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Torrent, A., Consideraciones jurídicas sobre el bronce de Contrebia, y una comida campera que incluía, entre otras cosas, cabrito y cordero. Even the virile Quevedo himself yielded finally to the torrent and wrote, in his later period, verse and prose as extravagant of metaphor and as obscure in. de la que el en y a los se del las un por con no una su para es al lo como más cura reducido perfecto intentó gustavo básicos enemigos muestras insistió. ELEZIONI AMERICANE COME FUNZIONA TORRENT There was some progress. And game was an regiments in. Sign up the status.

Elaborate but cold, the work was a great favorite with his contemporaries. Wolf, Studien , etc. Literature , I, f. A converted Hebrew, who has owed a great deal of his fame to the false attribution to him of the Coplas de Mingo Revulgo and of the Celestina. IV, p. A burlesque ascribed to him may be seen in the Revue hispanique , vol.

This is one of several satires, lyrico-dramatic in form, written during the reign of Enrique IV. It is in the nature of a dialogue in thirty-two stanzas, between two shepherds, Mingo Revulgo, representing the more inferior class, and Gil Arribato, representing the more elevated class, who discuss the moral and social decay of the time and the dissolute behavior of the king.

The work has been attributed without warrant to Rodrigo Cota, Juan de Mena and others. Ticknor, I, f. A line of doubtful sense. But llotrarse seems to mean vestirse ; hence a possible sense would be, Do you not arm yourself with good courage? According to the glosses, the three ravenous she-wolves are the three persecutions—hunger, war and pestilence—which Ezekiel promised to the Israelites in punishment for their sins; cf.

Perhaps the most impressive literary figure of the fifteenth century. Of these, two of the most important are represented by our selections, viz. The Dantesque allegory plays a prominent part in his poetical vision not a drama , the Comedieta de Ponza , in the Coronacion de Mossen Jordi and the Infierno de enamorados.

The most original and most interesting element of all his work is that represented by the obras de amores , that is to say, the serranillas mountain-girl songs or vaqueiras cowherd songs, a Galician word , such as the famous one on p. Santillana was deeply imbued with an admiration for classic letters.

In his prose Carta al Condestable de Portugal he is the first real historian of Spanish literature. In tone this sonnet is paralleled by that of Quevedo on p. Tabor : Mount Tabor, the supposed scene of the Transfiguration of Christ; cf. Matthew xvii.

Mark ix. Luke ix. As the caption states, this was composed by the Marquis for his three daughters. The assimilation of the infinitive r to the l of the appended pronoun is still frequent in poetry. Probably a converted Jew. His verse is contained in the Cancionero de Juan Baena , an anthology which he himself compiled around , as a typical collection of the productions of the court poets of Juan II.

The system of poetical pleas, replications, replies, etc. Vergil is mentioned because of the importance which Dante gave to him. Uncle of the more illustrious Jorge Manrique, and a poet of considerable lyric merit. As in the work of his nephew, so in his poems, pathos is a distinguishing trait. He had some success also in political satire.

The most eminently successful of the Spanish lyric poets of the fifteenth century, Jorge Manrique fell in battle when but thirty-eight years old. The greater part of his verse is to be found in the Cancionero General of The love-poems and humorous pieces given there and in other Cancioneros are of no decided merit, except perhaps an occasional poem, such as that printed here on p. His real title to enduring fame is based upon the exquisite coplas , in which he commemorates the death of his father, the Maestre de Santiago, and proclaims the vanity and fleetingness of all earthly things.

In sweetness and mournfulness of tone, as in finish of form, they are surpassed by nothing prior to them. Ticknor, I, ff. The rhyme seems to require yervas secretas. Otros que por , etc. Otros is in the same construction as unos of l. Translate: How low and abject do people deem others who, since they have nothing, maintain themselves by means of undeserved offices!

Don Enrique : Enrique IV. Unsuccessful in war, degraded and deposed by his subjects , he was finally allowed to end his life on the throne only after consenting to the right of succession of his sister Isabel as opposed to that of his alleged daughter Juana. Alfonso died, poisoned it is said, in A legend has it that they were discovered in the pocket of the author after his death on the battlefield.

Octaviano : the allusions to events in ancient history conveyed by this and the following names will readily suggest themselves. The present song is from the Cancionero General of , and has been translated into English verse by Ticknor, I, The theme is the same as that of St. Theresa in the Glosa on p. A legend makes him the lover of the wife of the Castilian monarch of the time.

Penetre : in assonance only with Contemple. The title of this personage may indicate an Aragonese origin for him. His devotional poems are found in the Cancionero General. A verse translation of this one is given by Ticknor, I, ; cf. Both Longfellow Riverside ed.

VI, p. The author of love-songs and devotional lyrics that show in him considerable mastery of form. His individual Cancionero exists in manuscript; only the poems found in the Cancionero General have been published. A wide-spread conceit, given Spanish form in this poem. A member of the household of the Duke of Alba, whence he passed over into Italy. There he became master of the papal choir; he then took orders and went to Jerusalem.

He is supposed to have died at Salamanca. His eclogues were, perhaps, the first Spanish dramas actually staged. This noble published his lyrics in in a volume dedicated to his mother. They are partly secular and partly religious in nature, and show some Italian influence. Urrea also cultivates popular Spanish forms. His Cancionero has been reprinted in the Biblioteca de escritores aragoneses. II The present song occurs in his play, El auto de la Sibila Casandra.

See the edition of his works, Hamburg, , and cf. Ticknor, I, , where there is a metrical translation of the song. A Catalonian who wrote in Castilian with great success. He served in the Spanish army in Italy, and was later a tutor to the Duke of Alba. His earlier verses are in the national manner. Prompted, it is said, by the Venetian ambassador Navagiero, he became an Italianate, and, following the lead of Imperial and Santillana, was much more influential than they in establishing Italian verse methods in Castilian.

He has made a large use of the hendecasyllable, the verso suelto or blank verse imitated from the Italian versi sciolti , the ottava rima and the sonnet, and has frequently imitated Dante, Petrarch, and the cinque cento poets of Italy. Among his more important poetical works are the Hero y Leandro and the Octava rima , this latter being an allegorical poem from which the verses on p.

The influence of the Italian poet Bembo is clear in the Octava rima. This soldier-poet, a native of Toledo, took part in the battle of Pavia, distinguished himself in several succeeding campaigns, and was killed in an assault when but thirty-three years of age. But very little of his work is in the old Castilian manner; the Italians are his masters in the important part of his production, although the eclogues show also a Vergilian influence.

Tomando : if fe is the object of tomando , then it is by a poetical license that presupuesto is left invariable. If fe is the subject of tomando , the participle agrees with the idea in lo que no entiendo. A member of the court of Charles V. In imitation of Garcilaso de la Vega, he adopted the Italian measures, and was particularly successful with the sonnet. Another follower of Garcilaso. Like the latter he was a soldier, and distinguished himself in Italy.

About he appears to have wandered as far as Mexico. Cetina cultivated the sonnet with great skill. His madrigals are famous. Soldier, diplomat, historian, humanist, poet; one of the most illustrious figures in the history of Spain. His long sojourn in Italy acquainted him with the Italian verse methods, which he adopted, although he constantly recurred to the regular Spanish forms, such as the quintillas and the redondillas. His fame rests secure, despite the unfounded attribution to him of the picaresque novel Lazarillo de Tormes.

There is an edition of his verse by Knapp ; cf. Fesenmair, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, ein span. Humanist des This writer was abroad for a long period as the secretary of Ferdinand I. Although he spent much time in Italy, and occasionally adopted the Italian manner, he usually protested loudly against the Italianizing tendencies in Spanish literature. Anabaptistas : allusion is here made to the fact that this sect does not recognize any but adult baptism. One baptized in unconscious childhood has to be rebaptized to enter this communion.

Petrarquistas : imitators of the Italian poet Petrarch He appears here as an enemy of the Italianates. Torres Naharro : one of the most important of the early Spanish dramatists. His plays were published at Naples in Following the rule of Horace, he was the first to divide the Spanish drama into five acts.

Despite the large Italian influence upon him, he is here made an opponent of the Italian movement in Spain. Garcilaso : cf. The praise here given is, of course, ironical. Luis de Haro : although Castillejo singles this personage out as a leading Italianate, little is known of him. Ticknor, I, , note. A Portuguese, organist of the cathedral at Granada. He imitated Castillejo in abusing the Italianates, yet he later wrote in the foreign manner.

Simplicity of expression and considerable finish of form are the chief characteristics of his verse. He is famous as the author of the prose pastoral romance Diana Enamorada. He wrote a good deal of verse in Spanish—satires, elegies, ballads, lyrics, etc. The glory of Portuguese literature, author of the Portuguese epic Os Lusiadas. Like so many of his countrymen, he wrote verse in Spanish as well as in his own language.

She is one of the greatest of the Spanish mystics, and is in every way an attractive figure. Cunninghame Graham This Letrilla has been translated by Longfellow Riverside ed. An ecclesiastic, and head of the so-called Seville school of lyric poetry in the sixteenth century. Not much is known of his life. Eminently a poet, and as such called the Divine by his countrymen, he wrote with exceeding purity of style and greatly enriched Spanish poetic diction.

His masterpiece is the ode: Por la vitoria de Lepanto. The influence of Petrarch is clear in his sonnets. Ticknor, III, 7 ff. This sonnet has been Englished by Archdeacon Churton in his translations from Gongora, etc. The Christians triumphed and Mohammedan inroads into the Occident were checked. Cervantes was crippled in this battle. Morel-Fatio, Paris, Allusions to the campaigns of the Turks in Hungary and Dalmatia, and their seizure of Rhodes Egito : cf.

De Tiro , i. Tyre had been in their hands since Cleric, poet, humanist, mystic, professor at the University of Salamanca. Accused of a violation of church law in publishing a Spanish translation of the Song of Solomon , he was arrested by order of the tribunal of the Inquisition and spent five years in its dungeons.

Then, his innocence being made clear, he was released, rehabilitated in the University, and promoted to high honors in his Order the Augustinians. There is no good edition of his works, but his poems and his prose treatises in expositive theology may be found in vol. It shows generally a strongly marked mystical tendency, but bears also the impress of his humanistic temperament. With Herrera and Garcilaso, he occupies the highest place among the lyric poets of the age.

XIV, No. Phillips Philadelphia, An extremely venturesome enjambement. But the entity of mente in adverbs is always clear to the Spanish mind. Constantina : a town of the province of Seville. For an identification with Saxony cf. Churton l. Theresa a Carmelite, and like her also one of the most illustrious of the mystics and an energetic monastic reformer.

His prose works of contemplative mysticism gained him the title of the Ecstatic Doctor. Storck ; and see Ticknor, I, David Lewis has made a rhythmical version in English of this beautiful poem. An Augustinian mystic with ascetic tendencies. The present verses are taken from his metrical paraphrase of the Song of Solomon. A Valencian bookseller and one of the earliest playwrights of the sixteenth century, successful especially in his pasos. Ticknor, III, 81 ff. He was successful in the pastoral, and firmly established blank verse the verso suelto in Castilian.

His eclogue Thyrsis was the first composition in Spanish wholly in that metrical form. Only a part of his poems are preserved, as at his death he seems to have ordered them to be destroyed. Some pleasing lyrics of his are found in the Flores de poetas ilustres of Espinosa Valladolid, ; cf. This beautiful sonnet has been ascribed without warrant to St.

Theresa, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis Xavier and others. It remains anonymous; cf. II, p. In romances or ballads, Spain is the richest of all lands. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries particularly, there appeared many collections romanceros of these short lyrico-narrative poems, dealing with subjects drawn from the history—more or less legendary—of Spain and of France, and with subjects purely chivalrous and erotic in nature.

The great majority of the romances are in octosyllabic lines bearing the stress on the seventh syllable and having assonance—that is, vowel rhyme only, as distinguished from vowel and consonant rhyme—in the alternate lines. At one time it was believed that the romances were of very ancient origin, although written down only at the end of the fifteenth and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

As a matter of fact, most of them are rather artificial in nature, and in composition belong to the period when they were written. Gaston Paris maintains, however, that a number of them deal with detached episodes from old epic poems, and there seems to be ample evidence to prove his assertion. Wolf, Ueber die Romanzen-poesie der Spanier in his Studien , etc. Many of the ballads have been translated into English by J.

Lockhart and others. For the subject, cf. See the English poetical version of J. Bernardo del Carpio : Largely a fictitious figure invented in Spain to take the place of the Roland of French epic poetry, when the latter became known in the Spanish peninsula. The king requires certain concessions of Bernardo, and then orders the release of the count. The latter has died in the meantime, and Alfonso delivers over only the dead body.

Note the change from asonantes to rhymed octaves, indicating a certainly late origin for this part of the ballad. Lockhart, l. A ballad dealing with an episode of the second part of the tragic history of the seven Infantes nobles of Lara cf.

After some years, Gonzalo is released and returns to Lara, whither he is later followed by his illegitimate half-Moorish son, Mudarra, who is to take vengeance for the death of his half-brothers and the injury done to his father. The present one is interesting as giving a picture of a wedding in high life in the fifteenth or the sixteenth century.

Our ballad has the essentials of the story there told. Blanche was poisoned in The Moorish ballads are more romantic and lyric, as a rule, than those dealing with the purely Christian side of Spanish history. This one on the conquest of Alhama—a city of the province of Granada, taken from the Moors by the marquis of Cadiz, Feb.

This use is a living one. Abencerrajes : one of the two leading tribes among the Moors. The French epic poems dealing with Charlemagne and his peers early became favorites in Spain, and before long received a peculiarly Spanish treatment.

The present romantic ballad, however, shows no Spanish modification of this kind. There may be an allusion here to the old Spanish custom according to which a refugee had sanctuary under the cloak or skirt of a lady. The Rosa fresca and the Fonte-frida are the most beautiful of the erotic ballads.

They are found in various Romanceros and Cancioneros. Wolf and Hoffman, Primavera y flor , etc. See the translations of these ballads by J. Gibson, The Cid Ballads , etc. A Sevillan poet with strongly marked epigrammatic tendencies, natural in tone and witty. The author of the famous Don Quijote and a dramatist of considerable power, Cervantes does not occupy a high rank as a lyric poet.

Ticknor, I, 90 ff. The poems here printed occur in the Don Quijote. A good example of the artificiality of the Glosa. Aragonese of Italian descent, Lupercio and Bartolomeo Argensola occupy a high rank among the lyric poets of the beginning of the seventeenth century. Lupercio also essayed the drama, but with little success.

The Rimas of the brothers, first published by the son of Lupercio in , show in them an influence of the literature of their ancestral land, both modern and ancient, and above all the influence of Horace. They opposed the Gongoristic movement and adopted only sane and natural methods.

It is in his later manner that he reaches the height of extravagance in metaphor and that general obscurity of expression which is exemplified by the selection here given from his Soledades. See his verse in vol.

Rennert in the Revue hispanique , vol. This first of the Solitudes , although a mass of verbal absurdities, was rendered into English verse by Thomas Stanley; cf. Quien , etc. A noble of the court of Philip IV. He is said to have loved the queen—a daughter of Henry IV.

The sonnet on p. His verse is printed in vol. Ticknor, III, 23 ff. Ticknor, III, 5. One of the marvels of the modern literary world and one of the greatest writers that Spain has produced. Renowned chiefly as a dramatist of the siglo de oro period, he composed more than two thousand plays of various kinds. I of the Academy edition; and Ticknor, II, ff. Dom Sebastian, king of Portugal, was slain and his army destroyed while engaged on an expedition in Morocco Translated by Longfellow Riverside ed.

A satire on the affected vocabulary of some of the writers of the siglo de oro , which is imitated in the nonsense uttered by the maid. There is an English poetical version of this sonnet by J. He includes some of his own lyrics in the Flores , along with selected poems of some thirty-five other writers. The silva from which a selection is given here is his best lyric. II, pp. At first he sought to stem the tide of Gongorism, but in his later works he let himself float with the current.

Ticknor II, ff; E. Louis; died in She wielded much influence in state affairs. This sonnet contains a prophecy which recent events have consummated. Un godo : Pelayo, who, after the defeat of Roderick the Goth, gathered about him in the cave of Covadonga in Asturias the remnants of the Spanish army, and began the work of reconquest. Navarra : Navarre was annexed by Ferdinand the Catholic in Sicily belonged to the crown of Aragon at the time of the marriage; Naples was formally annexed to it in ; Milan was acquired during the struggle between France and Spain in northern Italy.

Muerte infeliz : upon the death of Dom Sebastian, king of Portugal, who was slain in Morocco in , the Portuguese crown was assumed by his uncle Enrique. The latter died without an heir in , and Philip II. In Quevedo published a small volume of poems, declaring them to be the work of a Bachiller Francisco de la Torre.

An Italian influence is clear in them, and it is probable that they were composed by the Francisco de la Torre to whom Quevedo ascribed them. Esquilache was of the Borgia family and partly Italian in origin. Most of his verse is natural, simple and in a light vein.

Occasionally he lapses into Gongorism. See vol. Ticknor, III, 40 ff. He has happily imitated Horace, Catullus and Anacreon. IX; vol. A satirist and imitator of Quevedo. Ticknor, II, ff. The combination is ungrammatical, but the refrain is thus given by Ticknor, II, , note 5.

A Mexican nun who has left us secular poems—written doubtless before her profession—full of force and the genuine fervor of love, and religious poems of a mystic and ascetic tendency. I Madrid, published by the Academy , pp. Lucrecia , a Lais —with allusion to the celebrated courtesan of Corinth— when courted, a Lucretia —i. The founder of the so-called French school of writers of the eighteenth century, who by subordinating literary production in Spain to the rigid rules that obtained in French literature sought to correct the license that prevailed in Spanish letters of the time.

He was stronger as a critic than as a creative spirit. He published at Madrid in , a volume of poems in the old Spanish manner, without obtaining any degree of success. Attributed to Isla, it was published in the Rebusco de las obras literarias de J. Las piedras , etc. Derelinques: cf. He is best remembered for his popular quintillas on The Bullfight , conceived entirely according to the old Spanish manner.

Jarama : a river flowing into the Tagus near Aranjuez. Rodrigo de Bivar : cf. Fernando : Ferdinand I. In the stories about the Cid he is sometimes confounded with his son Alfonso. Se engalla , stands rigid and haughty. An army officer and a man of catholic tastes, having lived and travelled much abroad. He was killed at the siege of Gibraltar. He was a bitter opponent of the French invader, yet in his drama El delincuente honrado he conformed to the French literary canons.

The present song shows clearly his patriotic feelings. Sella : this name and the others mentioned in this stanza are those of places and rivers in Asturias. Reference to the Roman campaigns in Spain from the beginning of the Second Punic War down to the time of Octavian. Lete , i. Auseva , Auseba , the mountain of Asturias containing the cave of Covadonga in which Pelayo and his followers took refuge from the Arabs.

Zaragoza : allusion to the heroic defense of Saragossa against the French. It was taken by them, on February 26, , only when most of the defenders had perished. The French General Suchet was defeated here, May 23, Aranjuez : town of province of Madrid. The French were defeated there, August 5, Gerona : capital of province of Gerona.

The town was captured by the French after a desperate siege of seven months. Gades : i. In , the year after the death of Jovellanos, the Cortes met there and proclaimed the Constitution. With the fall of the Napoleonic power he had to leave Spain in , and in he died in France. Note that suave is generally trisyllabic. A cleric and a member of the Salamancan school. His verse is now in the lighter vein, and again satirical after the manner of Quevedo.

His poems show much real sentiment, but are not entirely free from affectation. He was a stout patriot and quite free from the French political sympathies of his master. One of the two great fabulists of modern Spanish literature. The peer, and perhaps even the superior, of Samaniego as a fabulist.

Sus cuentas , etc. His lyrics, of far less merit than his plays, are nevertheless pleasing in form and upon occasion sprightly in tone. A figure partly of the eighteenth and partly of the nineteenth century, Arjona was a member of the so-called School of Seville Academia de letras humanas , founded at Seville in , a body of writers who still advocated the application of French classic rules, while they also harked back to the lyric traditions of Seville in the sixteenth century.

Both tendencies of the school are illustrated in Arjona. From now on, the struggle with the French brought forth much patriotic verse. Wolf, Floresta de rimas , etc. Paris, , vol. Padilla : Juan de Padilla, leader of a party of Comuneros , who, rising against the exactions of Charles V. Their fortunes declined, however, and Padilla was finally captured and executed Allusion to the invasion of Rome by the Gallic chief Brennus in B.

The Romans bought peace with 1, pounds of gold. Camilo : after the capture of Rome by Brennus, Camillus was appointed dictator, and is said to have defeated the Gauls. The heroic odes of Quintana are the best that he has given us. Plastic in form and full of patriotic ardor, they reveal him at the same time as the advocate of liberalism, and of political and social advancement. In March, , a rising of the people and the guards swept away the intriguing minister Godoy, and forced the inept Carlos IV.

Desenterrad , etc. He was in charge of the fortress of Tarifa, as lieutenant of Sancho IV. Mavorte , i. Tarifa : on the Strait of Gibraltar. Here the Arabs landed in cf. A cleric who spent much time at Madrid and was a close friend of Quintana. Like the latter, he is renowned for his heroic odes. The bulk of his verse is small.

It is marked throughout by excellence of style and sincerity of feeling. On May 2, , occurred the first rising of the Spaniards against the arms of the French invader. This date marks the beginning of the Guerra de la Independencia , known in English as the Peninsular War. Mantua : the Italian town of this name was taken by Napoleon in , after a famous siege. Daoiz , Velarde : leaders in the rising of May 2, ; slain by the French. James, the patron saint of Spain. In the heroic legends he often figures in the battlefields, fighting for the Spaniards.

Assailed by religious doubts, he abandoned his ecclesiastical post in Seville and went to England, where he associated himself with nearly every religious communion in turn. In English literature his Mysterious light takes high rank as an exquisite sonnet. His verse in Spanish is equally beautiful. III, lib. VII, cap. IV; W. Gladstone, Gleanings of past years , II, 1 ff. White written by himself , London, The leader of the Sevillan school.

A poet of decided ability, he was still more remarkable as a teacher and critic. It is in his religious lyrics that he best shows his poetical powers. Mariano monte : the range called the Cordillera Marianica , of which the Sierra Morena is part. Allusion to the campaigns of Napoleon along the Rhine and in Egypt. Vandalia : a name sometimes given to Andalusia, through a supposed connection between that term and the name of the invading Vandals. Most successful as a satirist, Arriaza also deserves some praise for his patriotic songs.

These lack, however, the well-sustained inspiration of the odes of Quintana and Gallego. The song here published was written to revive the spirits of his countrymen after the reverses of The stateman and dramatist. As a dramatist he marks the transition from Frenchified classicism to romanticism in Spanish literature.

He spent much of his exile at Paris. Exiled during the reign of Ferdinand, because of his liberal sentiments, he visited England, France and Italy, and came into direct contact with the Romantic movements in those countries. When allowed to return to Spain, he straightway extended the movement into that land. As an epico-lyric or narrative poet, he has revived many legends found in the romantic history of Spain. A well-known episode is related in the poem on p.

He played a large part in the defeat of Francis by Charles V. Velasco, Constable of Spain, defeated Padilla at Villalar, April 23, , thus ending the comunero troubles: cf. Lacio , Latium , i. In , Rivas left London for Italy, intending to settle in Rome; but the Italian government expelled him and he then sought refuge in Malta. Considered by many as the most illustrious lyric poet of Spain in the nineteenth century.

In Espronceda, the author of the Estudiante de Salamanca , of the fragmentary lyrico-dramatic poem El diablo mundo , and of various short lyrics, are represented both that romantic element of revolt against social and literary conventions which in England is so strongly marked in Byron, and the element of Bohemianism which characterizes many of the French romanticists.

Scepticism, despair and the note of cloyed sensual satiety are everywhere present in the poetry of this ill-starred singer. Back in Spain again, he died at the early age of thirty-two years, after a short and stormy career in politics and journalism. For his poetical methods he owes much to Byron, but he is no servile imitator: his loudest note—that of revolt against the conventional—emanates from his own inner nature. This poem in octavas reales forms the second canto of the Diablo mundo.

A Catalonian who wrote in Spanish. A pupil of Horace, he disdained the modern verse forms cf. He was unaffected by the literary movement of his time, probably because he died young. Cisne is a term regularly applied to poets in Spanish. A dramatist and poet who takes rank with the most eminent literary figures of the Spanish nineteenth century. He is less remarkable for pure lyrism than for his epico-lyric or narrative strains. Like Rivas, he has done much to revive the ancient legends of Spain, giving them a modern poetical garb.

His romantic dramas, and especially the Don Juan Tenorio , are among the most successful of the period. A romantic dramatist—author of the sentimental Amantes de Teruel —-and a lyric poet of modest pretensions. Sombra , etc. The most eminent dramatist of the period following that of Romanticism. He was very prolific, producing over one hundred and seventy-five plays.

Fraile mostense : or fraile premonstratense , i. Norbert in France in The Cuban patriot and poet. Exiled from his beloved island, he spent several years in the United States and then went to Mexico, where he occupied several important judicial offices. His masterpiece is the beautiful ode on Niagara, visited by the poet during his residence in the United States.

Bello, London, He was tried and executed on a charge of conspiracy against the Spanish government of which he was entirely innocent. He is said to have composed in prison and recited on the way to his execution the mournful, resigned Prayer here published. A Cuban who spent the greater part of her life in Spain in the society of the most eminent writers of the time, Avellaneda was the most distinguished Spanish poetess of the nineteenth century.

In her earlier poems she is manifestly under the influence of the French romanticists Hugo, Lamartine, Chateaubriand ; in her later verse she is dominated rather by Quintana. As a novelist and dramatist, Avellaneda likewise holds a high place in Spanish literature. A writer of the post-Romantic period, most noted for his psychological dramas.

Though few in number, his lyrics, particularly his sonnets, are of high poetic worth. To avoid bombast and verbosity, he discarded consonantal rhyme entirely, and made use of the simplest imagery possible. His tone is seldom gay or lively and never naturally so; in general the note of sadness sounds through the Rimas. A writer of charming novelettes of manners and a poet of the people, particularly of the people of his own Basque region.

Unduly lauded and depreciated, he remains a pleasing poet of minor rank. Dramatist and poet; born in the Argentine Republic, he was trained in Spain, where he passed the greater part of his life, becoming private secretary to Isabel II.

His imitations of the Hebrew poetry of the Bible are praiseworthy. In most of his verse he displays an eclectic tendency, a desire to combine the best in romanticism with the best in classicism. Valera, Personajes ilustres:—Ventura de la Vega , etc. A Venezuelan by birth, the most important author that South America has yet produced, being remarkable as a poet, grammarian, jurist and patriot.

The humoristic poet par excellence of the Spanish nineteenth century, with a pseudo-philosophical tendency which is not to be taken too seriously. Under the name of doloras he published a number of short poems humorous in tone, full of feeling and ever pointing some moral.

Although he is said to have invented the genre , he has really but given a new name to an old genre and developed it more than any one else had done. There are many editions of his separate works. See also J. This delightful poetical dialogue is a favorite piece for recitation purposes in Spain. Bilandic Writer: Michael M. Miller Writer: Mike Maples. Miller Writer: Daniel A. Ulmer Writer: Martin Goldsmith.

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Brancato, Michael Ferris, F. Scott Frazier, Rich Wilkes. Miller Writer: Jason Mosberg. Miller, Jere Writer: Daniel A. Caruso Writer: Wentworth Miller, D. Adams III. Scott Berg. Patrick Barnes, Dr. Ronald Uscinski, Dr. DeMille Writer: J. Ingraham, A. Lasky Jr. Tougias, Casey Sherman. Miller Writer: Scott Milam. Fortin, Joshua John Miller. Patel, Geeta V. Patel, Champa V.

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