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Wow ashram seeding torrents

wow ashram seeding torrents

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Thanks for telling me how I'm being snobby and bitter when I didn't even know it myself, how illuminating! I'm perfectly happy these albums are getting a wider release cos now people can objectively judge whether they really are worthy of their semi-mythical status.

I bought Infinite Chants and Divine Songs a couple of years ago, and since I love both Alice Coltrane and good New Age music, I really wanted to to love them, but to my ears they're not just that special. Take away the synths and the rest of it sounds like the stuff I heard at the local Hare Krishna temple in the '90s when I went there to mooch on the free vegan food they were serving.

It's pleasant, functional music for service, but it's hardly as inspired as her jazz material, and there's plenty of b. Don't think I've heard anything from Found these two Alice Coltrane shows online as a set. Both sets remain unissued, and thus are suitable for dime.

The first track is from a private tape of the Carnegie Hall performance, which had 4 songs total. Full info for first set here only Africa is included in this. Amazingly, it remains unissued. The whole thing does exist. It was recorded on 4-track tape, and Alice Coltrane has a copy of the 4-track, and, if I am not mistaken, the original master as well.

Dug a little deeper for the info on the second set and also found the included PDF which contains some original ad for the event. Seemingly the whole set is here. Audience The torrent seed itself says 71 and 74 but the info all says So maybe it is all I thought the players in the band might be wrong for Journey in Satchidananda Alice Coltrane 3. Africa John Coltrane The torrent seed itself says 71 and 74 but the info all says I really want to sample and loop certain bits for some nice saer-style house music.

In my ongoing personal Alice Coltrane revival, I think I've come to the realization that Transcendence from is her overall prettiest album, and therefore, ranks pretty highly for me. Austin , Wednesday, 23 August four years ago link. Being on Luaka Bop. Invocation Introduction by John Schaefer Sivaya Rama Rama Krishna Japaye Journey To Satchidananda Om Shanti These profound performances—publicly available at long last—will be a rare treat for Big Ears audiences.

Alice Coltrane died in , exactly four decades after her husband and collaborator, the saxophone titan John Coltrane. In the years immediately after his death, Alice admitted, she struggled immensely, a single mother of four mourning the loss of an extremely creative partnership. She began to heal, though, when she stumbled into the teachings of an Indian guru and the spiritual peace offered in the practice and customs of Hinduism. She traveled to India, founded a spiritual center in San Francisco, and eventually relocated to an expansive ashram in the hills of Southern California.

Alice Coltrane—the jazz musician whose Journey In Satchidananda had become a cult classic—became Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, the leader of a religious practice that depended upon, as one might imagine, traditional devotional songs given an unlikely soulful update. The eight tracks of 'The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda'—the first release in a series of spiritual records from Luaka Bop, the eclectic bastion launched by David Byrne—were culled from a set of cassettes Turiyasangitananda released for her followers between and Funky handclaps and circular drums, astral synthesizers and droning tamboura wrap beneath the words, alternately suggesting primal Detroit soul and trance-inducing calm.

The songs seem to smear time itself, so that ten-minute spans seem to pass in a perfect moment.

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