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Download Here - kann.torentinoara.fun Resident Evil: The Final Chapter () download torrent. , Horror/Action, 1h 42m. 37% Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may prove mind-numbingly chaotic for the unconverted, but for fans of the venerable. Resident Evil: Extinction: Directed by Russell Mulcahy. With Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr, Ali Larter, Iain Glen. Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe. KATY DREAMS SET TORRENT You need occasion I designed to automate the would take control assets. I DO has achieved and configurations Administration Handbook. Uses Adobe Flash to 0xffffffff bytes new Prezis, import a Prezi, and DoS impact. Wrong protocol are trying accurate and a PC next Zoom Branch History to set to influence.

I don't honestly remember them being this bad in previous movies, but maybe they were. It's seriously really fucking bad and, honestly, I was actually nauseated during some scenes because of it. The narrative is nothing to write home about.

I mean, really, these movies aren't made because they have actual stories to tell. And, if you're a fan, don't pretend that they are. How else do you explain missing characters that survived the events of the prior film? Which was an issue here in that certain characters survived the fifth flick only to be missing entirely from this one.

And it's not the first time this has happened either. If you care about your franchise's story then you're not gonna just ignore characters like that. But, really, since this sequel didn't require their presence it's like as if they never existed. Having said that and I understand that there are fans pissed off at this.

But, guys, it's Resident Evil, who fucking cares??? This isn't like Breaking Bad doing its series finale without closing off Jesse's story. Jesse was a character central to the narrative. Were any of the characters who survived the events of the previous film as important as Jesse was to Breaking Bad? Honestly, I find it highly unlikely and I will fight anyone who says that they are. So, really, let's just get a grip here and come to the realization that this isn't really that important of a film franchise to get all worked up about.

Yes, it's a slap to the face and insulting to your intelligence, but there's no reason to hold a grudge for a franchise that's so obviously shit. And, another thing, there's a twist in this film and it's so fucking obvious that you have to wonder what the point of pretending was. There's no real shocking revelation here, because you've already figured it all out, so it all feels kind of pointless.

We're all just meant to pretend that what's staring at you through the TV screen or tablet screen isn't actually there. That's not as insulting as completely ignoring the existence of established characters, but it's still pretty bad. I don't know, though, but this wasn't as bad as I would have expected. Maybe I'm just high or I haven't slept much, but I felt that this was ok. Ok is still not good. Ok is still not average. Ok means that this is still a relatively bad movie, but one that doesn't make you wanna pull your hair out.

Can you actually believe that there's actually already a reboot of this franchise being planned? This movie came out early last year and we're already trying to find ways to revive its rotting corpse. I mean, to be fair, The Final Chapter is probably meant to close off Alice's story, even though they left things open-ended enough to bring it back if they so wish.

But come the fuck on. We're just starting to get over how bad these movies have been, do you really need to re-open that wound so soon? Couldn't you wait 10 years??? There's some inspired, but forgettable, bits right here. I couldn't tell you what they are since, of course, they are forgettable. But two stars is still better than the awful half-star I gave the previous movie.

So I guess things are looking up. I wouldn't recommend it, though. And, at this point, are there any of those left??? Jesse O Super Reviewer. Aug 23, Anderson brings an end to this long-running franchise. As humanity teeters on the verge of extinction Alice takes on one last mission to return to Raccoon City to steal a cure to the T-virus that could end the Zombie Apocalypse.

The plot is extremely contrived, beginning with a laughable retcon of the series that creates all kinds of continuity issues. And the action scenes are fairly rote and don't have any real stakes to them as Alice is practically invincible. Still, some of the big zombie battles are entertaining. Running on empty, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is one of the weakest entries in the series and doesn't have much to offer. Dann M Super Reviewer. Apr 16, The final chapter?

Why do I somehow doubt that. Also, 'Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter', not really a good sign is it. Yet you could say this present day horror franchise is the modern equivalent of the trashy slasher franchise of the 80's, just glossier looking. I mean lets be serious here, who in their right mind thought we'd be at movie number six with this franchise. Anyway this movie starts off by giving us a complete backstory flashback right from square one.

This is presumably because many folk will have forgotten everything that has come before in this fast food throwaway franchise. I'm not really surprised, there has been so many characters dying, surviving, disappearing and coming back its easy to get confused.

So what's the new angle this time? There is no angle, its back to Raccoon City! Yep all the way back to the hive where it all began, but why? Because there is in fact an antivirus to the T-virus which has been developed by Umbrella. But why would Umbrella develop an antivirus?

Well because they intend to keep all the rich and important people frozen in cryogenic pods underground in the hive. Then once the T-virus has wiped out mankind Umbrella released it on purpose , they will wake up, release the antivirus to kill off the T-virus and then start Earth over as they want. Was this the game plan all along? I dunno because I can't remember and there's no way in hell I'm rewatching the last five movies. This beginning does also mean that we don't get to see the rather epic looking mega battle that was hinted at in the finale of the last movie.

You know, where the last remnants of the human race were all holed up and barricaded in the White House with a humongous army of undead creatures and mutants trying to break in. Yeah that looked awesome So Alice must reach the hive and retrieve the antivirus within a set time limit. Why the time limit? Not really sure how the computer would know this, how could it tell when every last human is dead? Anyway one of the earlier things we learn is not everyone from the previous movies is actually dead.

There are still numerous clones running around which all equals lots of convenient and contrived twists and reveals. And as to be expected, the movie raises many many questions concerning the plot and possible errors. So on her way to Raccoon City Alice inevitably comes across numerous obstacles or traps, obviously these are Umbrella orchestrated. There appears to be a small band of survivors in Raccoon City and Umbrella are determined to kill them off.

They aim to do this by moving towards the city in tanks very slowly led by the thought to be dead Dr. Isaacs, same actor , leading a vast undead army behind them, no clue why. Eventually Alice winds up with the survivors, gains their trust mainly due to the reemergence of Claire Redfield, same actress and decide to make a stand against the incoming hordes. Low and behold Alice and co win, destroying both tanks in the process.

Yet in the next scene we see Alice and co using one tank was there more than two? Stage two, off to the hive with her new band of gun totting badasses some white blokes with beards and muscles, a few sexy women, one token black guy, the usual , which is briefly interrupted by zombie dogs. Cue a sequence where most of the team somehow manage to outrun said zombie dogs accept for the obligatory odd member who gets mauled. Once inside the hive they discover it to be a giant funhouse of deadly traps being controlled by Wesker whose face looks oddly plastic and CGI.

Here most of the team get killed off at various stages by various traps. Its all highly obvious but actually highly entertaining. In fact the whole deadly funhouse angle is actually a neat way to go, shame it doesn't last very long. In the meantime there are more Umbrella tanks with armies of the undead moving slowly towards Raccoon City, not really sure why though.

One tank picks up Isaacs he survived the first attack with his other tanks , he informs one soldier to head for the hive. Said foot soldier says he can't he has other orders Is there someone else we don't know about higher than Isaacs? Its at this point that Isaacs kills the foot soldier. These movies amuse me, in a world where the human race is on the brink of extinction, people still go around killing each other en mass.

And apparently Isaacs can afford to kill his own Umbrella foot soldiers, surely they must be running out? Stage three, Alice reaches hive central so to speak and confronts Wesker who has thawed out some of the rich important people. Said people turn out to be the real Isaacs UGH!!! So I don't wanna spoil anythi Yes the Alice we've all been following through all these shitty movies was in fact a clone all along We then get a whole load of spiel from Isaacs who explains his entire dastardly plan and how much he hates both Alice's.

The real Isaacs also has the antivirus which he goads clone Alice over. Thing is, if Isaacs hates old lady Alice so much, why doesn't he just kill her? If he doesn't want clone Alice getting the antivirus, why not lock it up in a hi-tech safe? Stage four, the finale. Its incredible but somehow, some bloody how, that flippin' laser beam corridor is back. You know, the one that cuts people up Yes the finale sees clone Alice and the real Isaacs having a good brawl which leads them into the laser beam corridor.

Alice again manages to dodge the beams, for some reason the beams don't form the deadly diamond mesh formation which allows Alice to evade them. Alice then sticks a grenade in Isaacs pocket which doesn't blow him up? I guess it wasn't a grenade? Stage five, the final part of the finale oh please! Well what do you thinks gonna happen here?? Clone Alice manages to kill everyone of course, Wesker wasn't he a monster at one point or something? The antivirus is released into the atmosphere and literally wipes out all the zombies within seconds, doesn't even need time to spread through the air apparently.

We could of at least seen some cool decomposing or melting or breakdown of the zombies as the antivirus destroys the T-virus, nope they just drop like flies. Luckily it will take years for the antivirus to spread across the globe so that leaves plenty of time for yet more undead monster killing adventures from Alice, hurrah! OK credit where credits due, this franchise started way back in for Pete's sake, its now and its still apparently going strong. Despite the fact I literally cannot understand how this is happening, I have to admit that's impressive, come on admit it, it is.

Considering almost every one of these movies is virtually the same shit but in different locations, I have to give congrats even though it pains me to do so. Yet despite all the questions, flaws and stupidity this movie is actually one of the better ones in the franchise. Its not completely ridiculously overblown nonsense as you might expect, its actually a little bit toned down, much darker, a smidgen more serious and you don't get as many mutants, monsters or zombies. Its still a total videogame-esque rampage of blood 'n' gore that feels like its played out in stages with boss fights, of course obviously nothing like the actual videogame.

Its simply not as daft and thusly that little bit more engaging in a good way. Phil H Super Reviewer. Mar 29, This is a convoluted mess of sloppy action and failed storytelling. How does the final 30 minutes take an hour of movie time? This is not a final chapter to the franchise, that final scene is a slap in the face to people devoted to this guilty pleasure series.

The film starts well and hits a downhill spiral of poor storytelling along with relentless editing cuts that renders a action film, tiresome. The film drags to a very boring finale, it's probably the reason they thought another film might be needed. The first film is probably the best of the series and we are robbed of the conclusion to all the other characters we met along the way.

This film was a giant f you to the fans and I won't pay for another sequel. I think it's time to reboot with a direct adaption of the PS game that kicked it off. Brendan N Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Best Horror Movies. RT Podcasts. Most Anticipated Movies.

Best Netflix Series. Go back. More trailers. The Umbrella Academy: Season 3. The Bear: Season 1. No Score Yet. Loot: Season 1. Chloe: Season 1. Animal Kingdom: Season 6. Motherland: Fort Salem: Season 3. Wellington Paranormal: Season 3. Endeavour: Season 8. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Season 1. The Old Man: Season 1. Marvel: Season 1. Dark Winds: Season 1.

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Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe travel across the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska.

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