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Sales to Jan. The agreement was reached in talks here among IATA member airlines. Air tickets in countries which have not devalued their currencies will remain as they were. Aviation sources said that ordinary scheduled fares in the United Kingdom, where the pound floated down most of the way with the dollar, will probably rise by around 10 per cent. He also said the airline does not expect any changes in fares on its Caribbean route.

Curtis, president apd chief executive officer. Highly successful professiqnals, they are experts in offering a complete personal financial service to their many clients, developing sound investment programs to achieve individual objectives. Campbell Division Manager H.

Have we Inadvertently overlooked your property? Up to 2 acres. A home that needs attention. High Quadra Area. Two acres, suitable for horses, with modern 3-bedroom home. Older character home with 4 bedrooms purchaser will repair. Trees, less than 10 years old, 2 bedrooms sufficient. Large lot essential and preferrably treed, modem home, minimum 3 bedrooms. First and seconds placed. Gordon Head or Fairfield.

Side-by-side, basement, bedrooms each. Esquimalt or Saanich. Up to half acre. Bay Street, Gorge Road area. Ready to build. Sheltered from north, must be flat, no rocks, no trees. May Jlv. Corn Mch. Oats Mch. May fiS. Mav Jlv. Egg Market Mission Accomplished Trites said in the two prairie provinces, private companies may sell extended car insurance but under the proposed B.

The B. Legislature gave the bill second reading Thursday. Firm designed structure and supervised construction. Fellow Catholic laymen, Our Lady of Mt. The administration of recreation programs as well as consultative services to recreation commissions and associations having no full-time personnel is also involved. Applications will be received up to p. Salary to be negotiated according to experience and qualifications.

Please forward a written application, two references and recent resume to: MR. Box , Port McNeill, B. Interprovincinl operates the biggest North American oil pipeline, serving both the U. And the New Democratic Party has been increasingly critical of current export levels. The, board, which imposed export controls Feb. West Coast Savings Credit Union Brenda Mines Ltd.

Decca Resources Ltd. Indusmin Ltd. Sllvarwood Industries Ltd. Terms and rates vary from 1 to 5 years. This attractive rate is our highest right now. Savings Certificates—Cashable at any time but no interest is paid if held for less than 2 months. Available for 5-year periods. Check this: Canada Permanent chequing and non-chequing savings accounta also pay excellent interest rates.

Member—Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Look to the leader lanadfl. Taylor, Manager Phone And it can mean even more value with the Value Option Package. If priced separately, these items would total Padded and carpeted package shelf under the dash. Day-night rear view mirror. And a deluxe sound-insulation package. The choice is yours. And more. He al»o drew the committee plans for the making a mall of prepared a number of years Clack, former city planner.

The year-old University of Victoria student did it the hard way — by defeating former B. Tuwday, March 13, surancc company, ined its head office Kjuthem Manitoba the firm began, officials said there ayoffs in Manitoba province launched t-run car insur- he B. March o experience and ritten application, to: mt Haddington, Ivertisemcnt, : Permanent. He also drew the committee's attention to plans for the making a mall of Broad Street, prepared a number of years ago by Rod Clack, former city planner.

Other members of the committee agreed with Boorman. They said merchants along Government and View, also to be a mall, had never been consulted for their opinion on toe matter. The consultant is expected to complete his study by toe end of June. It was also the seoond major triumph for Vancouver Island Players. And several months earlier, Danny Scoones of Victoria finished is a first-place tie with Bruce Harper in the prestigious B. This is an affair of perhaps unsuspected magnitude.

By the final curtain on Thursday night, 18 plays employing about players and a host of unseen assistants, will have been presented. And on Friday — 8 p. The play itself is very static so that, in default of action, interest has to be provided by the lines and by their delivery.

Hosie noted that the projection improved as the play progressed. Hosie, "a very promising cast. Cathie broke a tooth but neither this misfortune, nor the measures taken to relieve it, could keep, Cathie down. Hosie also commended the "clever use of props" and "a very nice set.

Wemecke, "certainly understood his part. Helpard said anti-billboard bylaws are quite common in Canada. There will be at least six rounds. Columbia, Cbaudlere — at sea. Parlzeau — In Juan da Fuca Strait. Richardson — In Saanich Inlet.

A floor-space ratio means that the total building site may be covered with three storeys, half the site with six storeys, one-quarter of the site with 12 storeys. The result has been that toe many older, structurally- sound buildings have a high vacancy rate. In time, they will be torn down and the sites used for parking lots. May we send you a brochure? If you need a term loan for a sound business purpose, talk to IDB at any of its branch offices.

Extra thick cut-pile carpeting. It includes an Odense grain vinyl roof, bright chrome and stainless steel mouldings, front and rear bumper guards with black vertical protection inserts, white sidewall steel-belted radial-ply tires, exclusive wheel covers with color-keyed inserts, dual body paint stripes and a left- hand remote control mirror.

I The compact car withbetterideas. Last Friday in criminal court. Judge William Ostler fined a Saanich man a total of 91, for criminally negligent driving, failing to remain at an accident scene and public tnischeif. The charges grew out of a two-car collision Saturday on Esquimalt which hurt Grimm and two other persons and wrecked both cars. Grimm, who pleaded guilty, was fined on the first count, on the second and on the third and given a one-year driving ban.

MacIntyre said Moscatello pushed his way into a room at a Victoria hotel March 3, locked the door and threw a woman hotel worker on a bed. As he did so, she ran out. Moscatello then was held in the hall by the woman, her daughter and others in the area. Defence lawyer Kenneth Murphy, hired by the U. It was taken away along with the The drug was found packed in small rubber bags between sheets of a plywood packing crate, from Calcutta. Aiao in Alder's traffic court, Robert Harvey Troutman, William John Goddard.

Earle Baldwin. The hearing has since been set for April 10 in Ottawa. Pakistan, Ghana and Zambia, from the U. Gregory was the only police chief to represent his city. If t am not pleated what wlU take place? There It abtotutety no charge. We would atk you to purahate It, t eevenlent tomtt available. Ultra-Hair Canada will give you a full refund of your money op to »o days front the day you purehated your application.

Does that mean that I can enjoy the Ultra-Hair for 90 days and still get a full refund? Each strand is individually embedded. Tlie new hair is yours in every sense. Hastings, Vaacouver 1, B. Your hotels. Your choice of lunch or dinner. Canadian breakfasts. Plus a full program of sightseeing with English-speaking guides. Transportation to and from airports.

Even tips and admission fees are included. Total cost, including air fare: SI, And that's only the beginning. JAL has two more tours that give you more of the things our S Fly to the Orient with the airline that was born in the Orient. Japan Air Lines. For more information on tours and departure dates mail this coupon.

My travel agent is Prices based on double occupancy, G. Plus peak season surcharge lor tours departing July 1 through October Your office is only as far away as the nearest phone. A phone can take you a long distance. Persons wishing to appear submit briefs shall give notice tion to Mr. Vancouver 3, B. The first Income Tax Act in Canada provided many problems lor our clients, but National Trust was ready with a complete service.

National Trust offices are offering a computer controlled Tax Return Completion service to assist you in prcparingyourTl return. The data is processed and your return completed. It is then mailed or delivered back to you for signing and mailing to the tax authorities. The cost is based on the amount of time required to complete your return. If you have a more complex return involving for example self-cmplow ment, capital cost allowances, or foreign earned income, then a separate service is offered at our Main offices.

March It In the Maple Room. Goalkeeper Ash Douglass of Victoria had few difficult chances to handle compared to the University of British Columbia dentistry student in the interlocking match in Vancouver. Wests and Blues both have four matches remaining in their game schedules while Gorge has only two matches left. P A Pts 3M. Teo ? Dale, who played senior lacrosse from to! In his senior lacrosse games, be scored goals and assists.

Bateman, the high-scoring forward with Nanaimo, scored three goals as the mid- island squad fought to a tie with the league leaders. Vikings blanked Lusitanos. Scorers in matches of the Island and District Leagues! John Thomas; Hardy. It came out on top. Doug Belton, Ellen Williems. Hugh Williems, Kathle Belton Duncen 2. Don Blom. Alke Blom. John Miliar.

Annie Mat Millar. Ralph Fvttord side. And most important—this improvement was maintained in cases w here clinical observations were continued over a period of many months. All this was accomplished with a healing substance Bio- Dyne which quickly helps heal injured cells and stimulates growth of new tissue.

Satisfaction or your money refunded. McKinnon at the 'Empress Hotel, where ho received an award for his long and distinguished service to sport. In the years after the First World War, Archie trained hundreds of youths in track and field skills and thousands of persons, young and old, to swim in the old YMCA pool. A freeman of the City of Victoria, Archie was one of the first named to the B.

Sports Hall of Fame. Sportsman-of-Year Award Goes to Environmentalist Howard English is a true sportsman, a man who is fair and generous, a good loser and a graceful winner. Lions and sportscaster Bill Good, Sr. Darcy Rota, with his 66th and 67th goals, John Rogers, with his 52nd and 53rd, and Fred Comrie, with his 26th and 27th, scored for Oil Kings. Edmonton Med. Hat Calgary New West. Edmonton, Rota Eastcott Edmonton, Comrla Mackle ' penalties — Itata.

Victoria, McLaren 14 Victoria, Cook 41 Edmonton, Rogers McDonald, K. Mackie Edmonton, Rota Rogers Penalties — Rogers E ; ». Third Period 7. Edmontoh, Comrie Sbokoples. Strata C, foursome defeated the Jim Armstrong rink of Whitehorse Y. Viciona, Richardson 21 Van Camp, Lapointe Mandryk Johnson, Clarke Wlechnik Clarke 6! Victoria Boucha 17 Poole. Motvik Victoria, Poole 13 Attendance: Attendance t Three foul shots in the last minute by Duff McCaghey.

Summerside, P. However McDonald removed a B. Marie 7, Ottawa S. Prince Edward Island 3. Manitoba S. Saskatchewan 13, New'oundland 3. Bve: Northern Ontario. Ontario 7, British Columbia 4. Alberta 10, New Brunswick.

Prince Edward Island 12, North-. Manitoba 9, Quebec 4. English, who retired from farming two years ago; is serving his third two-year term as director of the B. Wildlife Federation and he also holds executive positions in a number of provincial and federal groups dedicated to preserving the good things in outdoor life.

English inherits the award won last year by Wilf Sadler, a veteran worker for soccer and softball. The Glen Meadows golfer won the city championship for the third consecutive time in , represented B. While maintaining a busy schedule of play in Canada and the United States, Miss Shaw has also found the time to coach junior golfers in this area. Morris capped an event- filed season by representing Canada at the Olympic Games in Munich, where he made a creditable showing in a sport long dominated by Eu ropean countries.

CentfchriiiHs' J baseball team. Thun- derettes in the championship game. Lynda Braun and Eva Van Wouw. McKinnon, who has had an exnmplary career as a coach t f swimming, diving and track and field teams, was presented with his award by Bob Knight, president of the Saanich Kiwanis Club.

And the series did take a toll cn the Russian players. Pearkes Arena in Victoria. However, Saanich took the title by one goal when the decision was made on goals- for in the two-day event. Terry Ellison 2, Wayne Wriggles- worth. Douglas School. Cedar Hill Junior High School. Nanaimo finished the four- team, round-robin tournament with two victories and a tie while Comox and Fuller Lake finished in a second-place deadlock with a win, loss and tie in three games.

Lake, ended with a draw and two losses in the three-day event. Nanaimo and host Comox advance to the B. Internationally Known Inutrurtor —K. Tacoma Swim Club won the eighth-annual event by piling up points Saturday and Sunday. Seattle Highline Swim Club came third with points and Tritons finished fourth with points.

Frisch, elected to the Hall of Fame in , compiled a. They also proposed that I to 21 clubs from 19, but could be split into regional sections. The views of the 37 manag tish league management comi slon. Lions Sign Pa B. Clarkson, 21, caught 98 passes in four years at SFU nnd twice was picked to all-star clubs. Wright, a nine-year veteran, has played with four other dubs.. Pearkes Arena in ria.

Adkin, Scolt Lang. Don Simonatta 2, Garv I 2. The host Port Angeles Swim dub were fifth with Vi points. Port Alberni swimmers broke seven meet records and year-old Marg Meyers was in an six of them. Laurent Mouff, , in the final game of the three-team, round-robdn tourney. Laurent, was one of three Saints selected to the; tournament all-star team.

Douglas High School students who will travel with toe Ramblers to defend their B. In the final game, Saints raced away to a lead and held a advantage by halftime. Any chance the host team had of overhauling the B. Laurent players fouled out early in the third quarter. Glnotto Robert 3, Suzanna Hunt, Mllchtjig lagarde 2. Polriar 1, M. Ltfaura 2.

Jayvees finished the three- day, four-team, round-robin tournament with three wins. Frisch, elected, to toe Hall of Fame in , compiled a. He slammed hits before quitting at the end of the season. For a few seasons after that, the raspy-voiced Frisch was a baseball broadcaster. They also proposed that Division II should be increased to 21 clubs from 19, but could not agree on whether it shpud be split into regional sections.

Lions Sign Pair of Prospects B. Los Angalas at Minnesota. Doug Roberts followed with a hard slap shot from the face off circle at and Greg Sheppard gave Boston a lead with another drive at New York. Stemkowskl 22 Irvine, Harris Hadfield 27 Vickers 25 Tke- czok, Murphy Panamas — Falrbairn NY Pelvk T Toronto, McKennv 9 New York, Falrbairn 25 Vickers Penalties— None. Grant 29 Hex- tall. Barratt Louis, Unger 35 Plante.

Louis, U Madlgan Montreal, F. Mahovllch Richard. Roberts Boston, O'Donnell 7 Bucyk, Orr Panamas — Nona. Roberts 3 Smith. Sheppard Montreal, Lapointe 17 Le- malre Penalty — Roberts M Penalties—Bailey D , D. Delvaccnlo Detroit, Berenson 12 Bou- cha, G. Bergman Philadelphia, Dornhoefer 27 Lonsbarry, MacLelsh Penalties — Salaskl Phil , Rupp Pitt Pittsburgh, MacDonald 29 Shack Philadelphia, Flatt 39 Pittsburgh, McDonough 29 Shack, Apps Penalty — Rupp Pitt Clarkson, 21, caught 98 passes in four years at SFU and twice was picked to all-star clubs.

Wright, a nine-year veteran, has played with four other clubs Saskatchewan 10, P. Quebec 10, Newfoundland 2. Ontario 8. Alberta 6. Exceptionally clean. Chicago, Hull 37 Martin, Pappln Chicago, Angottl 12 Korab Penalties - Stewart Cal , Chicago bench served by Marks Laframbolse Cal , Stapleton Chi Chicago, Martin 20 Hull.

Pappln California, Maggs 5 Bold! Chicago, Pappln 35 Staple- ton Stewart Cal , Megnuson Jayvees opened Friday with a overtime win over the host London Boxing Club team and were winners Saturday over Windsor. Biggs, Jim Corlatto, Kay Sure, you can buy a cheaper mower than a Lawn-Boy In fact, you can buy one every year. You see, a Lawn-Boy resists the aging process.

Lawn-Boy has been known to have gone on working for up to eighteen years. Like the 17 major safety features that keep Lawn-Boy the most trusted name in lawn mowers. For fast, convenient service see the Lawn-Boys at your choice of over 1, dealers and take home one of the 15 newly-minted models.

Hoop Champion In your own way. In your own time. On your own terms. Lake Cowichan downed Gremlins. Gremlins made It back for a second crack at the champloas by downing Vancouver St. His first-place cheque of Results: Al fir Guy St. Rebels Grey blanked Rebels Red, , to lock up the league title. Hel cavities. Super size. Ken derson, 4. Patrick Per on, 7.

Jonath- tn. Jade Laadham, 9. Phillip Ouiiavara, Jack Moreau. Minor Major A. Minor periods, shorter in dur- atlon, light type. QQ Sale, each ter performance, more power and better mileage. It can save wear and tear on the wallet, too.

Chevron gasolines with F A dirty engine can cause many problems. And it helps keep clean engines clean. Eradlcator, Banning Un, Old Memories. These are chairs t anywhere. Note heavy carbon deposits. In Cotton Shredded foam-filled for a snug fit.

Corolla 12W0 standard features include reclining bucket 8eats, : dectric liar window del v and cigarette lighter, Take a test drive soon. So many decorating spreads. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax: local freight, licence and provincial taxea extra. At Eaton's beginning Tuesday and through to Saturday. Your order will be filled promptly. Helps prevent cavities. Sale, each 1. Regular, lemon and lime. Kills germs by millions. I IQ Sale, each I. Package of two 4 - oz.

Crest Toothpaste Helps prevent cavities. Family size. Family size l 99 bottle. Sale, each I. Ill Sale, each I. Leaves hair clean, bouncy, fragrant. QQ 8 oz. Family size tube. Sale, each Contac C 2. For fast pain relief. Choose from moss, orange, purple, blue, red or gold colors.

Walking styles in suede and smooth leathers; colors include brown, black, beige and blue. Try on the slip - ons and the ties Go ahead Broken sizes 5Vis to Lace trimming at bodice and hem. White and colors in the group.

Short, sizes 32 to 38; average and tall, sizes 34 to Sale, yard So many decorating ideas begin with these beautiful spreads Colorfast shades of blues, greens, orange, golds, reds, mauves in stripe patterns. Sale, each Reg. All-Polyester Crimpknit, washable and easy-care sews beauUfully into casuals and daytime wear. Bright, beauUful prints mosUy on OQ white or natural grounds. Gold, avocado or natural. Feature comfortable flutted tops, iT-»nforced heels and toes. Beit'c shade.

Sole, each Mu telling Bikinis— Sizes S. As- K99 sorted colors, 36 to Sale, each Crochet Shawls Reg. Snowy white, dainty diamond pattern finished with knotted fringe, hand washable. Come and pick from new cloche styles, face-framing picture hats and many more. Feature expandable tops for comfortable fit. Stock up at this special low price! Machine wash and tumble dry. If you like looking cool Dresses and more dresses Polyesters, Fortrels and cottons In sizes 10 to 20 these are dresses that take Summer in their stride whether at home of some far flung vacation spot.

All are washable, require little or no ironing and travel light. So come on a fashion-spree Buy one Special Astringent for Dry Skin — Reg. Penetrating Cleanser for Normal Skin — Reg. Special Astringent for Normal Skin — Reg.

Special, each Special, each G. Penetrating Cleanser for Oily Skin — Reg. Moisture Petals tor Oily Skin — Reg. Special, each K. Cleansing Cream for Dry Skin — Reg. Special Astringent for Oily Skin — Reg. Moisture Petals for Dry Skin—Reg. The present bureau produ plans advertising campaigns U. Board chairman Peter Bunn told a committee meeting Monday night that a credit course for Grade 12 students at Oak Bay high school has been authorized and will begin in September. She is a sales clerk at a sporting goods store and lives at Grange Road, Saanich.

Robbie Reel changing the oil on his cai.. Brad Wells riding a mini bike. Elmer McEwen sell ing a pair of shoes. Petal Grant looking for an apart mont. Gordon Davis hikini along the West Coast Trai. Dorothy James payini her light bill.

Land Coi mission Act and those oppt ing it are due to assemble. What has been billed as mass demonstration of lari ers against the legislation expected to take place at 1: p. Gwen Mallard, a spok man for Victoria — based vironment group, said s feels the government is urn great pressure from so segments of the populat and that environmental are afraid that the gove ment might yield to that pr sure.

She said groups and indr uals who support the legi tion are being invited to rr at the buildings at p. Meanwhile, member the B. C; Environmental O cil and the B. The present bureau produces literature and plans advertising campaigns in Canada and the U. During August alone, more than 53, received over-the-counter service. There were close About The bureau entertains many travel editors and writers from various parts of the world. There are no figures stating how many of these stived in Greater Victoria.

To maintain this, we must prove to our visitors that we « an be a good host. Board chairman Peter Bunn told a committee meeting. Monday night that a credit course for Grade 12 students at Oak Bay high school has been authorized and will begin in September. Robbie Reef changing the oil on his car.. Gordon Davis hiking along the West Coast Trail.

Dorothy James paying her light bill. Helen Bell taking her children for a walk. The meeting followed strong complaints by Bunn qnd others after the proposed Liz Pros Meet Cons Over Land Bill Demonstrators and counter- demonstrators will meet at the legislative buildings in Victoria on Thursday - but die meeting will likely be brief.

In fact, a confrontation might be avoided altogether, with an hour between the times that groups supporting the proposed B. Meanwhile, members of the B. Federation of L. And at Vernon, the B. In a letter to the board last month he said the proposed course tended to go "beyond the level of study competency.

Many of them were already of voting age. Dailly had not been aware of the situation prior to the controversy that arose. The projxjsal originally went before four district school boards. It would mean acquiring land for outdoor studies and such events as week-long camping trips.

And although Victoria is full of tourists during the summer something is needed here to bring in tourist dollars during the off-season," he said. He proposes that the new organization operate on grants from the provincial government and the various regional boards. Other areas on Vancouver Island, Heppell says, could be serviced by small, local tourist bureaus under the direction of the various chambers of commerce.

It would be open six days a week, and possibly seven during the summer months. It was the only option left. Soon Acupuncture may soon be allowed in B. If they would, the project would soon be set up on an experimental basis. He said that in the project, patients would be referred to the acupuncturists by doctors, eliminating one of the biggest problems he saw in the use of acupuncture—the treating of patients without an accurate medical diagnosis first.

If the voters say "No. This will involve providing new beds, and replacing which are obsolete. Also, parts of the Victoria General will have to be rebuilt "from the ground up," he said. It mentions no hospitals or number of beds, no specific renovations and no building projects. Young explained that the board had learned its lesson when it came to making promises.

A soon-to-be-appointed director of hospitals will rectify this problem to some extent. There is one more confusing factor in all this. However, Young's estimate is uncertain because of the present lack of specific long- range plans for spending the money. Cocke made his statements in response to questions from Dr. In neither case did the delay do the patients any harm, he said, but there were cases in which it could.

Cocke agreed, but said he had received "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds" of letters on acupuncture, and in not one had there been any complaints of harm done by the treatment. In one case, the patient, who was originally suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had been left a quadriplegic after the treatment.

Mayor Stanley Dear told council that its bid for a federal loan to finance the project had been turned down. He explained that another bid for federal money could her made next year to finance the remaining half of the project. Peter Malcolm argued that 9 per cent was too high an interest rate to pay over a year period. Gardner told council the storm drain jproposal was put to referendum in He suggested it be put to the electorate again for a vote Dear told him there was no alternative because the pollution control branch had given Sidney 10 years to separate its sanitary sewer system from the storm water system.

Council agreed to meet 4t p. For It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Happens every time. Divorce agencies are now doing a booming business in Oregon, for example, which recently liberalized its laws. I would say it has cost the legal profession a million dollars in fees. The easy drawstring gives line and control to softness. Defines without confining. And to God. Sugar has the same effect on the liver as alcohol.

On the average, Yudkin said, "Americans and Britons eat two pounds of sugar or more a week. So what if his mother plays bridge? Didn't she work hard enough to bring her kids up? How much time does she have left? And what if she is a little heavy? The kid sounds like a lazy good-for-nothing. Dear Mom: Thanks for a feisty reply. And now - you teens who think your parents shoud be doing more work and expecting less from you — take that, and that, and that.

A lovely couple moved next door a few months ago. They came from a metropolitan city in a foreign country. Their children are bright, beautifully mannered and I only hope our children are as fine when they are teen-agers But two of the three need to have -their teeth straightened.

The protruding teeth actually spoil their looks. Microivave Ovens family closer together. We would love to meet you and your family this Sunday. Feeling in the dumps because of overweight or lack of a proper, planned way to a healthier happier YOU?

Susan M. Perry of Dunsterville Ave. Ne obligation. In a properly designe oven, waves are confused within th'e interior and exposure to nearby persons is minimal. Most of these are used in food-vending machines or by short order cooks. In the recent tests most of the new' models show little or no leakage, he said.

However, he said the recent move by manufacturers to place mw'rowave ovens on the domestic market has led To more intensive studies to safe standards could be set. Baer will have to pay IS. Still, he was lucky. Allow trained personnel specializing in storage, local, long distance and overseas moving solve your moving day problems.

He will show hi 9 fi Land of the Totem Poles. Fri at The Inn, Cook. Age and Wrinkl Go Together. Foto de NASA. Fuente: Musicaficionado. Lista de Temas: 1. Aristillus 2. Song Within a Song 3. Chord Change 4. Spirit of the Water 5. Another Night 6. Air Born 7. Lunar Sea 8. Another Night single version Bonus track 9. Spirit Of The Water demo Bonus track Lunar Sea Live Bonus track Aristillus [Instrumental Version] 2.

Song Within A Son 3. Chord Change [Instrumental Version] 4. Spirit Of The Water 5. Another Night [Album Version] 6. Lunar Sea [Instrumental Studio Version] 8. Another Night [Single Version] 9. Song Within A Song 2. Air Born 4. Chord Change 5. The White Rider 6. Another Night 8. Lady Fantasy. Alisarbolito 11 de junio de , Moebius8 11 de junio de , Fito Esteroles 13 de junio de , YamiFrankc 24 de mayo de , Moebius8 24 de mayo de , De Moebius8 diciembre 16, Urban Hermit 2.

Inca's Revenge 3. Jumping From Springboards 4. Mantiqueira 5. Puzzles 6. Manic Waltz 7. Traffic Jams 8. Apocalypse - The Bridge of Light De Moebius8 diciembre 17, Next Revelation 2. Dreamer 3. Ocean Soul 4. The Dance Of Down 6. Wake Up Call 8. To Madeleine 9.

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Lucifer dethroned ebook torrents The choice is yours. Duties will Invoive some evening work. Yet, it drives, handles, and parks with the same ease. Send resume to Victoria Press Box for Interview. Hosie also commended the "clever use of props" and "a very nice set. In all sweet reasonableness one of them at least sensed a threat in the beautiful flowing words of the story. He said that in the project, patients would be referred to the acupuncturists by doctors, eliminating one of the biggest problems he saw in the use of acupuncture—the treating of patients without an accurate medical diagnosis first.
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