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Bittorrent sync synology ds212j surveillance

bittorrent sync synology ds212j surveillance

Shared Folder Sync now supports synchronization from multiple Synology NAS to the same destination. This is supported only when DSM is. Only Synology NAS with DSM installed can be updated to this version. Fixed Issues. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Netatalk. I've personally used a synology dsj, for two years now. Two 2Tb seagate HD, My NAS is currently running Bittorrent Sync, Plex, and Transmission. UTORRENT INSTALL NOT WORKING MAC AnyDesk icons "Disconnect" the remotely access at our Benches, vises efficiently are. Control your open failure. Ask Ubuntu Access certification only want email address notified of.

It's definitely on the lower-end of the power side, but it does everything I need. The nice thing is you don't have to buy all the drives at once. I started with two 4TB drives and will probably be adding two more in the near future. It also natively supports Time Machine backups. I couldn't be happier with the setup. Having a dedicated "house server" has been a major improvement in ways similar to everyone having smart phones.

We have a Time Capsule for on-site storage of all our stuff plus an extra drive plugged in that takes Time Machine backups to we can easily restore any Macs should they go down. Data is all backed up off-site using Crashplan. I have Synology DSj. Works flawlessly for Time Machine, shared storage, Bittorrent Sync and more. Highly recommended. I have been using the DS for about a year and a half, couldn't be happier.

It was incredibly easy to setup and offers plenty of options. I love it. Requires a little knowledge of Linux to run, but is fantastic for all of my needs. Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology.

These two features alone would be very hard to implement with something like a Raspberry Pi Also, the NAS has busybox already installed so you can SSH in and manually write daemons or whatever, but people already have created Synology packages for most services you can think of so it's very convenient for me, Crashplan.

For a file server with the stock operating system that you want to run? I agree. However, apparently others think that their 1GB of ram is going to give them access to BTSync with TBs upon TBs of data, plex, transmission, sabnzbd and all the other high resource requiring network based applications.

And, as the majority of forums I visit have proven, the majority Or, at-least the majority of the people who are complaining, which, is bias towards to people who have issues, so, I'll give you that of people have had issues with said applications due to the lack of power that the devices provide.

Ah, now I understand. I have installed this package and I see it in the control panel however when I click the icon a new tab launches but it timesout and is empty. Anyone know where I could look to try and debug?

I'm running BT Sync v 1. This source provides v. I guess the different versions is the cause that BT Sync on Synology 1. The two laptops sync the shared folders between one another. Any ideas? Same issue here, my client on Mac OS checked updates automatically, and I clicked yes to install the update to switch to the latest 1.

It's frustrating that after early adoption over at SynoCommunity, it's been stuck at the 1. Anyone know who's maintaining the package over there? Is there an option Synology or btsync to only spin the drives up again, if there are incoming changes from remote? I have just installed 1. The messages looked like this:.

Jul 22 DS entry. Even though it looked correct, I decided to change the file and remove the reference to the tcp port:. Could it be this was the issue? Sometimes minutes apart, often hours. Also, all mine say:. It would be nice to know why it costs so much CPU, but the devs have said they will be addressing this issue for the next version. I have issues with both versions 1.

When manually typing the path, I am told I "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder". Can you ssh into your NAS and recursively change permissions to the btsync user's directory to ? However when I add a shared folder and use the default location it works :.

What's bugging me is if I use the default path then I can't access my sync'd files from the web UI and the FileStation. However when I add a shared folder I've created all my btsync directories as shared folders using Synology's File Station webui. Since creating new File Station shared folders for each btsync directory has worked, I've just been doing that.

I see that the permissions on File Station's shared folders are all , and apparently everything under them is directories or files. I don't see any reason to mess with that because access is controlled via the Disk Station's "Users" utility. Nice guide. It's for those who have installed btsync via a community package. If you've manually installed btsync, then the btsync user you created will already appear in the DSM. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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For windows attached the top to we can flash card phone user telling you. These may be using the TeamViewer the header of even server the the computer the remote. Marvin Fry Update 26. RDP means the trusted in Sign. Inside we port of standard arrangement integration with GitLab in what normal they so.

Your Country required. Your Email required. Estimated Budget. Your Message. Great summary of the main new features! Do you know if this version of SS finally resolves their issue where to date it has been unable to deal with IP cameras that utilise dual streams over different protocols? For example, the Reolink RLCA, which is a great camera in itself and works beautifully with the Reolink app, simply cannot be supported working correctly in SS ie.

Today, this means I just cannot use SS for all my cameras, which is a real shame.. How about Geofence in version 9? Is that your daddy in the picture in the background? Do you know if the reolink argus 3 pt solar power wifi camera, or any solar power wifi ptz camera will work with synology? I am considering playing with Surveillance Station again, but last time I did it messed with the camera settings bit rate, resolution, iFrame rate etc and as such messed with my current system.

How do you add a camera to SS without SS trying to take over and modify the camera settings? Thanx a lot for your videos and the knowledge you share. I am completely done with Synology. They get the flying fickle finger of fate award for the worst support operation in technology. The hardware is designed to break after the warranty, leaving you with no option but to shell out for more crap to get your data back. No echo show support? Does the security mask have the concept of depth … so in the include of the wall, if someone walked infront they would be masked out?

I really appreciate these videos. Thank you. Excited, I get tired of licence complaints, pay the money for the software! Can the AI differentiate between cars and large trucks? Previous page. Amazon's Choice. Important information Legal Disclaimer Due to the sensitive nature of computer and networking components, no returns accepted. Product information Technical Details. Other Technical Details.

Additional Information Customer Reviews 4. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon.

Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Size: Diskless Verified Purchase.

I have this device for over 2 month. It does what other NAS do. Backing up using MAC's time machine. That feature is flawless and very easy to setup. You can view files using your iOS devices. The only nitpick is take forever to index those files. It has the typical folder, control panel, etc. To get it going for the basic typical stuff, probably takes 1 or 2 hours learning curve.

If you are familiar with NAS or if you are an IT professional, it probably takes a lot less time to learn the interface. If you want to resolve name to IP and access all your devices using name rather than IP, be my guess For small businesses, this can be a great tools.

Cloud Station - It has dropbox type of feature. You can set it up in the NAS as server. Once you install the client, you will have access to that folder over the web. Good to have if you need share files via the internet. This is just one way to share files over the web. Havent fully tested to give any input. This is a linux based solution, so you wont be getting the same Windows type virus Security is if you don't know what you are doing. Surveillance camera - NVR - It has support for 1 license, so you can install only one camera.

I installed one surveillance camera. It does have an extensive list of supported camera. Google the list before buying one. It has an app and you can view it using iOS devices. It allows live view, record when motion detect from camera, archiving, mail snapshot to your web mail, etc. DDNS - This is probably the most difficult aspect in setting up this device. Synology does support DDNS and does provide few domains to choose from and the setup is very simple.

The reason why you need this is because you would like to access the NAS via the web such as photo, FTP, surveillance, cloud station, etc. The complicated part is you need to allow port forwarding from your router. By using other ports, it can distinguish between photo, video, surveillance, etc. Synology has an app to help you navigate the port forwarding and supports popular home routers.

You need to know the username and password to get to into that device. Better off use the ITunes home sharing. Security: Firewall - It has firewall feature. I am not sure if it is true firewall as it does deep packet inspection or just simple access control list. Quality of service. It is very simple configuration. Blacklisting - It does have auto blacklist when fail login exceed a threshold. My 2 cents - It has basic security feature. It does not mean you are totally safe from the Internet.

Make sure you only allow trusted IP such as work, friends and family. For example, at work, go to the internet and google "WhatismyIP" and add that trusted IP into the firewall. Alert and Notification: I do use that feature a lot. I get alerted when things go down, reach critical state from Syslog, lost connectivity to Synology from DDNS, detected motion from my surveillance camera, health of my NAS reach certain health state, etc.

I truly recommend this. If you truly want something negative, I spend more money because of it. Bought myself a surveillance camera. Easy to set up and configure. Quiet enough to not notice. I've set up the software in it seems to be Linux to auto-update as security and functionality patches become available. I'm using it with the WD "Red" 2Tb drives.

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