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Temporal fugue caves of qud torrent

temporal fugue caves of qud torrent

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You quickly pass back and forth through time creating multiple copies of yourself. Duration: level based Copies: level based Cooldown: rounds. Temporal Fugue is a mental mutation that allows the player to create temporary clones of themselves to fight for them. This mutation grants the "Temporal Fugue" activated ability, which when used, will create a mutation level-based number of copies of the player.

These copies will be allied to the player, and will be perfect clones, possessing all of the player's items, stats, mutations, skills, etc. They will be hostile to any creatures that are hostile to the player, and will attack such creatures. They can also be ordered to perform certain actions as with any other companion. The copies will last until they are killed, or for a number of rounds as determined by mutation level before simply disappearing.

They will not leave behind any of the items they were created with upon dying or disappearing, and any of these items that are somehow removed from their inventory will disappear along with them. They will leave behind any items they acquired after their creation, however. They will make liberal use of abilities and items.

Of special note are those which may destroy objects such as Disintegration and Resonance Grenades. The following formulas are used to determine duration rounded down and number of copies rounded down based on mutation level. From Caves of Qud Wiki. This information is reliable as of patch 2. If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it. Use this ID to wish for the mutation example: mutation:TemporalFugue. Reality Distorting Reality distorting mutations cannot be used under the effects of normality.

These included apple farms, pig farms, snapjaw forts, and Stopsvalinn. This facilitates having multiple sources of equipment-based flight. Use it to differentiate between different types of equipment-based flight. Body parts added later e. This approach generally worked well until a recent patch where we added more realistic body plans for several creature types.

The old system gave creatures with several natural body parts e. For example, a spider could stack AV by equipping four sets of steel boots. We changed the calculation to be more simulative. Now, AV and DV modifiers are averaged across all similar body parts. The example spider now has the AV and DV modifiers from its Feet equipment averaged over all four sets of feet. We round away from zero. An explanation is also appended to the item's description. This change replicates their balance in the old system since -- generally speaking -- you have two arms and, with the motorized treads implant, two treads.

Burdened creatures have difficulty performing actions that morph spacetime. Tethered creatures can't perform those actions at all. Devices whose effects might be interdicted by astral tethering can have an intproperty, called RealityStabilizationPenetration, which will be subtracted from the effective strength of tethering effects the devices are contesting.

Use it to control whether a mutation's effects are interdicted by astral tethering. The flag is on by default for Clairvoyance, Precognition, and Psychometry. It is an IPoweredPart and has the inherited properties.

Its own properties include: Blueprint the blueprint of the objects it creates , Duration how long the objects last, die roll, defaults to null i. Its own properties are: AffectedStats a comma-separated string list of the stats considered; defaults to "Strength,Agility,Toughness,Intelligence,Willpower,Ego" and Amount the amount the lowest stat is modified by, defaults to 3.

Defaults to null. This means villages of burrowers won't demolish their dwellings quite so quickly. When enabled, your chance of getting lost is displayed as you move across the world map. Its Amount field is now a string PercentBonus die roll that defaults to "10". It has the following new fields: -- SingleApplicationKey -- a string that, if provided, is used as the name of an event parameter that the part sets on events it is applied to.

It won't modify events that already have the event parameter, so that navigation bonuses can be made non-cumulative. This applies to players with the Carapace mutation. Same with lead-acid cells and acid. Among the ammo blueprints that are candidates for a turret's stock ammunition via MagazineAmmoLoader , if at least one has this tag, then all the blueprints that don't have this tag are excluded from consideration.

Specify the weight in the value; the default is 1. Filtering from the overlay UI isn't supported yet. Baetyl locations are now recorded in the journal. Beguiling is now put on cooldown when you attempt to beguile and fail. Tractor beams no longer move stairs. Liquid containers now let you toggle whether you want to autocollect the liquids they contain, if they contain pure liquids.

Creatures with whom you've performed the water ritual now have positive personal feelings toward you separate from their faction-derived feelings. The outskirts of generated villages and Bey Lah now have appropriate map names. Sewage eels now respect phase and flight.

Telepathy no longer works on creatures without minds or creatures with sufficiently unfamiliar minds. Desalination pellets now remove the salt from a liquid mixture rather than converting it to the other liquids. Objects with onboard fusion reactors now explode with less force when they're destroyed.

Your character tile and the tiles of your companions are no longer recolored to white when the option to color tiles according to HP status is disabled. The overlay inventory UI now remembers the open and closed states of its foldouts. You can now delete game summaries from the high scores menu when using the original text UI.

Deletion from the overlay UI isn't supported yet. Data disk blueprints for item modifications now include a description for the modification and the skill required to build it. Made some improvements to choice dialogs, including cleaner wrapping and scrolling. Fixed several issues with recoiler quest rewards. Check out Factions. These variables are used extensively in object descriptions. When mouse input is enabled, target pickers will no longer snap to the mouse locations unless the pointer moves.

Mouse input will be disabled for 0. Librarians who are seed-sprout worms will no-longer passively burrow themselves when bored. Fixed a bug causing Stopsvalinn to prompt for a direction on only the first activation. Fixed a bug that allowed esper hunters to be generated as waydroids who could be forced to friendliness by a droid scrambler. Various tasks requiring physical movement which did not previously respect being frozen now do.

NPCs who are on fire but cannot actually do anything about it will no longer stop moving or acting because of this. When Sheba Hagadias is a seedsprout worm, she will no longer burrow just because she's bored.

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