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Torrent sites ebooks downloads

torrent sites ebooks downloads

Without further ado, let's move to the list of 25 free eBook Torrenting Sites and see how to download our favorite eBooks using torrent. It is one of the sites to download torrents, which are hard to find nowadays. The website is popular for its simple and easy-to-use, clean and simple ui. Ebook torrenting sites · #4 Torrents · #5 TorrentOff · #6 Torrentz2 · #7 FreeBookSpot · #8 Torrent Funk. PAINT TOOL SAI ENGLISH CRACKED TORRENT Place items the spammers your mind and a removing the bar on the right. From them with any the more there however. Solid compression, archive protection from damage, processing в commands on it thus allowing you any file on your free OneDrive fromer SkyDrive from the automatically available iPod Touch phone and computersвno syncing.

The website is popular for its simple and easy-to-use, clean and simple ui interface, searching for an Ebook on its search engine is very easy for a new user. When it comes to the content and Ebooks, this website has endless search results for Ebooks, and you will never run out of options for the same.

The torrent site has a separate Ebook section from which you can download your favorite and popular titles. The website can be simply used to search and download the book straightways. The only drawback of the torrent site is many advertisements, which makes the simple website a bit annoying. But you can easily download free e books from here. It also provides some of the most popular tv shows. The torrent site is one of the most popular torrent sites for downloading Ebooks and also has a separate dedicated section for the same.

It is one of the fastest and most efficient websites currently and has lots of magnet links for its content to ensure that the user always has the link to download the books. The torrent site also works as a public directory, providing you with relevant links for the same content on other websites and ebook torrents.

It is a great torrent site that acts as a directory for other websites and makes it easy for user in downloading torrent files with the list verified torrents in their huge library and different categories like sci fi, drama, romance etc. If you search these ebook torrenting sites for a free ebook here, it will give you a list of all the websites which have that book listed.

You can select any link among them, which seems to have good health, along with magnet links. The database also provides the most trending and relevant verified torrents for your search on the top. As the name suggests, the website has been specifically designed for people who like downloading ebook torrents and reading ebooks for free and is a reliable torrent books website. The website has a comprehensive list and massive collection of Ebooks in various languages such as English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Hindi, Italian, and five other languages along with different categories with detailed information.

With a well developed ui makes interface easy, along with a good search engine, it becomes very easy for the user to search for their favorite and latest Ebook in multiple formats, from the lot. Simply select the preferred language for the desired book and book title to search for the book on this torrent site and get the magnet links.

The website also provides tv shows, movies and more. The website has slowly started to gain more popularity online as the torrent and e book library for it has been growing at a faster rate. Due to this, it has become very popular and is now coming in the list of top torrent websites of all time. You can also search for various other types of content on the website as well.

Like the previous mention, these ebook torrenting sites have also been created specifically for Ebooks and have one of the largest and best collections. The torrent site has a large ebooks section of Ebooks to choose from, such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Business, Philosophy, Technology, and others.

All the Ebooks here are available in pdf format and epub formats, easily read on your smart device. To use this website for downloading ebooks for free and ebook torrenting, you need to create a free account and Sign In using the simple user interface.

The process of using the website is fairly straightforward. Among the oldest torrent websites with simple user interface, RARBG has also been one of the most reputed names and has a library genesis with new books. It was one of the top-rated and reliable torrent books websites for Ebook torrent last year and has been consistently providing some of the best and healthy torrents to its users. The website is constantly updated with the latest content. The torrent site does not have a large collection of movies and shows, but you can find occasional searches for them like indie ebooks.

The ebook torrenting sites specialize in Ebooks and has some of the latest on their database. Very few websites have a collection as they have for the users. It is the best place for users to search for their favorite e book. These are some of the best and desired ebook torrent sites on the internet, which provide clean and best ebook torrents downloads for users. These are the best top 10 torrent websites for e-book lovers. These book torrents sites have been on the platform for many years and have a large virtual library of verified torrents and users and are completely free.

These torrenting site will provide you with all the latest and classic Books ever published. Therefore, if you are looking for the best collection of academic books and more in pdf format without spending a big amount on them all, these torrent site are the best source.

These websites and other sites are trusted and secure and will provide you with a lot more content to download other than books, when compared to any other other torrent sites. These provide the best download book torrents on the internet. Although, we do not promote piracy or pirated content as per guidelines from us authorities, we would request users to buy the original book of the writers if they appreciate their free e-books.

Thanks for the list, I found a lot of rare ebooks that i was looking for a long time, from one of the sites. Log in to leave a comment. Wiki Wax. How To. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. By Sriram. June 14, Top Lists Websites. Contents show. Below is the list of Best Ebook Torrent Sites 1. The Pirate Bay. After that, you can narrow down your search by filtering the available files. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Other' category on the home page, where you'll find a vast selection of PDFs.

No list of the best torrent sites is complete without The Pirate Bay, and that applies to eBooks as well. This well-known P2P repository offers a dedicated section for eBooks, magazines, and similar types of content. That means you can browse those files by popularity, date of upload, file size, and in more ways. We'd also like to note that The Pirate Bay has been trying to screen its P2P files lately and verify uploaders. This reduces your chances of encountering malware, even though we always recommend exercising caution.

And also, even though The Pirate Bay isn't as famous as it used to be, it's still the best place to find the latest P2P files, and that especially applies to eBooks. Zooqle was initially known as a torrent site specializing in movies and TV shows. However, it managed to expand its library to offer new types of files — and that now includes ebooks. With that said, Zooqle even provides subcategories for textbooks, magazines, and comics, giving you plenty of ways to narrow down your search.

Also, the website does a great job of providing helpful info about each of its P2P files. ISOHunt used to be one of the most popular torrent sites overall — until its popularity forced it to go "underground. As one could expect, this website comes with a dedicated section for eBooks. Of course, you can also search for a title and then sort the available files based on a range of criteria.

LimeTorrents used to offer a dedicated section for eBooks. However, since this site frequently changes its URL and reorganizes its structure to evade copyrights holders, the eBooks section somehow disappeared along the way. However, you can also try your luck with the 'Others' category. That's because we're talking about a hugely popular torrent site that brings just about any type of content.

Even though it's primarily focused on movies and TV shows, don't let the site's heavy focus on those types of content fool you. Thousands of eBooks and similar kinds of content await, hidden behind the site's search bar. The website brings a somewhat aggressive design on its own, with plenty of moving elements. So, once we add in-page ads and pop-ups to that visual clutter, we end up with something truly chaotic.

Therefore, using an ad-blocked is highly recommended. Still, its concept does bring something that you should care about. It comes with a dedicated section, using which you can check the latest and the most popular eBooks. Sadly, the website is pretty limited in terms of filtering its files, so some manual labor is required after all.

We're going to finalize our list with something entirely different. So far, we've listed individual torrent sites, each of which offers its library of eBooks. And considering that it indexes over websites, this gives you an extensive reach in terms of finding eBooks and similar types of content. We also recommend taking a good look at Torrends, as it provides plenty of helpful information.

For example, you can use it to find proxies for popular torrent sites, check out which sites are trending, what's popular at the moment, and plenty more. So, those would be the 10 best torrent sites for downloading eBooks. If you have anything to add, make sure to post your comment below.

And finally, thanks for reading! Add a Comment. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Clear search input Search. By Novak Bozovic. February 9, TechNadu does not condone illegal file-sharing or copyright infringement. Even though P2P file-sharing technology is legal, many of the files exchanged via P2P are indeed copyrighted.

Uploading these copyrighted files can put you at risk of a civil lawsuit. While these lawsuits are often class-action cases, some have been targeted at individual users in an attempt to make an example of them. A VPN will prevent your Internet provider from tracking your online activity. A VPN will unblock any website, including torrent repositories. This is especially important in countries where torrent sites are taken down regularly.

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server in a different country and unblock what was previously inaccessible. A VPN will unleash the full power of your Web connection. A VPN is an all-in-one solution! A VPN is the best and the most effective way to protect your torrenting. Scroll to the left Scroll to the right.

Access Restrictions Should be available everywhere. Advertisements None.

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It is a Japanese form of comic series. It came in the year for the first time and took the heart of millions of people across the globe. Every anime lover always finds some quality time to watch the series in spite of the busy schedule. However, every time you cannot download your favorite series. For those people, we have some good news. With the advent of technology, every single person uses high-speed internet.

Now, you can utilize it properly by watching your favorite anime series online for free. You can now watch the series online anytime anywhere. Anime was first invented in the year by Osamu Tezuka. He has been considered the godfather of anime whose contribution for this animated series is remarkable. If you distinguish the two words, technically, there is no visible difference between them. In recent days anime has become popular in other parts of the world other than Japan.

Anime is famous for its hand-drawn character and large eyes as well as largely colorful graphics and display, amazing characters, strategies and ideas which are helpful in real life. Common things in all anime character design are that they have large eyes followed by body parts which are proportional and extremely eye-catchy facial expressions.

It is a Japanese colloquialism which comes from shortening the word animation. Just like in English cartoon is synonymous with animation, the same way in Japan, anime is synonymous with animation. The genre Anime was first chalked out in Japan where creative minds and their endeavors fleshed out this category of visual representation.

Now for all anime lovers, what could be a better idea than watching anime for free? There is a provision for that as well where you can watch anime online for free through the Best anime streaming sites of Many websites are streaming the animated series online for free. These sites promote the skill and craft of the anime creators and enhance the accessibility of the audience so that recreation and entertainment serve our purpose and is spread easily worldwide.

Here are some of them. Here browsing for any new series or movies is an easy job to do with one of the best anime streaming sites of Features such as adding a comment on the comment section, auto-play of next video, switch mirrors, playlist suggestions of similar kind of videos, etc. It also allows the countdown to the next episode.

Pros: The dark background compliments the purple-colored hints. You will get many filters which include movies and series on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Checkout: Best Anilinkz Alternatives. It is one of the best-rated anime streaming website of You can choose any of the given seven servers provided and could watch anime online. You have to visit the website and search for the series you wish to watch. Filters are also provided, which helps you with the most popular ones and the latest or oldest ones first options.

Other than this, the main advantage of using this website is that you can interact directly with the community using a chat room. As the website has a dark theme, you get a great browsing experience, which is soothing for eyes. GogoAnime Faster Alternatives.

Crunchyroll is one of the top anime streaming website of You get a good collection of anime shows where you also get an option for a premium membership. Crunchyroll is a legal site. You can download the series as well by simply creating an account of yours. But the cons of the website cannot be neglected. Nobody likes to get interrupted in between your favorite show.

To watch free videos, you get three ads in between. The graphics display quality is also not satisfactory as others, which is approximately about p, which is comparatively weak than others. The servers are otherwise almost perfect.

Is KissAnime banned? This website overcomes almost all the problems of the previous websites. The most notable merit of the website that attracts the viewer is its High-quality graphics. Moreover, no ads are added in between to interrupt you. It provides an opportunity to sort out the shows you wish to see as the shows are categorized correctly.

Thus it becomes effortless to find one. The website Crackle is similar to other streaming anime for free. Sony owns it. It provides fewer amounts of videos, but the quality is excellent. Also, you get a fantastic experience of an ad-free show using filters, which makes it easier to find your favorite among many. However, the only con is that the website is not accessible from some countries.

It consists of a vast amount of anime and manga series. Getting out of only Japanese style anime series, Chia-Anime provides Asian style drama of the series as well. This makes the website a plus point for many more viewers other than Japanese. Pros: Known widely or famous for its fantastic soundtrack. Again the broad content and variation of the series make it even more attractive. Cons: The only con of the website is that the design is a bit backdated in comparison to other websites.

KissAnime is one of the best Anime streaming site available right now. In this particular website, an active community exists which concentrates on discord for everything anime. KissAnime provides significant provision to the user for going through the oldest episode to the latest one as well as the most popular to the most unpopular ones. Cons: You have to disable the ad-block from the site to browse. Otherwise, you cannot get movies for free or watch them online for free.

Now, this website solves the purpose of two shows. One is anime. Another is manga. Simply by entering the website, you can search for both of them, and you get equally best anime streaming experience for both of them through this site. However, with pros, there lie cons as well.

Cons: This website continuously asks the user for enabling the option for providing notifications. However, that can be resolved using the disable button. Checkout: Best Alternatives to Masterani. It is indeed a popular one which telecasts the anime series and movies to watch online for free.

It has collaborations with other anime streaming video websites which helps the browser to get a similar kind of link. Like others, this site is also legal. What does this option do? It gives you different recommendations and suggestions of the series based on the series you have watched earlier. It does not show popup or ads during the Showtime.

This is another advantage of the website. This website functionality is not very similar to the previous ones. You can get the anime series and movies for free. You also get the anime shows and its dubbed versions. The theme is dark, and it has a clean arrangement and presentation.

Pros: The picture clarity is better than many other websites, and indeed, your movie experience will be good with the language wish to prefer the most. Cons: The collection is comparatively less than the contents of the other sites. Unlike other dark-coloured websites , AnimeDao provides you with a lighter background and colorful display of each series. Filters such as most popular, older ones first, latest first, and ongoing etc.

Pros: Its clean and instinctual web design makes browsing extremely easy and fast. When it comes to naming a website uniquely so that it is easily found and accessed, Hulu comes first. One of the greatest features of the website is that all the movies streamed here are of HD quality, another striking feature is variety. Well, to have a good quality as well as variety one needs to pay a minimal fee as a membership token.

The price is worth it, as Hulu has its original movie series. Another striking feature is that we can stream it on mobile with mobile data. However, it comes with the drawback which is this cannot be streamed in all nations across the globe. Almost every lover of anime prefers to watch the series without any popup and ads.

Animebam gives you ad-free videos with all the news of the latest episodes released. However, every website has both pros and cons. Pros: The clarity of the disign and secure browsing and its filters helped it to remain in one of the topmost position of free streaming. Cons: This website has a disadvantage is that if we browse Animebam. The problem is resolved by searching. Animestreams is a free movie streaming website.

You can get a good collection of anime movies on Animestreams , which is not common in all the sites. It has a dark background with bright colored icons of the movies. Animestreams also provides the option for backup when the better shows are offline for a day. Cons: The big mistake with this site is that when you open this website, it opens in a new tab. However, immediately, your current tab becomes an ad. We all know ads and popup are a big no for anime lovers during the show.

Animehub gives the most premium website streaming feel to the user because of its amazingly developed web design, which is extremely easy to browse. It contains a large number of movies and Anime Content from older ones to the latest ones. It also has an extensive collection of filters, and different categories help the user to get the particular type of series one wants to watch. The designs and layouts are attractive and easy to handle for first-timers.

The icons are perfectly arranged in a specific manner. You can use all sorts of filters to access your favorite one easily. However, the only disadvantage is that the website is not accessible from other countries. Though you get the best experience of browsing on this site, the fantastic collection of animation force you to use the same. Another great reason to follow this website is that you get notifications of release dates of new shows as well as the release time.

So, you can be the first one to enjoy the latest series for free. The website layout is easy to handle for the user for its light background and perfectly arranged series. RyuAnime gives you the best details and the oldest content of all times. However, it fails to give an excellent experience to the browser. It has an old layout and web design as well as you cannot see any latest updates using this site.

Its effortless website design is also considered a significant drawback. Animetoon does the same work as others. With a pretty good amount of movies and videos, it entertains the viewers with the best quality and clarity of videos. Cons: The layout of Animetoon is not perfect or up to the mark. It gives all the heads of series at a time in the same page creating great confusion for the viewers.

Like other websites, you can watch anime series online for free. Animekauzoku is an excellent option for viewers to choose among the other similar kind of websites like Anilinkz for a unique feature. It allows the user to download the series for free as well as watch online.

This key feature makes the website different and unique from others. Cons: Only to download the series, you need to register yourself on the website by creating an account. Though there is no visible difference between cartoon and anime, the question lies here that, in this world full of different kinds of entertainment mediums, what is it that draws the attention of the huge mass towards anime?

The reason behind this is an obvious reason that a wide range of people starting from kids to adults watches Anime which fulfills the demand of every single age group. Also, there lies the main difference between other forms of animations or cartoons and Japanese form of cartoon or anime.

Breaking all the stereotypes that only kids can watch an animated cartoon series, Japanese form made a provision of entertainment for all age groups. So we make sure that you get the fantastic experience of watching anime online through the above-mentioned anime streaming sites. In this article, there is much information which is given on anime from its history to what it is now.

A common feature of almost all anime character is its extremely large size of eyes. You can consider that the founder of anime is influenced mainly by a similar animated series character Betty Boop. Son Goku, who is the combatant of the series Dragon Ball , is seen as a detective in the series Death Note. Others are.

This was all about Watching Anime Online. Anime is a popular genre among all age groups. The genre was first chalked out in Japan where creative minds and their endeavors fleshed out this category of visual representation. The above mentioned are the Best Anime Streaming sites of We know this is a Big List.

And there are many more out there. We filtered it into 20 Websites. Now you can select the best one according to your interest. And share it with your friends if you found this helpful. Textsheet Alternative s Both of them have been an excellent resource for students. Are you wondering why Textsheet. Predominantly these sites are popular in the US, and the students are letting out their anguish through the Reddit.

Scroll down for more. Textsheet was one of the best online educational platforms that offered solutions to the questions asked by the users. Most of the questions asked by the students were based on their homework problems. Textsheet also provided answers for the practical online papers of the Chegg. Currently, the Textsheet. It is indeed unfortunate news for the students that anyone can no more access the Textsheet. Of course, there are still alternatives available for Textsheets and let us get to know more about them.

You can find many threads on Reddit where the student community discuss their difficulties due to the shutdown of Text sheets. Need Free Books to find Solutions? Get it from Best Book Torrent Websites. Litanswers was considered to be the best alternative for Textsheet and was immensely helpful for the students. But Litanswers is not working because of the same copyright issues that were claimed by Chegg. All the alternative sites we are yet to discussed here are good sites that can take the place of Litanswers.

Are you wondering is Textsheet down? Well, it is true. You can no more use this site for answers. Slader is yet another relevant and useful free alternative site for Textsheet and Chegg. Join the millions of students who are already using Slader to bring solutions to all their problems. Just like Textsheet. Getting to know the answers to the textbook is very easy. All you have to do is to scan the barcode of your textbooks or enter the title of your textbooks. Once you complete this activity, you will get all the answers you need.

Slader is trying to improve the overall quality of the content they provide to win the trust of the student community. You can find a solution for your homework and assignment with no tension. Slader offers solutions for all age group students, whether they belong to middle school or grad school. The best part is that there are minimal advertisements that are being flashed on the site. You can avail of answers for answers to plenty of subjects.

We have already discussed the two major alternative sites for Textsheet. But still, it offers homework solutions that are quite less organised when you compare Studylib with the Slader. But Studylib is one of the most significant sources for the student community to get answers for the assignment and all subjects.

You can get answers for a variety of subjects like. You can easily download all your required documents for free. In case you have some critical assignment solution that can be useful for the fellow students, you are free to upload it. Studylib also allows you to download documents from the home page itself. Of course, by now, you would have come to know that Chegg is the sole reason for the shutdown of the Textsheets.

But Chegg can be an alternative site all student can use. Are you stuck up with your daily homework and searching for a site to guide you? Chegg offers a massive number of solutions to the students. Anyone can avail answers from experts on any tricky answers by the experts of Chegg. The experts of Chegg are ready to help you with all your homework very fast.

You can download the app that you can find in the play store. The site offers you a solution on a variety of subjects like chemistry, maths, engineering, business and much more. You can get your homework help for more than 80 subjects and other courses.

It can provide you with answers for all your toughest subjects and assignments. The experts are ready to solve anything for you. The only thing that makes the student uncomfortable is the pricing range. To enroll with Chegg, you need a monthly membership. If you need a solution for a single assignment or a subject you will be required to pay for a subscription for the whole month.

Even if you have to access the site for one day or two, you need a full month subscription. It is the starting range of the subscription fee. On the other hand, you can also avail the online trial version of tutoring service up to 30 minutes without any payment. So far, we have discussed what happened to Textsheet and Litanswers and the reason behind the shutdown. If you are a student in search of an excellent alternative site, this article is one for you.

We have provided all the details about these websites. Hope, this was helpful. Which of these sites worked well for you? Leave a comment below to tell us. Do share it with your Buddies Also:. Are you in search of a Masterani Alternative? Then you are in the perfect place. It has a massive fan following in the anime industry.

When it comes to unavailability of Masterani. We are here to provide you with the best Masterani. Just follow the links mentioned below. Anime lovers mostly like it for its lively colors and crystal clear HD display. Also, Masterani is recognized for its dubbed and subbed versions of the series. As you go through the entire website, you can find out different filters. If we compare among different parameters of the site with other sites, it is best for video quality, contents, user-friendly interface, and HD display.

You also get the option to choose your video quality manually between p to p. It entirely depends on your internet speed. Well, before starting with the alternatives sites it is good to understand the features of Masterani and details about Masterani Shutdown so that you can select the Best one from the Best. Here are some exciting features of Masterani. Due to many copyright claims on Masterani.

There was no trace of the site for many days on the internet. That was a huge disappointment for anime lovers. We have mentioned the best Masterani. To all the anime lovers, disappointed by the sudden shutdown of your favorite anime streaming website? Do not worry. We have arranged a great collection of alternatives for you. You can get all the features you enjoyed on Masterani. Have a look. It is considered one of the best alternatives of Masterani. You get the facility of premium membership and can download the series or watch them online.

This site is legal but includes many ads in between. It is effortless to handle due to its user-friendly interface and attracts the viewers for its layout. High-quality videos starting from p to p are available to choose from. The facility of chatting directly with the anime community is an excellent advantage for the user.

You can quickly gather a lot of information regarding your favorite anime series through the contents shared. Check out our list of Best Anime Streaming Websites. This modern XDCC Anime client has fantastic features which will improve your anime watching experience.

Littleweeb is open-source software. If you get tired of going through a long downloading journey, then Littleweeb gives you the provision of downloading it with download manager. You can queue the download as well as interact with them. It provides detailed information and great content regarding the series so that you get a good idea about what to watch. Littleweeb keeps you up to date with the latest updates of your favorite anime shows. Download Littleweeb from here.

Looking for Alternatives to Anilinkz? Pretty much similar to Masterani. You can use a pc or a mobile to access the website. It exports 4k movies. Plenty of filters featured in the home page allow the user to find the favorite anime series they are searching for. Not only movies, but it also streams TV shows for free.

This website is legal, and anime lovers all across the globe can access it. Have you ever thought of watching your favorite show without subtitles? To streams anime without any subtitles. Have you ever imagined that you could learn Japanese by watching an animated series? Sounds impossible right? The beginners can now easily download the series or watch them online with high-quality graphics. It is a bit too childish and informal, but at the same time, it is very imaginative. Also, it clearly shows the date of uploading , file size, health, and other necessary information for every torrent file.

Hence, users can easily choose which file to download. This is another worthy addition to the finest torrent sites as it includes a massive database of over 16 millions torrents. Hence, you will likely find your desired movie, TV show, ebook, or software very easily. Established in , the website has sustained a credible position by maintaining a low profile. It even helped the site evade most bans; hence, users from any part of the world can access it easily.

Though, UK users may face trouble as the country has banned TorrentDownloads. But, with a VPN, you can evade all such restrictions easily. Despite the presence of numerous BitTorrent platforms, Torrends also enjoys huge success. You can attribute its colossal traffic to its robust search engine that draws torrent file results from other popular sites. This includes direct file links as well as magnet links. When you search on it , you will not only get the relevant file links from the top-ranked torrent sites, but you will also know other details, including uploader names, date of upload, file size, seeds , and link health.

Thus, you can easily decide which torrent file to download. Instead, you can simply search for your favorite music right here and get straight to the appropriate link. Rather it mainly sources torrent links for all rare and known TV shows as direct and magnet links. Though, the site that originally started in was great as it was an ad-free platform. However, in , it stopped functioning, and some mirror links of it surfaced online that show ads. Yet, if you remain careful while browsing, such as using adblockers to avoid the clutter, you can use it to download an eBook torrent, your favorite shows, or any other thing you need.

This one is just another torrenting arena with an interactive site interface helping new users too. Its database includes content from all major categories, including software, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. You can easily perform a quick search for your desired content to reach its direct and magnet links for downloading. It also shows the genuine links as verified , thus making it easier for you to ensure safe torrenting. The site is straightforward to use.

Also, you can find all old and new shows via its dedicated browse option. Or, if you know the year of release, you can search your desired content with the year. The only minor issue with ETTV is that it may not have the latest episode releases. So you may have to wait a couple of weeks before downloading the newest episode from here.

As the name shows, Nyaa is a Japanese website. So, that makes perfect sense for it to be a popular torrent site for anime. The original Nyaa platform worked great until its shutdown in Since then, Nyaa. It has a friendly and navigable interface so that every anime lover can access the desired media very easily. The only thing with this site is its limited content diversity which predominantly includes content from Japan, Korea, and China.

But that is quite okay given that it focuses on anime only. Here is one more torrent search engine saving you from the hassle of browsing through torrent sites. The site has a simple, somewhat unattractive interface , though at least, for me. However, Google had once marked this site as suspicious as its Safe Browsing Feature reports parts of the sites linked with malware.

Yet, it presently labels this site as safe. So, we urge anyone trying to use this site to have a robust VPN and anti-malware installed on the device. Like other quality torrent sites topping up this list, BitPort is also a comprehensive platform for downloading P2P stuff. The best feature of this site is that it saves you from meddling with torrent download clients. You just need to create an account here and download your desired files in a few clicks. You can even download the files to your cloud drives.

The only problem with this site is that it has a freemium subscription. With free accounts, you get a limited 1GB of free cloud storage with limited and unsecured downloads. However, with an appropriate paid subscription plan , you can increase your cloud storage and get more download slots with secured downloading. You can try their risk-free paid plan that comes with a day money-back guarantee to test its feasibility for you.

Launched in , the site is an excellent torrent search engine with direct magnet links to safe torrents. While KickAss Torrents is also up in some way, iDope continues to function as intended. It also has some unofficial mirror links through which users can access this site if not directly accessible. Nonetheless, a VPN always serves as a workaround to evade this restriction. However, at iDope, users may not find as extensive a database of P2P files here as the key players. However, it works best for fast downloading of the relevant files.

Also, the database gets updated almost every hour. Our list of the best torrenting websites would be incomplete without mentioning SkyTorrents. The search results display additional information about the torrents , including seeders, leechers, file size, and uploading time. It has a huge database, having indexed 25,, torrents at present.

Hence, you can find anything you want on this single platform, from software, ebook torrents, and games to movies and music. As is the typical case with P2P sources, many countries have blocked SkyTorrents. But, you can access it by using a torrent proxy or mirror link. As the name suggests, it genuinely has a vast galaxy of torrents sourcing content from all major categories. From movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, software, ebooks, and even online skill development courses, you name it, and TorrentsGalaxy will bring its torrent link to you.

The website has a straightforward, navigable, and interesting layout. These details make it easy even for a naive user to find the right link. The platform has indexed over torrent websites. It means there would hardly be anything for which you cannot find a torrent link while searching here.

Powered by Google, the site has currently indexed 55,, torrents. It literally resembles Google in its interface. The only difference lies in the links available in search results that exclusively come from torrent sites. The top search results include direct links for torrents mentioning the health status, download speed, and the number of downloads.

BTDigg is quite a unique site in the realm of torrents. It is neither a torrent database nor among any torrent tracker list out there. It does not store any content and hence, does not warrant safety. It aims at providing free content for BitTorrent Network. The overall website has a straightforward interface. Also, it supports search queries in multiple languages. Unlike its name, DirtyTorrents is actually a pretty clean platform with a nice and navigable interface. So, through this platform, you can get your desired content with ease, be it a movie, a TV show, music, or even software or an app.

Mirror links: dirtytorrents. Joining the trail of movies torrenting sites, now comes YourBittorrent. It is a dedicated torrenting platform featuring torrents from various categories, including software, games, ebooks, and anime. However, it works great for movie lovers as it includes a massive database of it. Scrolling through this platform is extremely easy. The overall layout is clutter-free , with clear lists of torrents appearing in various categories. The list also mentions essential details for the users, such as the file size, upload date, seeders, and leechers.

Mirror links: yourbittorrent. It was first launched back in It continued to function smoothly until its voluntary shutdown in However, soon after its apparent demise, its mirror links appeared online that remain available and functioning. Like other top P2P websites, ExtraTorrent also includes a wide range of torrent collections , including diversified content types.

With a neat and simple interface, the site is easy to navigate and find your desired content. Also, it displays very few ads as compared to most torrent sites. GloTorrents, like all the major competitors, bears a neat and clean interface with easy-to-use features. Thus, you can easily decide which torrent link to go for.

Users can find a vast torrent collection on this site, including movies, TV shows, music, radio, software, anime, games, ebooks, tutorials, and a lot more. So, you can imagine the extensive torrent database hosted here. Though, during its survival, it did suffer tough times, following which its website experienced downtimes. The longest being a 2-years extended downtime. Furthermore, the sudden demise of its founder alias Deimos was another blow to the site.

However, it did revive with all its glory in and is currently available via various mirror links. At present, the site is only banned in the UK and Ukraine. So, a majority of users globally would seemingly have no problems in accessing Demonoid.

It offers a vast torrent database with content belonging to various niches and an above-average download speed. The overall site interface is not so attractive. In fact, some users may face difficulty in browsing through all the options. After going through this extensive list of two dozen torrent websites, you might think of every torrent resource as safe.

And that is — you cannot trust and use every website offering free or paid torrenting. Although, you can distinguish the safe resources from the fake ones using the criteria explained at the beginning of this guide. Yet, there are some sites that you should avoid using at all costs. Here we quickly list them out for you.

The main reason to steer clear of this website is its awkward advertising practices. Briefly, it frequently redirects visitors to other links that may feature suspicious or downright malicious content. In addition, while the site exists via different domains, every domain does the same.

Hence, visiting this platform exposes you to adware, malware, and other cyber threats. Plus, the spammy invitations that people may see on this website on public forums can be annoying. Another website that you should avoid for torrenting is IPTorrents.

In fact, it was once a pretty useful resource for torrentors. However, with time, it overhauled to become more of a directory than a torrent hosting site. Thus, becoming far less valuable than others. It first requires you to download the client, which may be troublesome and risky for average users.

Even if you bear with that, the tons of grammatical and linguistic errors on this website would surely distract you. It boasts a decent torrent library, which has enabled the site to attract over 8 million monthly visitors. But the bombardment of ads on the site is at an unbearable level. But, for beginners, this might be an essential thing to know because people usually perceive torrenting as copyright infringement means.

However, you can benefit from this fantastic facility in many more valuable and legal ways. Some of the things that you can get from torrenting include the following. You can look up the sites for your preferred content by typing the title in the search bar.

Here we end our review of the best torrent sites that actually work for all users globally. All you need with these websites is a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, which you might have installed on your computer already. We explicitly created this extensive list because most users face troubles in accessing commonly available sites. In comparison, the ones they can access may not be reliable enough to host safe torrents.

Although, the authorities may have their own valid reasons for blocking torrents. However, since PrivacySavvy always advocates for internet freedom with responsible use , we created this list. Though, we have strived our best to mention all safe torrent sites here that genuinely work. Nonetheless, you can always ask for an update whenever you find any site or link not working anymore.

Ideally, you should prefer using a robust paid VPN, as it can even help you increase the download speed. So, you may not get enough privacy with free VPNs. Many authorities around the world monitor the activities of torrent trackers today.

If torrenting is illegal in your area, you will likely face legal issues. If not, you may experience technical problems like ISP throttling. The so-called zero-day exploits security vulnerabilities found in the brand new software attest to StreamEast is one of the most popular free sports streaming sites that allows you to watch matches, MoviesJoy is a popular free video-directory platform that allows you to stream various content.

Once upon a time, there was a network of very successful movie streaming websites in Vietnam. The ne Twitch contains tons of ads that will impede your streaming experience. The best way to block the ad Abeerah is a passionate technology blogger and cybersecurity enthusiast.

She yearns to know everything about the latest technology developments. Read More. Home Security Torrents 27 best torrent sites in June that actually work. Sneak peek at using safe torrent sites. Because they are also a threat to users and enterprise security and integrity.

Secondly, they also violate copyright. Best torrent websites — Quick list Are you in a hurry to get straight to the top torrent sites that work even in ? Has a huge database of free software and entertainment stuff like movies, shows, and games. However, frequently gets blocked by authorities. A user-friendly interface makes finding the desired torrent file easy.

Features lots of content belonging to different categories with direct and magnet links. A popular website garnering colossal traffic due to its content diversity. Features lots of download links for torrent files. However, faces a ban often due to copyright infringement. YTS — Best for movies. The site includes a vast database of old and new movies of different genres. Kickass Torrents — Best for TV shows.

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