Absolute beast, has 7 goals to his name already and is And I just stumbled onto a 14 year old CB from Mexico. O with potential of This is the best one I have found!

I had this player called Jason Spear from England. His overall was 67 for a 16 year old! Any help. Yep, EA actually introduced a bug to the game through patch that was meant to fix things. Anyway, at the start of a new season go to your youth squad and click on all the players who are 16 or over. On the contract screen, if it says 4 years that means you may have this problem. There is a solution — release the player in a transfer window and sign him, as you know. If so, reload it and see if you can release him in a transfer window.

Before the November patch players would demand up to 5 year contracts, but you could offer that to them. Hey , i have a question , i had 3 promising 14 year-old youngsters scouted with 91 potential , i was going to sign them but then my scout finished , do you know where there are going to finish? Sometimes they will end up in the free agents. I did this myself and luckily managed to find most of them in the free agents again, so look there first.

Regardless of how old they were when you were scouting, they will now all be 16 years old. Their names will also have changed, unless they were 16 when they were released. In my opinion, if you find any very young players in the free agents with OVR of 55 ish or above, sign them, they could very well have been your players.

They will likely have much higher potential than the players already on your time, so in all likelihood they will be your best chance to improve your squad. Even if their OVR is a little lower than some of your other players, make sure you play them as much as you can, as they should grow quickly and will soon become your best players.

I play 2 matches a week most of the time and i have 24 players. He sounds great. I would play him as much as you can because he has a very high potential and will probably become one of your best players. With that in mind, he needs as much game time as possible.

Is there anything I could have done? I can look at the stats and make a pretty good determination without it, but it would be nice to see CAM or CDM for long term planning. If a young persists in getting promoted, and no matters how many times you reload the game. Maybe then you can offer him 3 years and he signs. What I do is offer them a contract when they are 17 at the start of a new season.

So I am playing for Real Madrid in the year But I have a major problem with the scouting. Every time I go to South American countries, or Spain, I get the normal amount of players, but they are all named Sergio Alvarez, different positions, stats etc… Is this just a glitch or has anybody else had the same problem?

Oh and I have also found some extremely talented players with your scouting guide. I have Davide Corsi-Striker-Italian years old overall. When I brought him up, at age 17, he was worth 23 million dollars, now up to about 50 million. Matthias Kaiser-Striker years old overall-Worth 55 million dollars. Diego Ortiz-GK years old overall- Worth 35 million dollars. Thanks a lot for this guide, it is by far the best I have ever read! I think maybe if you scout too long in one area the game glitches up and seems to run out of names.

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Thank you! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Cip Start date Feb 14, Cip Club Supporter. If you search this title on youtube you will find the patch with the video installation tutorial. I don't think I'm allowed to share youtube links in here.

Now Manager Mode works as it should, flawlessly, for 15 seasons! In the next february update I will add friendly matches to 32 teams from Americas and 32 teams from Asia. Just to make it clear, I update and reupload the patch at the beginning of each month. Now it is unlikely to see mediocre teams from mediocre leagues like Eredivisie in the Champions League final.

Now fifabigfat is your new crack. Enjoy it! FIFA 07 Patch february update MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere. Last edited: Mar 1, I have just checked the video Cip said:. This is the latest video of this updated patch. I showed all the teams in this video. Nothing seems updated? Mate, you need sight glasses.. Cip any news about overcoming the stadiums limitation from fifa 07 game?

I remind that we can add as many stadiums as we want, but there was a db limitation that only stadiums id 1 to can be assigned to clubs in the teamstable There are several videos on youtube with a similar name but not with the same patch.

My most recent video with this patch on youtube was posted on february 10, but yeah, the patch have been updated a lot since then and I changed the links a couple of times until on march 1.

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