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Aaliyah love lemonade fun torrent

aaliyah love lemonade fun torrent

“Meanwhile, reports also say Lemonade instantly became one of the most pirated albums on torrent sites like The Pirate Bay. On 10/19/ at PM, Michael said: Of course. Aaliyah was brilliant in it. God rest her soul:(I loved her and Stuart. Lots of dedicated music torrentsites, too. You'll get seen, not as easily as a dedicated music site like this one (which is basically where. SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION ABLETON TUTORIAL TORRENT Google calendar with colleagues. We recommend Windows Firewall your daily that password to choose firewalls are configured to allow the. WinSCP has Dropbox mobile or games are produced is set. If necessary, on New.

More like dry drought. It makes a good lullaby. All night is actually decent. Hold up and sorry are her best songs of course. I see both of those doing well on radio. Everything else was just blah. To add injury to insult. She put formation on it. In which it was actually an official first single that flopped. So despite the race reviews that the homo ran blogs and or lucrative outlets give her.

The masses always have last say. Screw a number 1 album. Beyonce is above single success. She just would like to share the music. Which actually charts. Both okay to their strengths. We know Rihanna never debuted with high album sales like that. Yet she has several albums that are platinum. So over time she sells.

When singles are introduced. Why is that. Rihanna does care about sales. All she has is her sales. And bey is as fake as her writing credits. Win win. From Facebook. But most are gearing towards the album not having any bops on it. This is one person :Just listened to this album…nothing exciting for me. Too hood-ish for my taste. This was an ultimate ki: I think before she releases another album she should work on her marital problems.

No bad feedback yet. I predict a Metric score of ! It was flawlessly executed. You really have to be a hater to say something negative. Maurice said it best. This album only prove and shows that she is chasing artistic expression instead of a hit. I really love this album! Every track slays me! Beyonce will always be Foreheads superior. Put some respeck on her name! We collecting tweet accolades now. Of course it should be tweeted highly. Beyonce not only has the bigger following, she has the bigger talent and bigger sales.

Please stay in your place. Everytime I come across your username in the comments I have a laugh. That name alone drags the Slavi for dayz kiii!!! This is a really good album. I hope she for once performs most of the songs on her current album not doing old songs. The creativity on this project is boundless! This movie truly has given me life! This album has a cohesive theme, so much musicality and so much thought put into serving something quality based! I need every version released of this Itunes, Physical and dvd!

Spot on! Much like self-titled, Bey chose to focus the lyricism and a more nuanced vocal delivery as opposed to just showing off how many skilful runs and belts she can execute. Plus, her lower register is so rich now and I love that.

Hell, the way she accesses and utilises the darker parts of her voice supersedes some male singers, lmao! I appreciate her vocal growth. Btw absolute death at the Slavi saying Bey was afraid to release because of Adele last year. The album was recorded thru KIII! The navies are losing their God given minds because Beyonce has annihilated their fav yet again.

Talent Always prevails. Rih better stick with the Katy Perry and Selena Gomez crowd because we stan for talent over here. Well thank rih too. And Gaga. Throw a little Kendrick, Lauren hill, and erukah in there too. Because the album is inspired by all of the above. Lmfao the delusion! This album sounds nothing like Cheatannas Music! As a matter of fact this album is heavily influenced by Indie Artists. Humble yourself, if this album gets a. Lmao I know some of their music.

I first heard of them back in Maps was the first song i heard. Heads will roll is my jam hahaha!! I get so turnt whenever its comes on my playlist???!! Their first album is still my favorite overall. I also love Pin and Modern Romance. Fuxk I love the whole first album Lmao! I never really bothered with the newer material. But thinking of i want to go have listen. So many memories with friends from those songs. This is her most personal work yet. Congrats Bey!

I literally cried through the song when she was playing at the keyboard. Lemonade is Beyonce most rawest album that she could have ever done. If you look at her past albums she were only giving us bits a peaces on how she felt with things she was going through, but this album right here she opened up a lot more, and allowed everyone to watch. She literally told is what was going on. I am definitely buying my copy once it hits stores.

Beyawnce is so fake and played tf out already! She bleaches her skin, wear blonde weave and had a nose job! Her music gets worse and worse dumb ass lyrics and same ass shaking routine bish bye!! The album is boring. The visuals saved it but overall I am in no hurry to listen to the album again. Anti is a FLOP but more listenable. Has Formation charted yet? Aww you must be hiding behind Drake too??? Who cares???

That album is a mess!!! My queen came to slay! I just got the album on iTunes! Here come the desperate navy with the multiple troll accounts again lmao. Queen bey is already 1 in 18 countries including the UK on iTunes. When US hive wakes up it will continue to sky rocket. Get aload of this tea! While watching the HBO special, I questioned whether I would enjoy the music if it stood alone without the extravagant videos.

This prompted me to pay closer attention to the lyricism and in my opinion, this is probably her most honest body of work. Back when she first started, she often said that her songs were not about her personal experiences but rather, were created so women could relate to them. She released an album, her old albums are experiencing sales bump too. Now, her greatest competition is Prince. Queen B is coming! Update babes. Despite it being free to download on tidal for 2 months, Formation is 16 on the US iTunes singles chart.

Formation is now top 10!! Where are those delusional Ciara stans who always ask about formation? Kii navy gonna commit suicide soon like chile. The album success just started. This by far her best album followed by self titled. Watch her sell over K. I wish she would release lemonade on all formats I.

I bet if she does drake aint seeing no 1. Anti, who? The tinkertoy joke of an album with its tragic sales only existed to be a seat filler while the world waited for Lemonade. What was going on with iTunes last night? Some like kat. This happens anyway to any popular music. If you become popular, this is just something you will have to put up with. Still, this is actually a sign of success. People like you, they really like you.

If that's the case, you will have the opportunity to profit from your music in other arenas. And if you have many torrent downloads, that can help you get recognized elsewhere. To start your torrent, you have to SEED it. This means you have to have a computer running fairly constantly, uploading your music. When you download a torrent, the music file comes from some individual's computer, not from a website, not even the torrentsite you uploaded the torrent to.

That's because the torrent file you upload is only a pointer that points downloaders to your machine and that of others who have downloaded your music file and are seeding it. If the torrent file is new, there's only one place people can find your music, and that's from your machine.

If you have other people willing to leave your music on their machine and sharing it, the torrent wil be shared by snagging a piece from you, a piece from some other guy, another piece from somebody else, until it's all stitched together and whole. As an unknown, it's likely that the great majority of downloads will come from you wholely.

So, you will use some of your internet bandwidth to get your song out there. It's unlikely to tax your machine or your bandwidth, though, unless your Beyonce. That's a magnet, for sure. And torrentsites are not a competition for places like IMP. All there is on a torrentsite is a big list of torrents with some meager info. Some upsides. More exposure for your tunes. Most of you think more exposure is better. A wider audience that you have an opportunity to get to visit here.

You can upload folders as your torrent very common practice. Inside the folder, you share your music file, and whatever other files you'd like - pics, documents, biography, links to your sites like "IndieMusicPeople. Those who follow your link, and they are likely to, if they like what they hear, will find your public front and the ability to buy if they want.

You can incentivize a purchase by offering a better quality high bitrate file here, and only sharing a quality by torrent, for instance. To be frank, anyone can go to the sites I've pointed out and just find the FAQs to know how to upload torrents there. Should I have to do a step by step? They already exist on the torrentsites themselves.

I suppose I will, and I can certainly point out some no-nos, but I'm going to do an experiment and all you followers can just Let's just see how much response comes from an actual torrent posting or two. Or three. Done what I think is the right way. I'll let you know what's going on, I'll let you know when and what I upload, and I'll quote my stats response. That should be informative.

And reflected in my chart positions, which are available to all. If I can get response, the more so should you, if you have worthy offerings, right? Keep in mind, response most often depends on how your offering is phrased. To start, here are my stats right now.

I don't think I've had a single download since April 9, right after my Facebook experiment. As of now, here's how I stand. So right now, my highest ranking tune at sitewide is "Eat My Pickle" at a rank of Let's see if we can legally improve that.

I used to do torrent sites years ago but it was to get illegal software. It was pretty dangerous as far as Trojans and viruses. Is that still a problem? Steve If you're dling legal torrents like I'm suggesting, your liability is pretty near zero. If you're dling illegal torrents, and you know which ones they are, you are subject to getting fakes. But not often. That is, if you use "reputable" torrentsites, like what I've mentioned. Torrents, themselves, are not dangerous. Some places you find them are.

Keep a good antiviruse going, of course. Same as you should anywhere. And anyhow, I'm not discussing that. I'm talking getting legal music uploads out there. Well I thought it as a pretty relevant question on the subject but ok. I had a spell where I uploaded torrents of most of my stuff, but I kind of lost interest about three years ago when some other stuff took priority, It was pretty cool at the time though, and you can pinpoint the downloaders location by their IP address, I had downloads from many different countries, I agree that it's a great way to get new listeners.

Chris, good to hear from ya! Where ya been? Whatcha been doing? Yep, good to hear some confirmation on the usefulness of torrents, too. Steve, yeah, it was a pertinent subject. Lot of people are afraid of the torrent scene. My experience is that the danger is low, but present, if dling illegal stuff. To be honest, I do dl illegal stuff. I use torrents to check out various software to see if it's any good and if it's worth the price asked.

Many are not. There are a great of open source and free softwares that can do as well as some way overpriced commercial softwares. Including many free music softwares and, my other interest, many 3d world programs. I know how to protect myself when I torrent. You may not. And I will not tell you how. The real danger for torrent downloaders themselves is in music and movie downloads. This is because these IP's are protected to a great extent by law, due to the statutory damages clauses of those laws pertaining to them.

If you're caught torrenting songs or movies from the big music companies-movie companies, you can be liable for multiple thousands of dollars, with little way of escape. Particularly virulent are pron companies. Don't torrent pron. Just don't. Those guys are like connected Mafia and they will fuck you up the ass in an instant. If you're torrenting music uploaded by the copyright owner, you are in no danger whatsoever. Torrenting is just a way of distribution.

In itself, there's nothing illegal, or unethical about it. It's just sharing. It's when you share things that are illegal to share and torrenting involves sharing or distributing in a legal sense that you can run afoul. Thanks : Still here, I was actually "back" before the relaunch, but you know how it is, low profile, under the radar existence, just taking it easy kind of Views for this Topic: Add Comment.

Father Time. Two Silo Complex. Steve White. Steve Add Comment. Chris Hance.

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