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The pirate kingdom of libertalia torrent

the pirate kingdom of libertalia torrent

Pirates · Africa--Description and travel--Early works to Spatial. Beaufort County (N.C.). Location of Original: Joyner Rare; Rights: This item has. “Libertalia: The Pirate's Utopia.” In Pirates: Terror on the High Seas from the Caribbean to the South China Sea. Edited by David Cordingly. The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder the world's riches and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series. MIKE VARGAS TOUCH OF EVIL TORRENT It is are used force password. Bulk email Family provides for remote work, remote. How to after idle. When you it would be nice if you dedicated a.

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Captain Whaley discharged; the Pembroke a second Time plunder'd; the pyrates go to Mauritius; two of Drummond's Crew get away, who were fruitless Evidences for Capt. Green, Not encouraged, he is sent out in a private Man of War with the King's Commission, 66, 67 He falls in with a Fleet, but is obliged to sheer off; goes to the Malabar Coast, takes a Moorish Vessel; treats the Men cruelly, and discharges the Vessel; touches at Carawar, and is suspected of Pyracy, Keeps Company with a Dutch Ship; quarrels with and kills his Gunner; plunders a Portuguese Ship on the Malabar Coast and lets her go; his Cooper is murder'd in one of the Malabar Islands; he burns and pillages several Houses; commands a Native to be shot, He takes the Queda, and shares l.

He cheats the Indians; goes to Madagascar; meets there Culliford the Pyrate, shifts into the Queda, and shares the rest of her Cargo, His Men. Kid goes to, and is secured at New York; some of his Crew depending on the Pardon, are confined; sent to England and condemn'd, 3 excepted, Mullins his Plea, 78, Kid's Plea useless, he and his Men indicted, executed, REason for breaking off Capt. Misson's Life, his Adventures continued, After an obstinate Engagement makes her Prize, He meets Captain Tew, Tew set out by the Governor of Bermudas, with Captain Drew; they are parted in a Storm; he proposes to his Men the going on the Account, Tew steers for the Red Seas; meets with and takes a rich Prize, 86, The pyrates share out of her l.

Account of Proceedings ashore, The Prisoners discharged, 89, Tew goes to the Guiney Coast, makes two Prizes and returns, Misson builds two sloops, Shapes his Course with his Prize for Madagascar; is overtaken with a Storm, Arrive at their Settlement; the Victoire rebuilt; the Settlement attack'd, The Disposition of their Forces; they repel and pursue the Invaders, The pyrates take a Ship and execute two Prisoners, Caraccioli's Speech, 98, 99 Some Difference arises among the French and English, and is accommodated; a general Assembly called, A Form of Government propos'd and enter'd upon; a Council chosen and a Council-house built; Caraccioli opens the Session with a Speech, Great Officers and a privy Council chosen, Tew goes to Sea; speaks with his old Quarter-Master, The Quarter Master's Discourse to him, The Quarter Master's Reasons for settling at Madagascar, , He tells Tew the Misfortune of the Colony offers him one of the Sloops, Misson shares the Treasure they shape their course for the Guiney Coast; Misson.

Makes for Madagascar, falls in with Mascarenas; arrives at Madagascar, meets with the Buffalo and Captain White; augments his Company: sets out again for the Red Seas; stops at Johanna; narrowly escapes being taken; takes a Grab, Jago's Cowardice, The second Mate of the Prize shoots a Pyrate after striking; they chase and take the Essex; make a great Booty in Money; discharge the Prizes, are civil to the Passengers, and return to Madagascar, A Ships comes from Maderass, another from Scotland to trade with, and the latter is surprized by the pyrates; a Hurricane happens; Burgiss's Treachery, The Maderass Ship seized, and afterwards sent away; Halsey's Death, His funeral Ceremony, Cruelty of the pyrates to the English Prisoners; White narrowly escapes being shot; his Protector murder'd; the pyrates steer for Madagascar, loose their Ship at Elexa; Thomas White and some other Prisoners get to Augustine Bay, Read dies; succeeded by James; the Grab turn'd into a Ship at Mayotta.

The Manner of taking this Vessel, , They go to St. Freights the pyrates; one of their Ships sunk; the Vanity and Behaviour of the Captain of the Speaker, The Speaker surpriz'd, Booth and twenty other pyrates murdered, Bowen succeeds him; in the Mouth of the Red Seas fall in with 13 Sail, White left ashore; goes for Methelage, Some of his Comrades leave him; he returns to Methelage, join'd by three other pyrates, They hear of their Comrades in the Ship at St.

Mary's and go to Olumbah, where they fortify themselves; Honesty of the pyrates among themselves, Takes this Ship; takes Captain Penruddock; gives him the Portuguese Ship; made him some Presents; sends him away; share l. His Will, Maloes, His third Mate goes ashore, He describes the People at his Return on board, The fourth Mate and a Molatto go ashore and return; he goes further to the Westward, They discover, and anchor before a Town; the Men sent, civilly treated, The Ship's Boat seized, The first Mate goes towards the Shore, the Natives discharge their Arrows at the Boat, and he returns to the Ship, The Captain's Method to be inform'd of his People, The Natives fire at the Boat, The Captain despairing of his Men, weighs and keeps along Shore, Sails for Johanna, His Examination; Description of the Prison, The Molatto is inform'd of the cruel Death of his Companions, He is carried again before the King; what past between the King and him, , He is remanded to Goal; his Conversation with the Jaylor and another, Sent for by the King; to what End; Description of the Coway, His Treatment in the Goal better'd, He receives News of the Ship's Departure, He is taken.

His Manner of Life, The Manner of the King's taking the Air, , The Death of Malefactors, ib. The Augazet describ'd; the Bozee a monstrous amphibious Creature; the Massau and Sachew described, Description of the Pyone; the Molatto is question'd for going out of the Town, He attends the King to the Moorzacks; what they are; the Conversation of the Day, The Molotto under great Appreprehensions; he is order'd to the Moorzacks, He is taught his Duty, Description of a Pohalick, He is sent for to the City, clapp'd into Prison; the Reason of it, His Conversation with the Jaylor, and afterwards with the King, The Manner of his passing his Time, being remanded back to the Moorzacks, , By what Accident he comes into Favour, A particular Description of the Moorzacks, , , , The Funeral Ceremony of the Magadoxians, , The Religion A Rebellion; a Ship appears; the Molotto brought to the Army, Treachery of the King, A great Slaughter; the Molotto bears of a Ship; meditates his Escape, He gets away in the Night, He comes comes up to a large River; discovers six Men in his Pursuit; swims over the River, Escapes a large Alligator; spies the Ship, Is taken on board a Dutch Boat, Two of his Pursuers swim on board the Boat; give an Account of one being devour'd by an Alligator, A great Storm, Captain Beer taken, Bellamy's Speech to Beer, An odd Accident, , Williams takes a Vessel off Cape Cod, Description of Nova Scotia; the pyrates careen in the River Mechises, A Sailor's Advice, , A smart Engagement, The Mary Anne taken, ib.

HE is shipp'd by Captain Green, Fly chosen Captain; Fulker taken, Barbarity used towards Fulker, Captain Gale taken, A florid Speech of Fly's, Harris taken, A Schooner taken, Fly surprized and taken, HE sets out a Pyrating in a Canoe, Takes an Irish Brigantine, and several other Prizes, The Cowardice of a Portuguese Captain, Godly of Bristol his Ship plunder'd, Howard like to be carried off; the pyrates loose their Ship; Howard robs his Comrades, The pyrates taken off the Island by another Pyrate, Howard himself robb'd, ib.

The Thief robb'd by his Comrades, Howard goes on board the Speaker; declared Captain of the Prosperous, His Design on a Dutchman; Howard wounded, He is joined by Bowen, , Two Moor Ships taken, Howard's Death, ib. SETS out in a Canoe, Lewis's Justice, He is released; the Sheerness Man of War narrowly miss the pyrates, Takes a large Frenchman by Stratagem, Lewis murther'd, Sinks a Guiney Man in an Engagement, The firing Minute Guns, the Loss of a Ship, The fatal Consequence of Revenge; the pyrates arrive at Madagascar, The History of King Chimenatto, , , The pyrates.

HIS Birth, He is left on Madagascar, He is taken Prisoner, Taken a second Time, He is a third Time taken, King Dempaino sends for Williams, , The King of Maratan refuses to send him, He is obliged to give Williams up, Williams makes a Voyage to the Red Sea, He is carried Prisoner on board the Severn, He is chosen Captain of the Scots Ship, He is put to a cruel Death, His Men on Board murder'd, His and his Mens Blood reveng'd, HE sets out to trade with the pyrates looses his Ship, stays at Madagascar, and is forced on board a Pyrate, Is taken by an East-India Man in returning on the second Voyage, Is condemn'd for Pyracy and pardon'd; goes on Board the Neptune, Betrays the Ship, and is chosen Quarter-Master, He is stripp'd by his Comrades, recovers his Money, is stripp'd again, Goes on board the Henry, Is poyson'd, Rackham and Vane part, Rackham's Ship taken, he and his Crew escape ashore, Rackham gets to Providence, and is allowed the Benefit of the King's Pardon, Anne Bonny proposes to her Husband his selling her to Rackham, Rackham seizes a Sloop, He forces some of Turnley's Men, Governor Rogers his Sloops seized, Their Hardships, to The pyrates catch a Tartar, They are all taken, the forced Men sent to Providence, Governor Rogers sends to fetch the maroon'd Men, The pyrates who escaped on Shore intrap'd by Governor Rogers, to Rounsival's Generosity, Teach sends Mr.

The Hostages in Jeopardy of their Lives; a Boat coming on board saves them, , Teach draws up before Charles Town, The Hostages released, A Vindication of Governor Eden, to Major Bonnet's Letter to the Governor, , The manner of taking Captain Worley, , The Particulars of Captain Evan's his being taken, from his own Letter, , Tryal of the pyrates, to Their Behaviour and Execution, , Captain Vane's Procedure at Providence, His Letter to Governor Rogers, Captain King's Protest, to Captain Bowen's Birth and first Employment, He is taken by a French Pyrate, He's press'd; runs away; goes a Privateering, Press'd a second Time; runs away again; Captain Lycence killed, North is again press'd and escapes, The Temerity of a Frenchman, Take the King of Mayotta, Roguery among the pyrates, A Moor Ship escapes; they take three others of the same Nation, North overset and swims to Shore, The pyrates throw over their Guns in a Storm, They are shew'd a Well of Water of a strange Nature, They meet the Prosperous, and soon after Moor Ships, They burn the Speedy Return; sink the Prosperous; they are all poisoned, Four only die; Bowen's Death; North made Captain, Ceremony of making their Captain, By North's Advice the Moors go off with their Ship, The pyrates settle on Madagascar; their Way of Life, to North travels Southward to trade, He joins and goes to War with the Mangorians, He besieges a Town, the Manner of the Siege, , North's Allies design to deceive him, His Proceedings upon the Discovery, , , North returns homewards, join'd by the Timouses, the Ceremony of swearing among those of Madagascar, Halsey comes in, North and Company go on board him, North drives out the Timouses, North's Humanity to a Frenchman, North revenges the Barbarity of the Mayottans towards some English, North murder'd, ib.

WE can be somewhat particular in the Life of this Gentleman, because, by very great Accident, we have got into our Hands a French Manuscript, in which he himself gives a Detail of his Actions. He was born in Provence, of an ancient Family; his Father, whose true Name he conceals, was Master of a plentiful Fortune; but having a great Number.

His Parents took Care to give him an Education equal to his Birth. After he had passed his Humanity and Logick, and was a tolerable Mathematician, at the Age of Fifteen he was sent to Angiers, where he was a Year learning his Exercises. His Father, at his Return home, would have put him into the Musketeers; but as he was of a roving Temper, and much affected with the Accounts he had read in Books of Travels, he chose the Sea as a Life which abounds with more Variety, and would afford him an Opportunity to gratify his Curiosity, by the Change of Countries.

He was received on Board with all possible Regard by the Captain, whose Ship was at Marseilles, and was order'd to cruize soon after Misson's Arrival. Nothing could be more agreeable to the Inclinations of our Voluntier than this Cruize, which made him acquainted with the most noted Ports of the Mediterranean, and gave him a great Insight into the practical Part of Navigation.

Hence we may date his Misfortunes; for, remarking the licentious Lives of the Clergy so different from the Regularity observ'd among the French Ecclesiasticks, the Luxury of the Papal Court, and that nothing but Hulls of Religion was to be found in the Metropolis of the Christian Church, he began to figure to himself that all Religion was no more than a Curb upon the Minds of the Weaker, which the wiser Sort yielded to, in Appearance only.

These Sentiments, so disadvantageous to Religion and himself, were strongly riveted by accidentally becoming acquainted with a lewd Priest, who was, at his Arrival by meer Chance his Confessor, and after that his Procurer and Companion, for he kept him Company to his Death. One Day, having an Opportunity, he told Misson, a Religious was a very good Life, where a Man had a subtle enterprising Genius, and some Friends; for such a one wou'd, in a short Time, rise to such Dignities in the Church, the Hopes of which was the Motive of all the wiser Sort, who voluntarily took upon them the sacerdotal Habit.

That the ecclesiastical State was govern'd with the same Policy as were secular Principalities and Kingdoms; that what was beneficial, not what was meritorious and virtuous, would be alone regarded. Peter, than in any other Monarchy, nay, rather less; for this being known to be real, that Man's rejected as a Visionary, no way fit for Employment; as one whose Scruples might prove prejudicial; for its a Maxim, that Religion and Politicks can never set up in one House.

As to our Statesmen, don't imagine that the Purple makes. My Parents did not consult my Genius, or they would have given me a Sword instead of a Pair of Beads. Misson advised him to go with him Voluntier, and offer'd him Money to cloath him; the Priest leap'd at the Proposal, and a Letter coming to Misson from his Captain, that he was going to Leghorn, and left to him either to come to Naples, or go by Land; he chose the latter, and the Dominican, whom he furnish'd with Money, clothing himself very Cavalierly, threw off his Habit, and preceeded him two Days, staying at Pisa for Misson; from whence they went together to Leghorn, where they found the Victoire, and Signor Caraccioli, recommended by his Friend, was received on Board.

Two Days after they weigh'd from hence, and after. The Engagement was long and bloody, for the Sally Man hop'd to carry the Victoire; and, on the contrary, Captain Fourbin, so far from having any Thoughts of being taken, he was resolutely bent to make Prize of his Enemies, or sink his Ship. Signior Caraccioli and Misson were the two first on board when the Command was given; but they and their Followers were beat back by the Despair of the Sally Men; the former received a Shot in his Thigh, and was carried down to the Surgeon.

The Victoire laid her on board the second time, and the Sally Men defended their Decks with such Resolution, that they were cover'd with their own, and the dead Bodies of their Enemies. The Victoire. The Turks lost a great many Men, the French not less than 35 in boarding, for they lost very few by the great Shot, the Sally Men firing mostly at the Masts and Rigging, hoping by disabling to carry her.

The limited Time of their Cruize being out, the Victoire returned to Marseilles, from whence Misson, taking his Companion, went to visit his Parents, to whom the Captain sent a very advantageous Character, both of his Courage and Conduct. He was about a Month at home when his Captain wrote to him, that his Ship was order'd to Rochelle, from whence he was to sail for the West-Indies with some Merchant Men. This was very agreeable to Misson and Signior Caraccioli, who immediately set out for Marseilles.

This Town is well fortified, has four Parish Churches, and the Number of Inhabitants is computed to be about ,; the Harbour is esteemed the safest in the Mediterranean, and is the common Station for the French Gallies. Leaving this Place, they steer'd for Rochelle, where the Victoire was dock'd, the Merchant Ships not being near ready.

Misson, who did not Care to pa's so long a Time in Idleness, proposed to his Comrade the taking a Cruize on board the Triumph, who was going into the English Channel; the Italian readily consented to it. The Captain of the English made a gallant Resistance, and fought his Ship so long, that the French could not carry her into Harbour, wherefore they took the Money, and what was most valuable, out of her; and finding she made more Water than the Pumps could free, quitted, and saw her go down in less than four Hours after.

Monsieur le Blanc, the French Captain, received Captain Balladine very civilly, and would not suffer either him or his Men to be stripp'd, saying, None but Cowards ought to be treated after that Manner; that brave Men ought to treat such, though their Enemies, as Brothers; and that to use a gallant Man who does his Duty ill, speaks a Revenge which cannot proceed but from a Coward Soul.

The Triumph stood then towards Milford, and spying a Sail,. The Mouth of the Harbour is defended by a strong Castle; the Town is well fortified, and has a Citadel for its farther Defence, which is of considerable Strength. In the English attempted a Descent, but did not find their Market, for they were beat off with the Loss of their General, and a great many Men. From hence the Triumph return'd to Rochel, and in a Month after our Voluntiers, who went on board the Victoire, took their Departure for Martineco and Guadalupa; they met with nothing in their Voyage thither worth noting.

I shall only observe, that Signior Caraccioli, who was as ambitious as he was irreligious, had, by this Time, made a perfect Delft of Misson, and thereby convinc'd him, that all Religion was no other than human Policy, and shew'd him that the Law of Moses was no more than what were necessary, as well for the Preservation as the Governing of the People; for Instance, said he, the African Negroes. In short, he ran through all the Ceremonies of the Jewish, Christian and Mahometan Religion, and convinced him these were, as might be observed by the Absurdity of many, far from being Institutions of Men inspired; and that Moses, in his Account of the Creation, was guilty of known Blunders; and the Miracles, both in the New and Old Testament, inconsistent with Reason.

That God had given us this Blessing, to make Use of for our present and future Happiness, and whatever was contrary to it, notwithstanding their School Distinctions of contrary and above Reason, must be false. This Reason teaches us, that there is a first Cause of all Things, an Ens Entium, which we call God, and our Reason will also suggest, that he must be eternal, and, as the Author of every Thing perfect, he must be infinitely perfect.

If so, he can be subject to no Passions, and neither loves nor hates; he must be ever the same, and cannot rashly do to Day what he shall repent to Morrow. He must be perfectly happy, consequently nothing can add to an eternal State of Tranquillity, and though it becomes us to adore him, yet can our Adorations neither augment, nor our Sins take from this Happiness. Inclinations, and would be glad to shake off the Yoke of the Christian Religion, which galls and curbs their Passions, would not give themselves the Trouble to examine them to the Bottom, but give into what pleases, glad of finding some Excuse to their Consciences.

Though as his Opinion of a future State has nothing in it which impugns the Christian Religion, I shall set it down in few Words. It may die with the Body, or it may survive. I am of Opinion its immortal; but to say that this Opinion is the Dictate of Reason, or only the Prejudice of Education, would, I own, puzzle me. If it is immortal, it must be an Emanation from the Divine Being, and consequently at its being separated from the Body, will return to its first Principle, if not contaminated.

Now, my Reason tells me, if it is estranged from its first Principle, which is the Deity, all the Hells of Man's Invention can never yield Tortures adequate to such a Banishment. As he had privately held these Discourses among the Crew, he had gained a Number of Proselytes, who look'd upon him as a new Prophet risen up to reform the Abuses in Religion; and a great Number being Rochellers, and, as yet, tainted with Calvanism, his Doctrine was the more readily embrac'd.

When he had experienced the Effects of his religious Arguments, he fell upon Government, and shew'd, that every Man was born free, and had as much Right to what would support him, as to the Air he respired. A contrary Way of arguing would be accusing the Deity with Cruelty and Injustice, for he brought into the World no Man to pass a Life of Penury, and to miserably want a. Pride encreasing with Power, Man usurped the Prerogative of God, over his Creatures, that of depriving them of Life, which was a Privilege no one had over his own; for as he did not come into the World by his own Election, he ought to stay the determined Time of his Creator: That indeed, Death given in War, was by the Law of Nature allowable, because it is for the Preservation of our own Lives; but no Crime ought to be thus punished, nor indeed any War undertaken, but in Defence of our natural Right, which is such a Share of Earth as is necessary for our Support.

These Topicks he often declaimed on, and very often advised with Misson about the setting up for themselves; he was as ambitious as the other, and as resolute. Caraccioli and Misson were by this expert Mariners, and very capable of managing a Ship: Caraccioli had sounded a great many of the Men on this Subject, and found them very inclineable to listen to him. An Accident happen'd which gave Caraccioli a fair Opportunity to put his Designs in Execution, and he laid Hold of it; they went off Martinico on a Cruize, and met with the.

Winchelsea, an English Man of War of 40 Guns, commanded by Captain Jones; they made for each other, and a very smart Engagement followed, the first Broadside killed the Captain, second Captain, and the three Lieutenants, on Board the Victoire, and left only the Master, who would have struck, but Misson took up the Sword, order'd Caraccioli to act as Lieutenant, and encouraging the Men fought the Ship six Glasses, when by some Accident, the Winchelsea blew up, and not a Man was saved but Lieutenant Franklin, whom the French Boats took up, and he died in two Days.

None ever knew before this Manuscript fell into my Hands how the Winchelsea was lost; for her Head being driven ashore at Antegoa, and a great Storm having happen'd a few Days before her Head was found, it was concluded, that she founder'd in that Storm.

After this Engagement, Caraccioli came to Misson and saluted him Captain, and desired to know if he would chuse a momentary or a lasting Command, that he must now determine, for at his Return to Martinico it would be too late; and he might depend upon the Ship he fought and saved being given to another, and they would think him well rewarded if made a Lieutenant, which Piece of Justice he doubted: That he had his Fortune in his Hands, which he might either keep or let go; if he made Choice of the latter, he must never again expect she would court him to accept her Favours: That he ought to set before his Eyes his Circumstances, as a younger Brother of a good Family, but nothing to support his Character; and the many Years he must serve at the Expence of his Blood before he could make any Figure in the World; and consider the wide Difference between the commanding and being commanded: That he might with the Ship he had under Foot, and the brave Fellows under Command, bid Defiance.

Misson and his learned Lieutenant Caraccioli. Misson thanked them for the Honour they conferr'd upon him, and promised he would use the Power they gave for the publick Good only, and hoped, as they had the Bravery to assert their Liberty, they would be as unanimous in the preserving it, and stand by him in what should be found expedient for the Good of all; that he was their Friend and.

Companion, and should never exert his Power, or think himself other than their Comrade, but when the Necessity of Affairs should oblige him. They shouted a second Time, vive le Capitain; he, after this, desired they would chuse their subaltern Officers, and give them Power to consult and conclude upon what might be for the common Interest, and bind themselves down by an Oath to agree to what such Officers and he should determine: This they readily gave into.

The Choice was approved, and that every Thing might pass methodically, and with general Approbation, they were called into the great Cabbin, and the Question put, what Course they should steer? The Captain proposed the Spanish Coast as the most probable to afford them rich Prizes: This was agreed upon by all. The Boatswain then asked what Colours they should fight under, and advised Black as most terrifying; but Caraccioli objected, that they were no pyrates, but Men who were resolved to assert that Liberty which God and Nature gave them, and own no Subjection to any, farther than was for the common Good of all: That indeed, Obedience to Governors was necessary, when they knew and acted up to the Duty of their Function; were vigilant Guardians of the Peoples Rights and Liberties; saw that Justice was equally distributed; were Barriers against the Rich and Powerful, when they attempted to oppress the Weaker; when they suffered none of the one Hand to grow immensely rich, either by his own or his Ancestors Encroachments; nor on the other, any to be wretchedly miserable, either by.

Such Men are we, and, if the World, as Experience may convince us it will, makes War upon us, the Law of Nature empowers us not only to be on the defensive, but also on the offensive Part. As we then do not proceed upon the same Ground with pyrates, who are Men of dissolute Lives and no Principles, let us scorn to take their Colours: Ours is a brave, a just, an innocent, and a noble Cause; the Cause of Liberty.

This short Council breaking up, every Thing belonging to the deceas'd Captain, and the other Officers, and Men lost in the Engagement, was brought upon Deck and over-hawled; the Money ordered to be put into a Chest, and the Carpenter to clap on a Padlock for, and give a Key to, every one of the Council: Misson telling them, all should be in common, and the particular Avarice of no one should defraud the Publick.

Misson thanked them, the Plate was returned to the great Cabbin, and the Chest secured according to Orders: Misson then ordered his Lieutenants and other Officers to examine who among the Men, were in most Want of Cloaths, and to distribute those of the dead Men impartially, which was done.

European Ships and Vessels, as concluded implacable Enemies. And I do now, said he, declare such War, and, at the same time, recommend to you my Comrades a humane and generous Behaviour towards your Prisoners; which will appear by so much more the Effects of a noble Soul, as we are satisfied we should not meet the same Treatment should our ill Fortune, or more properly our Disunion, or want of Courage, give us up to their Mercy.

After this, he required a Muster should be made, and there were able Hands two Hundred, and thirty five sick and wounded; as they were muster'd they were sworn. Off St. Christophers they took an English Sloop becalmed, with their Boats; they took out of her a couple of Puncheons of Rum, and half a dozen Hogsheads of Sugar she was a New England Sloop, bound for Boston and without offering the least Violence to the Men, or stripping them, they let her go.

Christophers; they met with no other Booty in their Way, till they came upon their Station, when after three Days, they saw a Sloop which had the Impudence to give them Chace; Captain Misson asked what could be the Meaning that the Sloop stood for them? One of the Men, who was acquainted with the West-Indies, told him, it was a Jamaica Privateer, and he should not wonder, if he clapp'd him aboard. I am, said he, no Stranger to their Way of working, and this despicable Fellow, as those who don't.

It now grows towards Evening, and you'll find as soon as he has discovered your Force, he'll keep out of the Reach of your Guns till the 12 a-Clock Watch is changed at Night, and he'll then attempt to clap you aboard, with Hopes to carry you in the Hurry: Wherefore Captain, if you will give me Leave to advise you, let every Man have his small Arms; and at twelve, let the Bell ring as usual, and rather more Noise than ordinary be made, as if the one Watch was turning in, and the other out, in a Confusion and Hurry, and I'll engage he will venture to enter his Men.

The Fellow's Advice was approved and resolved upon, and the Sloop work'd, as he said she would, for upon coming near enough to make distinctly the Force of the Victoire, on her throwing out French Colours, she, the Sloop, clapp'd upon a Wind, the Victoire gave Chace, but without Hopes of gaining upon her; she went so well to Windward, that she cou'd spare the Ship some Points in her Sheet, and yet wrong her: At Dusk of the Even, the French had lost Sight of her, but about Eleven at Night, they saw her hankering up their Windward Bow, which confirmed the Sailors Opinion, that she would attempt to board them, as she did at the pretended Change of the Watch; there being little or no Wind, she lashed to the Bow-Sprit of the Victoire, and enter'd her Men, who were very quietly taken, as they enter'd and tumbled down the Forehatch, where they were received by others, and bound without Noise, not one of the Privateers killed, few hurt, and only one Frenchman wounded.

The Victoire seeing the better Part of the Sloop's Men secured, they boarded in their Turn, when the Privateer's suspecting some Stratagem, were endeavouring to cut their Lashing and get off:. Thus the Englishman caught a Tartar. The next Morning Monsieur Misson called for the Captain of the Privateer, he told him, he could not but allow him a brave Fellow, to venture upon a Ship of his Countenance, and for that Reason he should meet Treatment which Men of his Profession seldom afforded the Prisoners they made.

He asked him how long he had been out, what was his Name, and what he had on Board? He answered he was but just come out, that he was the first Sail he had met with, and shou'd have thought himself altogether as lucky not to have spoke with him; that his Name was Harry Ramsey, and what he had on Board were Rags, Powder, Ball, and some few half Anchors of Rum. Ramsey was ordered into the Gun-Room, and a Council being held in the publick Manner aforesaid, the Bulk Head of the great Cabbin rowled up.

On their Conclusion, the Captain of the Privateer was called in again, when Captain Misson told him, he would return him his Sloop, and restore him and his Men to their Liberty, without stripping or plundering of any Thing, but what Prudence obliged him to, their Ammunition and Small-Arms, if he would give him his Word and Honour, and his Men to take an Oath, not to go out on the Privateer Account in six Months after they left him: That he did not design to continue that Station above a Week longer, at the Expiration of which Time he would let them go.

The Time being. At going over the Ship's Side Ramsey begg'd Monsieur Misson would allow him Powder for a salute, by way of Thanks; but he answered him, the Ceremony was needless, and he expected no other Return than that of keeping his Word, which indeed Ramsey did.

Some of his Men had found it more to their Advantage to have been as religious. At parting Ramsey gave the Ship three Chears, and Misson had the Complaisance to return one, which Ramsey answering with three more, made the best of his Way for Jamaica, and at the East End of the Island met with the Diana, who, upon Advice, turn'd back. The Victoire steer'd for Carthagene, off which Port they cruised some Days, but meeting with nothing in the Seas, they made for Porto Bello; in their Way they met with two Dutch Traders, who had Letters of Mart, and were just come upon the Coast, the one had 20, the other 24 Guns; Misson engaged them, and they defended themselves with a great Deal of Resolution and Gallantry; and as they were mann'd a Peak, he durst not venture to board either of them, for fear of being at the same Time boarded by the other.

His Weight of Mettal gave him a great Advantage over the Dutch, though they were two to one; besides, their Business, as they had Cargoes, was to get off, if possible, wherefore they made a running Fight, though they took Care to stick close to one another.

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