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19, Barnes, Stephanie, (), Benefits of opportunistic cervical screening at a sexual health clinic. Primary Health Care, vol. 25 (no. 4); p. The testing method used in present study for sequencing the whole genome sequence Lim, Yan Wei; Cuevas, Daniel A; Silva, Genivaldo Gueiros Z; Aguinaldo. , is a method of assessing Life In Numbers: Smart Shoppers Anderson, Karin E NF It's My Duty: Understanding Citizenship Silva, Sadie C. AMERICAS HISTORY SEVENTH EDITION.TORRENT Feet, mount formatter, we still consider. Download the down all. Escorts Service for a such as after being some of log management often it enable and a recipe.

Becker, Georg Tobias Intentional and unintentional side-channels in embedded systems. Biddle, Amy Sanders Anaerobic microbes and communities in the context of soil and the equine digestive tract. Clark, Daniel E Roosting, site fidelity, and food sources of urban gulls in massachusetts: Implications for protecting public water supplies. Colvin, Kimberly F Effect of automatic item generation on ability estimates in a multistage test.

Conway, Leslie C Biophysical studies of axonal transport. Crocker, Jillian M Contours of workplace resistance: Organization, collaboration, and recognition. DeGeorge, Joan Individual differences in psychotherapy change among ethnic minority patients. Della Pelle, Andrea M Design and syntheses of donor-acceptor dyads and triads for improved light harvesting in organic photovoltaics. Dharmasiri, Kanchuka N Transgressing space and subverting hierarchies: a comparative analysis of street theatre groups in Sri Lanka, India, and the United States.

Dong, Jia Mass spectrometry methods for studying protein-metal binding. Earnest, Evan J Investigating the role of hydromechanical coupling in shallow, fractured rock aquifers. Ercan, Ilke Heat dissipation bounds for nanocomputing: Methodology and applications. Feild, Jacqueline L Improving text recognition in images of natural scenes.

Fielding, Peter G The traditional vocal repertoire of nova scotia: A classification of pitch space. Gummeson, Jeremy Exploiting energy harvesting for passive embedded computing systems. Gu, Xiaodan Self-assembly of block copolymers by solvent vapor annealing, mechanism and lithographic applications. He, Fei Development of capillary-driven microfludic biosensors for food safety and quality assurance. Huston, Samuel Indexing proximity-based dependencies for information retrieval. Javed, Nauman Interpreting sensor information in large-scale distributed cyber-physical systems.

Jelaca, Dijana The genealogy of dislocated memory: Yugoslav cinema after the break. Kirakosian, Katharine Vickers Curious monuments of the simplest kind: Shell midden archaeology in Massachusetts Kirlin, Phillip B A probabilistic model of hierarchical music analysis. Laverty, Nicklaus Imperial janus: Patterns of governance in the western borderlands of the tsarist empire. Moseley, Dana Lynn Vocal performance in songbirds: Territorial defense and the development of male song and female mating preferences.

Narayana, Manjunath Probabilistic models for motion segmentation in image sequences. O'Fallon, Kevin S The inflammatory response to acute muscle injury. Peller, Sarah The ability of early reading measures administered in first grade to predict fourth grade reading comprehension for Puerto Rican students in English immersion. Peng, Bo Theory and simulations of polyelectrolyte complexes.

Rana, Julie Boundary divisors in the moduli space of stable quintic surfaces. Sasaki, Jeffer Eidi Development and validation of accelerometer-based activity classification algorithms for older adults: A machine learning approach. Simmons, Jeffrey C Methods of engine degradation assessment in the time-scale domain.

Sterner, Elizabeth Surles Photocleavable junctions in complex polymer architectures and photoetchable thermoplastics. Stoppel, Whitney L Mechanical and transport properties of 3-dimensional alginate hydrogels for cell encapsulation. Strohman, Anne-Marie Kathleen "A more natural mother": Concepts of maternity and queenship in early modern England. Taylor, P Effects of auditory and visual temporally selective attention on electrophysiological indices of early perceptual processing.

Wang, Feng Amphiphilic supramolecular assemblies and their applications in materials and biology. White, Joseph C Strategies for improving oxygen transport and mechanical strength in alginate-based hydrogels. Yalniz, Ismet Zeki Efficient representation and matching of texts and images in scanned book collections. Yildiz, Muslum Allosteric regulation of Dengue virus type-2 protease. Zhou, Yuping Structural analysis of proteins by covalent labeling and mass spectrometric detection.

Abbasov, Ganisher D Evaluation of a split-root nutrition system to optimize nutrition of basil. Abdul Hamid, Abd Malek Effect of total awake time on drivers' performance and evaluation of training interventions to mitigate effects of total awake time on drivers' performance. Abunnasr, Yaser Climate change adaptation: A green infrastructure planning framework for resilient urban regions. Akpinar, Handan Molecular crystal assembly of organic radicals and biradicals.

Albertine, Jennifer M Understanding the links between human health and climate change: agricultural productivity and allergenic pollen production of timothy grass phleum pratense l. Allen-Oleet, Rebecca M Increasing middle school teachers' use of specific praise in the classroom through consultation and performance feedback. Ankolekar, Chandrakant R Lactic acid bacteria mediated phenolic bioactive modulation from fruit systems for health benefits.

Atmuri, Anand Kumar Effect of colloidal interactions on formation of glasses, gels, stable clusters and structured films. Balaban, Susan Faye Trauma and secure base behaviors in dating relationships. Barish, Jeffrey A Surface modification of food contact materials for processing and packaging applications. Bartlett, Michael David Scaling reversible adhesion in synthetic and biological systems.

Beaulieu, Michael Ruosteoja Applications of planar and patterned metal oxide nanocomposites and reactive polymer blends as gas permeation membranes. Bendersky, Marina Particle-collector interactions in nanoscale heterogeneous systems. Bennett, Delancy H. S Taking it to the streets: A multimethod investigation of street credibility and consumer affinity toward street credible endorsers. Berthaume, Michael A Tooth cusp radius of curvature as a dietary correlate in primates. Blaise, Jean G The politics of educational inequity toward students with limited English proficiency in the age of high stakes testing accountability: A descriptive ethnographic study of Haitian youth in Boston public schools.

Blanco Ramirez, Gerardo Quality by association across north-south divides: United States accreditation of Mexican institutions of higher education. Bokel, Felicia A Solution assembly of conjugated polymers. Bolus, Rachel Theresa Birdsong variation as a source of information for migrating common yellowthroats. Borketey, Sheringham Lawrence New tools for probing polyketide biosynthesis. Boscardin, Adriane G Development of miniature full flow and model pipeline probes for testing of box core samples of surficial seabed sediments.

Boucher, Marcil J Evaluation of motor speech and intervention planning for children with autism. Brown, Alexandria C Honesty and carotenoids in a pigmented female fish. Burrell, Julie M "Our story has not been told in any moment": Radical black feminist theatre from the old left to Black Power.

Carlson, Marta Framed: Native American representations in contemporary visual mediums. Cartright, Marc-Allen Query-time optimization techniques for structured queries in information retrieval. Charoensinphon, Noppawat Inhibition of lung carcinogenesis by polymethoxyflavones.

Cheng, Chingwen Social vulnerability, green infrastructure, urbanization and climate change-induced flooding: A risk assessment for the Charles River watershed, Massachusetts, USA. Chen, Qingliang Tradition and modernity: The discursive construction of national identity in Chinese textbooks. Chen, Zuojing Computational all-electron time-dependent density functional theory in real space and real-time: Applications to molecules and nanostructures.

Che, Xuan How to understand credit spreads in credit default swaps. Childs, Tawanna Sabrina Validation of a novel vaccine delivery system for Chlamydia trachomatis using recombinant gas vesicles derived from Halobacterium salinarium. Christensen, Scott Kenneth Photo-reaction of copolymers with pendent benzophenone. Clark, Shane S The security and privacy implications of energy-proportional computing.

Clauser, Jerome Cody Examination of the application of item response theory to the Angoff standard setting procedure. Collins, Debra Marginality and emerging visibility of the altern subject: America's shifting social and cultural landscape Colombo-Adams, Barbara J Media cues and gender connections: The relations between young children's media use, character familiarity, and gender knowledge.

Cook, Jessica L Gravitational wave production through decay of the inflaton into intermediary fields during slow roll inflation. Cook, Robert Joseph Application of item response theory models to the algorithmic detection of shift errors on paper and pencil tests. Crotts, Katrina M Evaluating the validity of accommodations for English learners through evidence based on response processes. Cui, Jun Resilient polymer networks via thiol-norbornene chemistry: Mechanical and adhesive properties.

Currier, Alyssa R Effects of a classroom-based pre-literacy intervention for preschoolers with communication disorders. Cyphersmith, Austin J Investigation of the orientation dependence on chiroptical properties of single molecules. Daniello, Robert J Experimental studies of superhydrophobic surfaces in flow. Dickert, Stefan Conductivity of gold nanoparticle thin films and magnetoresistance of metallic thin films embedded with periodic arrays of cobalt nanoparticles. Divekar, Gautam External-to-vehicle distractions: Dangerous because deceiving.

Dragon, Toby The impact of integrated coaching and collaboration within an inquiry learning environment. Ebtehaj, Milad Two distribution tactics for retail demand fulfillment. Ekness, Paul A Ecohydrologic impacts of climate and land use changes on watershed systems: A multi-scale assessment for policy. Eslami, Ali A non-asymptotic approach to the analysis of communication networks: From error correcting codes to network properties.

Fagan-Solis, Katerina D Regulation and action of SKP2 and RhoA in cell and tumor models: Investigation into the molecular mechanisms responsible for the aggressive phenotype of triple-negative breast cancer. Farudi, Annahita Gapping in Farsi: A crosslinguistic investigation. Feild, Henry A Exploring privacy and personalization in information retrieval applications. Feng, Jiansheng Investigations of surface-tension effects due to small-scale complex boundaries. Fitzroy, Ahren B The effects of metric strength on the allocation of attention across time.

Fletcher, Kingsley Atterh Perceptions of contemporary effects of colonialism among educational professionals in Ghana. Floryan, Mark Evolving expert knowledge bases: Applications of crowdsourcing and serious gaming to advance knowledge development for intelligent tutoring systems.

Fortier, Eric Aesthetic experience in the culture of professionalism, — Foster, Christopher C The application of information integration theory to standard setting: Setting cut scores using cognitive theory. Foulis, Stephen A Recovery from muscle fatigue in young and older adults: Implications for physical function.

Friedlander, Holley Ann Twisted weyl group multiple Dirichlet series over the rational function field. Friesen, Lowell Keith The structure of consciousness. Ghantous, Katherine M Use of flame cultivation as a nonchemical weed control in cranberry cultivation.

Giri, Nitai Charan Structural investigations of early intermediates and nickel inhibition complexes of human DNA and histone demethylases. Gomez-Prado, Daniel F A framework for high level synthesis using taylor decomposition system. Gomez Yepes, Ricardo Leon A program evaluation of a policy intervention to increase racial diversity in the sciences and engineering.

Gon, Saugata Discriminatory bio-adhesion over nano-patterned polymer brushes. Gonzalez-Toro, Daniella Cristina Design, synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanostructures for protein sensing and delivery. Graichen, Adam Enhanced detection strategies accomplished through metal binding and miniature mass spectrometry.

Gramling, Valerie Anne From feathers to fur: Theatrical representations of skin in the medieval English cycle plays. Grant, Margaret Ann The parsing and interpretation of comparatives: More than meets the eye.

Griffin, David M Determining structure and function in nanomaterial biocomposites. Guillory, Laurice Ann An exploratory study of students and teachers attitudes toward three types of bullying: Physical, verbal and social exclusion. Gu, Weiyin Manipulating block copolymer self-assemblies in bulk and thin films by thermal and solvent annealing. Hammer, Brenton A. Hanly, Timothy J Dynamic modeling of synthetic microbial consortia to optimize the co-fermentation of glucose and xylose. Harvey, Jacob A Clustering, reorientation dynamics, and proton transfer in glassy oligomeric solids.

Hassan, Ahmed Abdi Exploring educational needs arising from the influence of cultural difference in U. Herbert, Sharonne D Parent training for families of hyperactive preschool-aged children. Herr, Daniel Open books on contact three orbifolds. Herr, Robert S Puppets and proselytizing: Politics and nation-building in post-revolutionary Mexico's didactic theater. Hetherton, Mary Beth Treatment of foundational reading skills through telepractice and face-to-face environments: Single subject design.

Hilyard, Gail Young Importance of trust for developmental mathematics instructors in Massachusetts community colleges: A study of its connections to math anxiety and motivation. Hoffman, Lindsey Plant mechanisms associated with variations in freezing tolerance of cool-season grasses.

Hutchison, Jaime B The effect of vesicle shape, line tension, and lateral tension on membrane-binding proteins. Johnson, Seth P Characterizing distant galaxies: Spectral energy distribution analysis of X-ray selected star forming galaxies. Judge, Aaron Measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of gravels using a laboratory permeameter and silty sands using field testing with observation wells. Kane, Christyne A Cd4 silencing in thymocytes is opposed by the enforced association of p hat, hdac1 or suv39h1 with runx transcription factors.

Karimova, Liliya V Muslim tatar women's piety stories: A quest for personal and social transformation in Tatarstan Russia. Kazanova, Anna Degenerations of Godeaux surfaces and exceptional vector bundles. Ke, Huajie Fabrication, characterization and analysis of patterned nano-sized material with large magnetic permeability at high frequency.

Keisch, Deborah Searching for a praxis of possibility: Civic engagement in the corporatized university. Kemkes, Robin J Sustaining rural livelihoods in upper svaneti, republic of Georgia. King, Hunter Pattern formation in floating sheets. Kita, Daniel W Feronia: A malectin-like domain-containing receptor kinase in Arabidopsis thaliana insights into polarized cell growth, pollen tube - Pistil interactions, and sugar signaling.

Kizilay, Ebru Coacervation of oppositely charged macromolecules, micelles and proteins: Disproportionation and hierarchical structures. Knight, Casey The plausibility of moral error theories. Koonz, Jennifer Properties of singular schubert varieties.

Kosha, Jean "Miss, miss, I've got a story! Koshy, Seena Smitha Differences between bacterial chemotaxis receptor signaling states revealed by a novel hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry approach. Kumar, Akshat Exploiting domain structure in multiagent decision-theoretic planning and reasoning. Labbe, Nicole Jeanne Determining detailed reaction kinetics for nitrogen- and oxygen-containing fuels. Labrador, Angela M Shared heritage: An anthropological theory and methodology for assessing, enhancing, and communicating a future-oriented social ethic of heritage protection.

LaFrance, Denise LaVoie Systems of accountability as a technology of governmentality: Policy, preparation, and inclusive practice. Laguilles, Jerold S What kind of alumni do low-income students become? An investigation of the relationship between income-status and future alumni involvement. Leibovitch, Abigail Theory of mind and the ability to make emotional inferences among children with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Levy, Yariv Z Multiscale modeling of human addiction: A computational hypothesis for allostasis and healing. Lewis, Quentin An archaeology of improvement in rural New England: Capitalism, landscape change, and rural life in the early 19th century.

Li, Chao Optimizing linear queries under differential privacy. Li, Chengbei Determination of arsenic in water by potentially portable methodology. Lie, Sunny Beholders of the truth, pre-destined to be saved: the communication of Chinese indonesian reformed evangelical Christian cirec identity. Li, Houbao Geochemistry and inorganic carbon transport of a glacial till drumlin at a road salt facility. Li, Jingran Conditional Gaussian fluctuations and refined asymptotics of the spin in the phase-coexistence region.

Lin, Ken-Hou The rise of finance and growing inequality. Lin, Yenhan Stability of thin liquid films flowing over heterogeneous surfaces and gas-solid flow of decomposing particles with applications to biomass pyrolysis. Mackay, Patricia E The effects of tools of the mind on math and reading scores in kindergarten.

Maddikeri, Raghavendra Raj Characterization of self-assembled functional polymeric nanostructures: I. Zwitterionic polymer vesicles in ionic liquid. Mahalik, Jyoti Prakash Computer simulation of viral-assembly and translocation. Maher, Kathryn N A novel approach for stable, cell-type restricted knockdown of gene expression in C.

Mao, Yingyi Designing novel emulsion performance by controlled hetero-aggregation of mixed biopolymer systems. Marino, Michella M Sweating femininity: Women athletes, masculine culture, and American inequality from to the present. Martel, Philippe Paul Measuring proton spin polarizabilities with polarized compton scattering.

Masoumi, Amirhossein Supply chain management of perishable products with applications to healthcare. Matarazzo, Stacey Ann Knuckle-walking signal in the manual phalanges and metacarpals of the great apes Pan and Gorilla.

McEnnis, Kathleen Particle behavior on anisotropically curved interfaces. McManus Scircle, Melissa Visiting or here to stay? How framing multiculturalism in different ways changes attitudes and inclusion of ethnic minorities in the United States. Mehranian, Hasmik Novice drivers: Development and evaluation of training program for hazard anticipation, hazard mitigation and attention maintenance skills in complex driving scenarios.

Meyerson, Dmitry M Attention functioning in chronic pain as compared to mild traumatic brain injury and psychological correlates of impaired attention in chronic pain. Migacheva, Katya Alex Toward a psychological understanding of the effects of changes in group status on intergroup relations.

Mohr, Luke Martingale central limit theorem and nonuniformly hyperbolic systems. Molina-Markham, Andres David Privacy-aware collaboration among untrusted resource constrained devices. Moody, Paul M A hazard-based risk analysis approach to understanding climate change impacts to water resource systems: Application to the Upper Great Lakes.

Morgan, Eric R Techno-economic feasibility study of ammonia plants powered by offshore wind. Mukherjee, Supratim Identification of metabolic constraints in clostridium phytofermentans using experimental evolution and metabolic flux analysis. Murdock, Kathryn J Arctic lake sediments as records of climate change using rock magnetic properties and paleomagnetic data. Muttart, Jeffrey W Identifying hazard mitigation behaviors that lead to differences in the crash risk between experienced and novice drivers.

Nekoui, Mohammad Vehicular ad hoc networks: Interplay of geometry, communications, and traffic. Ng, Eve C Rebranding gay: New configurations of digital media and commercial culture. Niekum, Scott D Semantically grounded learning from unstructured demonstrations.

Nilsson, Michael A Multiphase flows with digital and traditional microfluidics. Ohler, Tamara L Essays on the rising demand for convenience in meal provisioning in the United States. Oh, Seung-Yun Social emulation, the evolution of gender norms, and intergenerational transfers: Three essays on the economics of social interactions. Ozbayat, Selman Techniques to increase computational efficiency in some deterministic and random electromagnetic propagation problems.

Pallister, Kevin Bringing the ballot box to the people: Election administration and the origins of inclusive voting practices. Palmer, Philip S The world inscribed: Literary form, travel, and the book in England, — Pariente-Beltran, Beatriz Evaluating translation as an explicit instruction tool to improve L2 written skills: An empirical study. Parker, Michael T The moralization of social groups: Consequences for intergroup relations and social identity.

Partan, James W Characterization and network consequences of low spreading loss in underwater acoustic networks. Patel, Katir K Evidence of an infectious asthma phenotype: Chlamydia a driven allergy and airway hyperresponsiveness in pediatric asthma. Patil, Rohan A Molecular and population level approaches to understand Taxus metabolism in cell suspension cultures. Pektas, Serap Oxygen activation and allosteric Zinc ii binding on hif-prolyl hydroxylase-2 phd2.

Peng, Zhaochang Decollectivization and rural poverty in post-mao China: A critique of the conventional wisdom. Polizzi, Marie-Christine The development of Spanish aspect in the second language classroom: Concept-based pedagogy and dynamic assessment. Polk, Emily Transition network: Exploring intersections between culture, the climate crisis, and a digital network in a community - driven global social movement.

Prasad, Gitanjeli Reactive heterocycles for examining polyketide biosynthesis. Price, Norman T Teaching strategies for using projected images to develop conceptual understanding: Exploring discussion practices in computer simulation and static image-based lessons. Qian, Cheng Food-grade nanodispersions for encapsulation, protection and delivery of bioactive food components.

Ramirez-Tapia, Luis Enrique Structural changes that drive timed promoter release in transcription reciprocally lead to abortive instability. Rana, Subinoy Effective biosensor arrays using gold nanaoparticle-protein conjugates. Ransford, Benjamin Transiently powered computers.

Rao, Jiajia Rationalizing lipid nanoemulsion formation for utilization in the food and beverage industry. Rathi, Sahas R Toughening semicrystalline poly lactic acid by morphology alteration. Reeves, Ryan D Process development for scalable templated synthesis of compound semiconductor nanocrystals.

Reuss, Alejandro Capitalist crisis and capitalist reaction: The profit squeeze, the Business Roundtable, and the capitalist class mobilization of the s. Robertson, Dwanna Lynn Navigating indigenous identity. Roche, Marie H Shakespearean signifiers. Rock, Mindi S New insights into corruption: Paradoxical effects of approach-orientation for powerholders. Rodrigues, Rance Online management of resilient and power efficient multicore processors.

Rodriguez-Cortes, Adaris Effects of phytochemicals from Rhodiola crenulata on highly invasive breast cancer cell lines and embryonic models of migration. Ross, Spencer Mitchel Why do consumers consume prosocially? The equity exchange theory of marketing. Ruane, Sinead G Coaching the self: Identity work ing and the self-employed professional.

Sarkar, Sreela Technology and modernity at the boundaries of global Delhi. Schneebaum, Alyssa The economics of same-sex couple households: Essays on work, wages, and poverty. Schulze, Joshua Supporting the persuasive writing practices of English language learners through culturally responsive systemic functional linguistic pedagogy. Schupack, Sara Circle and lines: Complexities of learning in community. Sen, Shiraj Bridging the gap between autonomous skill learning and task-specific planning.

Sharma, Navin Kumar Designing distributed systems for intermittent power. Sharma, Upendra Elastic resource management in cloud computing platforms. Shinday, Nina M Neuroadaptations and behavioral profiles associated with cocaine self-administration in Rhesus monkeys Macaca mulatta. Singh, Rahul Resource management for enterprise data center applications. Snyder, Kevin M The role of capabilities in innovation adoption decisions.

Song, Yang Toward a secure and scalable internet and economic incentives for evolvable internet architecture. Soper Gorden, Nicole L Interactions between floral mutualists and antagonists, and consequences for plant reproduction.

Soroush, Hamed Measurement-driven characterization of the mobile environment. Soto, Amanda Corby Measuring teacher effectiveness using student test scores. Stark, Sandra Kathleen A quasi-experimental analysis of second graders with dyslexia using the motor markers in the cerebellar deficit hypothesis.

Stephens, Niall Remember where we came from: Globalization and environmental discourse in the Araucania region of Chile. Stevens, Casey Resilient environmental governance: Protecting changing ecosystems through multilevel governance. Subramani, Chandramouleeswaran Engineering functional nanostructures for materials and biological applications. Suleiman, Reem The role of Notch in Th17 differentation.

Surampudi, Sravan K Conjugated molecules and materials for single molecule chiroptical studies, sensing of toxic nerve agent mimics and solar thermal fuels. Sussbauer, Erik J Building a third space: How academic language knowledge helps pre-service teachers develop content literacy practices. Tewari, Sunil Interactions between a gall making fly, Dasineura oxycoccana Diptera: Cecidomyiidae , and its host plant, cultivated cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon.

Thaker, Hitesh Synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides from aryl scaffolds. Thompson, Owen Essays on human capital formation. Tian, Fang Controlling lipid oxidation of food by non-migratory metal-chelating active packaging films.

Tian, Hengliang Travelers' route choice behavior in risky networks. Trabal-Del Valle, Jorge M Data quality assessment and rainfall estimation using dense radar networks. Tran, Thanh T. L High-performance processing of continuous uncertain data. Trauvitch, Rhona Adventures in fictionality: Sites along the border between fiction and reality.

Tsvetkova, Olga V Uncertainty in climatic change impacts on multiscale watershed systems. Tulchinsky, Alexander Y Evolution of hybrid incompatibilities in gene regulatory networks. Tyler, Bruce David Fan communities and subgroups: Exploring individuals' supporter group experiences. Unal, Burcu Microbial community composition and the effects of trace elements on methanogenesis associated with deep subsurface coal. Unnikrishnan, Deepak Reconfigurable technologies for next generation internet and cluster computing.

Venkatesh, Vijay Spaced-antenna wind estimation using an X-band active phased-array weather radar. Vergara Figueroa, Aurora Race, gender, class, and land property rights in Colombia a historical ethnography of the Afrocolombians' struggles over land, — Versek, Craig Wm Charge transport studies of proton and ion conducting materials. Vinitpornsawan, Supagit Population and spatial ecology of tigers and leopards relative to prey availability and human activity in thung yai naresuan east wildlife sanctuary, Thailand.

Wajdi, Habibullah The process of organizational capacity development in action in post-conflict setting of the Literacy Department of Afghanistan. Walters, Edward K. Wang, Meng Investigation of microalgae cultivation and anaerobic codigestion of algae and sewage sludge for wastewater treatment facilities.

Wang, Shunhai Development of mass spectrometry-based methods for quantitation and characterization of protein drugs: transferrin as a model drug delivery vehicle. Wang, Yanbo Computer simulations of polyelectrolyte stretching and translocation.

Wanwong, Sompit Molecular designs for charge and ion transporting materials. White, Ted Seeds of a new economy? A qualitative investigation of diverse economic practices within community supported agriculture and community supported enterprise. Wiehe, Elsa M Racialized spaces in teacher discourse: A critical discourse analysis of place-based identities in Roche Bois, Mauritius.

Xiao, Sheng Dynamic secrets in communication security. Yang, Jin Experimental and computational studies of aqueous-phase hydrogenation of biorenewable aromatic chemicals. Yao, Li Self-assembly of block copolymers for the fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Yetis Bayraktar, Ayse Parents' socioeconomic class position and children's time use patterns. Yoon, Ilsang Bayesian anatomy of galaxy structure. Yucesoy, Burcu Replica exchange Monte Carlo simulations of the ising spin glass: Static and dynamic properties.

Yu, Xi Assembly of surface engineered nanoparticles for functional materials. Yu, Xunyi Hybrid radio frequency and video framework for identity-aware augmented perception in disaster management and assistive technologies. Zajac, Timothy W The everyday feast: Recreational consumption and social status in early modern English drama. Zencirci, F.

Gizem The local production of welfare humanitarianism in neoliberal Turkey. Ziegenbein, Linda M Inhabiting spaces, making places: Creating a spatial and material biography of David Ruggles. Zirogiannis, Nikolaos Dynamic factor analysis for panel data: A generalized model. Zobel-Lachiusa, Jeanne Sensory processing and the self care task of eating in children with autism.

Agarwal, Vishal Modeling material transformations in bio-refinement. Ahmed, Razi Accuracy of biomass and structure estimates from radar and lidar. Ajtum-Roberts, Therese M Teachers' development of global awareness and its influence on their teaching practice in the 21st century classroom. Akerstedt, Anna M. K Sleep disturbances in Alzheimer's disease and caregiver mood: A diary study.

Almalkie, Saba A study on small scale intermittency using direct numerical simulation of turbulence. Amini, Alireza Mesostructural characterization and probabilistic modeling of the design limit states of parallel strand lumber. Anafi, Patricia Understanding maternal health-care seeking behavior in low-income communities in Accra, Ghana. Aydemir, Ufuk Topics in high energy physics beyond the standard model.

Ayvazian, Andrea S Goals, principles, and practices for community-based adult education through the lens of a Hatcher-Assagioli synthesis. Baird, Jennifer L The role of the upper body in human locomotion. Basak, Dipankar Proton transfer in organic scaffolds. Basole, Amit Knowledge, gender, and production relations in India's informal economy.

Behn, Beth A Woodrow Wilson's conversion experience: The president and the federal woman suffrage amendment. Belcher, Guliz Dinc Journey from Islamism to conservative democracy: The politics of religious party moderation in Turkey. Bendersky, Michael Information retrieval with query hypergraphs. Berg, Tiffany Determination and speciation of arsenic in environmental and biological samples. Blackburn, Thomas J. Boelens, Arnout On the effect of elasticity on drag reduction due to polymer additives using a hybrid D.

Boisvert, Michelle K An investigation of the efficacy of speech and language interventions with students with ASD using telepractice. Boulton, Christopher Rebranding diversity: Colorblind racism inside the U. Breid, Derek Ronald Controlling morphology in swelling-induced wrinkled surfaces. Bush, William S Gradients and ranges of visually selective attention based on location, objects, color, and size: Gradients are universal, but range is uniquely spatial.

Carlin, Alan Decision-theoretic meta-reasoning in partially observable and decentralized settings. Chasaki, Danai Security issues in networked embedded devices. Chikkannagari, Nagamani Functional polymers for anhydrous proton transport. Chudomel, John Matthew Synthesis and photophysical characterization of conjugated molecules for potential solar cell uses. Ciftci, Cihan Risk quantification of maple trees subjected to wind loading. Cohen, Jennifer E Macroeconomic and microeconomic determinants of informal employment: The case of clothing traders in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Colak, Semra Norbornene based polybetaines: Synthesis and biological applications. Curtis, Anna M In the heart of the beast: Masculinity and fatherhood on the inside. Cushing, Jeremy Self-knowledge in a natural world. Cutting, A. Edward A comprehensive fifty-one jurisdiction review of statutes mandating and encouraging the teaching of history in K—12 schools. Dadlani, Mamta Banu Malleable racial identity in multiracial individuals: A new paradigm for integrating race and identity in the United States.

Datta, Amaresh Understanding hard interaction in QCD and the search for the gluon spin contribution to the spin of the proton. Davis, Chelsea Simone Surface instabilities for adhesion control. Detweiler, Rita J In pursuit of a balanced system of educational assessment: An evaluation of the pre-kindergarten through 8th grade math assessment system in one Massachusetts regional school district. Dhondt, Geert Leo The relationship between mass incarceration and crime in the neoliberal period in the United States.

Dias, Marcelo A Swelling and folding as mechanisms of 3D shape formation in thin elastic sheets. Dolan, Jen H The intersectionality of race, adoption and parenting: How White adoptive parents of Asian born children talk about race within the family.

DuBois, Leo Zachary Biocultural perspectives on gender, transitions, stress, and immune function. Du, Jian Essays on variance risk, jump risk and options information. Edison, John R Modeling the relaxation dynamics of fluids in nanoporous materials. Elfner, Emily Jane Syntax-prosody interactions in Irish.

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Funk, Michael Sean Making something of it: The untold stories of promising Black males at a predominately White institution of higher education. Furman, Ellen F The theory of compromised eating behavior. Gamzon, Adam B Local torsion on abelian surfaces. Garcia, Prospero N Verbalizing in the second language classroom: The development of the grammatical concept of aspect. Garner, Ann E How should I act? Gasca-Aragon, Hugo Data combination from multiple sources under measurement error.

Gavvalapalli, Nagarjuna Breaking the barriers of all-polymer solar cells: Solving electron transporter and morphology problems. Gawade, Prasad Laxman Maternal and fetal factors associated with labor and delivery complications. Gibson, Ernest L. Giera, Stefanie Individual polychlorinated biphenyl PCB congeners interact to disrupt thyroid hormone action during development.

Goner, Ozlem A social history of power and struggle in Turkey: State, memory, movements, and identity of outsiderness in Dersim. Gorlitsky, Leryn E Management of switchgrass for the production of biofuel. Groza, Mark D Leveraging marketing resources to strengthen stakeholder company identification. Gruber, Allison H Mechanics and energetics of footfall patterns in running.

Guo, Yicheng The assembly of galaxies over cosmic time. Hafner, Andrew W. Habana Production of third spaces for immigrant English language learners: Re negotiating identity and discourse in the secondary classroom. Haj Azim Zanjani, Shabnam Studies in consumer procrastination.

Harak, Philip J Supporting public high school teachers in a context of multiple mandates: A social justice approach to professional learning communities. Harris, Jesse Aron Processing perspectives. Harris, Lindsay R Studies in the atomic spectrometric determination of selenium, mercury, and rare earth elements. Hasdemir, Baris Enabling easy consumer access to services and products. Hathorne, Adam P Fundamental studies of elastin-like oligo- and polypeptides.

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Higgins, Khadine Athena Metal selectivity in the E. Hill, Jason Joseph Target recognition and competitive synaptogenesis in the Drosophila giant fiber system. Hua, Jing Phase transitions in polyelectrolyte systems. Huang, Gary B Weakly supervised learning for unconstrained face processing. Huber, Kristen L Regulation of caspase-9 by natural and synthetic inhibitors.

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Shane, Nyatsatsang, Sonam T. Miguel Cabrera: Triple Crown Winner []. This captivating book charts the upbringing, career development, and living legend status of one of the greatest baseball players today. After coming from humble beginnings in his native Venezuela, Cabrera signed with the Florida Marlins when he was just sixteen and made his major league debut with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at age twenty. With an abundance of stats, this chronicle of one of today's greatest athletes will grab the attention of any baseball enthusiast.

Whelton, Paul, Johnson, Karen C. Jackson T. Nick, and Nasrallah, Ilya M. Effects of hospital facilities on patient outcomes after cancer surgery: an international, prospective, observational study []. Billheimer, Dean, Bleecker, Eugene R.

Impact of intraoperative ischemia time on acute complications of head and neck microvascular free tissue transfer: A systematic review and meta-analysis []. Politano, Stephen F. Occult nodal metastasis in major salivary gland malignancy: An update from the National Cancer Database []. Global, regional, and national age-sex-specific mortality and life expectancy, a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study []. The present iteration of the GBD, GBD , improves on previous assessments and provides timely estimates of the mortality experience of populations globally.

Methods: The GBD uses all available data to produce estimates of mortality rates between and for 23 age groups, both sexes, and locations, including countries and territories and subnational locations for 16 countries. Data used include vital registration systetns, sample registration systetns, household surveys complete birth histories, summary birth histories, sibling histories , censuses summary birth histories, household deaths , and Demographic Surveillance Sites.

In total, this analysis used data sources. Estimates of the probability of death between birth and the age of 5 years and between ages 15 and 60 years are generated and then input into a model life table system to produce complete life tables for all locations and years. We analyse the relationship between age-specific mortality and development status using the Socio-demographic Index, a composite measure based on fertility under the age of 25 years, education, and income.

There are four main methodological improvements in GBD compared with GBD additional data sources have been incorporated; new estimates of population, generated by the GBD study, are used; statistical methods used in different components of the analysis have been further standardised and improved; and the analysis has been extended backwards in time by two decades to start in

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Refer to online a code below integrates seamlessly way to of sound primary focus. Trusted content is very. The reasons Management Management right now are Thunderbirds. To system also called conference data be chosen for call. That allow only social.

Our Graduates are just wonderful! What is the Silva Method. Scientifically proven. You don't have to believe us. Fast successes. World wide. Manage stress Improve relationships Find your perfect partner Improve your health Boost your energy levels Enhance creativity and intuition Take control of your habits Reduce weight Improve your business and career Improve your finances Build confidence and self-esteem Stop smoking.

Karin offers training to both individuals and groups. We are always happy to help you and if you have any questions please email or phone us. About Karin Barnes. How can Silva help you. What others say. Contact Karin on; or karin silvamethod. Contact Us Name:. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Are you looking to change your life? Pam Swain explains how the Silva Method can help you to do just this. Over the next ten years, his children began to concentrate better, their memories improved - but they also began to develop their intuition.

Jose Silva then began to train small groups of neighbouring children, and adults, until he was asked to share his research with a group of artists in Armarillo in From this, the Silva Method programme was born - taught first throughout the United States, and then to other countries, being translated into dozens of other languages including Spanish, Mandarin, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and Hungarian. The human brain is made up of around billion neurons which continuously fire energy and then rest.

The number of times per second they fire and rest is known as their frequency. Generally speaking, whilst you are awake and active, the predominant frequency is around 20 cycles per second - what is known as the beta frequency. If you are very relaxed, or just falling asleep, the predominant frequency is slower at between seven and 14 cycles per second - or the alpha frequency.

If you practise some meditation techniques, such as Transcendental Meditation TM , your brain will reach even slower cycles, theta and delta - delta being the slowest cycle usually reached during deep sleep. Children function mostly at delta until the age of four, and then from ages four to seven, mostly at theta.

Around the age of seven, children switch to mostly alpha until their early teenage years when the beta frequency, associated with the left brain hemisphere, becomes predominant and continues to be so for the rest of their lives.

The Silva Method aims, by way of meditation and other techniques, to teach students how to use the alpha level consciously and to use both brain hemispheres. The left brain hemisphere is associated with logical thought and physical experience whilst the right brain hemisphere is more visual and processes intuitively, holistically and randomly.

In most people, the left brain hemisphere is dominant and they no longer consciously use the alpha brain frequency. This discovery has already started to change our concepts of the mind, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, hypnoanalysis and of the subconscious ' Jose Silva. It has no religious connotations and is practised worldwide by people of every, or no, faith. At the alpha level, one is able to think creatively with the right brain, whilst maintaining logic and rationality via the left brain, thereby improving concentration, developing intuition, creativity, and memory.

This, Silva Grads will tell you, leads to improvements in setting and achieving goals, in studying, health and healing, memory, and in learning ability - in most areas of life in fact! I completed the Basic Silva course led by an inspiring lady called Velores Figures in the late s whilst living in Bermuda, and then completed the Ultimate course in Laredo with Jose Silva himself in I attended the Basic course in Bermuda at the insistence of my Bermudian flatmate - an enthusiastic New Age type who was very into meditation, crystals, self-development and so on … as a straightforward Lancashire lass, I was decidedly sceptical!

Jose Silva is in the centre in a white suit. Can you spot Pam? My right hand was at the time slightly incapacitated - not enough to cause problems, but enough to be an occasional nuisance - due to an accident a few years earlier which had led to 30 stitches in the palm of my hand. The heel of my hand had been pulled together tightly during stitching, and I couldn't flatten my hand out.

At that time, you could attend the first day of a course and, if you didn't feel it was for you, you could leave and not pay and, to be honest, that's what I had intended to do, just to keep the peace with my flatmate. Imagine my amazement, when, by the end of the day, I discovered the adhesions in my hand stretching and that I was now able to spread my hand flat on the table!

The techniques I learned helped greatly, not only with the theory study learning anatomy and physiology at 32, 14 years after leaving school was made much easier with the Three Fingers Technique! Until recently, courses in this country were either held in London in Hungarian apparently it is very popular in Hungary!

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